Managed Capacity Promotion Disrupt / Take-out the Competition

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Managed Capacity PromotionDisrupt / Take-out the Competition

Managed Capacity PromotionGuarantee the Cost of Your Data ProtectionTarget New Customers ONLYAgressively attack the competitionManaged Capacity 25% DISCOUNTNo TB Capacity expansion required for 3 yearsBuy-Back remaining competitive maintenance *2 OfferingsRPO and RPO & RTO Solutions

Buy-back is a credit up to 25% of Net to CA Purchase Price*TB Expansion Customer must licence for all data being backed up by competitive solution

The MechanicsNOT FOR EXISTING CUSTOMERS - Offer Managed Capacity (RPO and RPO & RTO at 25% discount )Customers purchase Capacity for the data they are backing up today and will not be required to purchase additional capacity for the next 3 yearsAt the end of Year 3 they would renew for the capacity they are actually usingDEAL REG STILL APPLIES! Great Margins

AMAZING OFFERPricing is Aggressive (-25%)TARGET COMPETITIONGreat to win NEW BusinessSimple to BuySimple to ManageSimple to SwitchDISRUPT THE MARKET

What is neededEnd User Addendum (requires signature)Reseller Ts & Cs (auto accept on order)Offer runs to March 31st 2013

Managed Capacity Promo Key MessagesWell even help them switchWhats more, well even help them switch to CA ARCserve by offering to buy any remaining maintenance contracts.All Inclusive Managed Capacity at 25% discountThe savings start immediately. If they switch to CA ARCserve All Inclusive Managed Capacity now, well welcome them with a 25% discount. Were taking simplifying data protection even further for our customers. Now were cutting through the complexity of budgeting and paying for spiralling data protection needs for the next three years regardless of how much our customers needs increase.No price increase for three yearsAs all our customers know, data is getting bigger. But with CA ARCserve, the costs dont have to. They simply pay for the capacity their organisations require now, and regardless of growth, their data protection costs will remain unchangedIts just another reason why data protection couldnt be simpler with CA ARCserveSKUs

MarketingStill with Legal being approved

Data Protection made simple

Were offering unlimited data protection for the next three years when customers switch to CA ARCserveGreat news - CA ARCserve are taking simplifying data protection even further. Now were cutting through the complexity of budgeting and paying for spiralling data protection requirements for the next three years regardless of how much needs increase. Its a great opportunity for customers and for you, our partners. No price increase for three yearsYour customers data growth is out of control, but their protection costs dont have to be. They simply pay for the capacity they require now, and regardless of growth they experience over the next 3 years, their data protection costs will remain unchanged until they renew their maintenance.New Managed Capacity SKUsCross-grades from for any non-Managed Capacity ARCserve-licensed environments to the new RPO & RPO/RTO SKUs and Competitive displace/quote upgradesNew Existing Customer Cross GradeCA ARCserve r16 RPO RTO Managed Capacity - All Inclusive - Crossgrade from existing ARCserve-licensed components and modulesCA ARCserve r16 RPO Managed Capacity - Crossgrade from existing ARCserve-licensed components and modules - ARCserve Backup and ARCserve D2D and ARCserve Replication-File OnlyNew Cross Grade for Existing ARCserve CustomersCross Grade from components or Modules to Managed Capacity25% Discount from Regular MCP List price(unlimited Data Growth not included)77

NOW : Three Managed Capacity Purchasing Scenarios8Scenario 1Scenario 2Customers who have already purchased earlier versions of Managed CapacityPurchase the CrossGrade from earlier versions of managed Capacity SKUs.Scenario 3Purchase the Cross-grade from earlier. Component/Module options for Managed RPO & RPO/RTO CapacityCustomers who have already purchased ARCserve in as Component or Modules (aka Solutions & Suites)Partners who are involved in a competitive situation with the customerUSE MANAGED CAPACITY COMPETETIVE PROMO SKUSManaged Capacity SKUsIdentified by Recovery Capability, instead of TechnologySecSecMinHourDayWeekMonthTraditional Tape Based backupImage Based BackupHigh Availability

R16 RPO RTOPer Terabyte & Per Socket & SBSR16 RPOPer Terabyte & Per Socket & SBSRecovery Time Objective: Acceptable amount of system/application downtimeRecovery Point Objective: Acceptable amount of lost data measured in units of time.RPO: includes ARCserve tape backup, image backup & BMR, and file-only replication and helps lower RPO times.RPO RTO: includes everything in RPO and adds ARCserve application replication and high availability and helps lower RPO and RTO times.9New simplified solution-based pricing include per-terabyte and per-socket licensing options. Customers can cost-effectively focus on Recovery Point Objectives or select a Recovery Time Objective option that adds high availability and replication for restoring business systems as quickly as possible.

CA Technologies has reviewed purchasing patterns of managed capacity part numbers for the past few years and has discovered that customers have paid the same amount for general storage solutions that focus at the length of time it takes to recover data, such as ARCserve Backup and ARCserve D2D.

Customers purchasing High Availability options, which focused on the replication and failover and failback of applications, have paid a higher amount.

If your organization stresses immediate recovery within seconds of applications and data then the RPO RTO solutions might be the ones which are more applicable to you. If you can wait several minutes or hours or longer then the RPO solution might be the one which meets your needs.

Both of these options are available for purchase in the managed capacity program, which is designed for companies with complex IT environments and highly demanding requirements. MCP licensing is designed to make it easy to purchase and deploy a CA ARCserve solution. MCP is licensed per protected Terabyte and allows unlimited access to the selected bundled product technology to protect up to the license capacity purchased.

New to the ARCserve family line is the ability to purchase Per-socket, which is ideal for virtual environments where machines are guests on hypervisors. But more about that later.

The RPO option includes ARCserve Backup, ARCserve D2D, ARCserve Central Protection Applications and file-only replication. This allows customers to choose to back up their systems with tape or imaging support with the choice being on whats best for the environment and not which solution was licensed. This solution helps lower RPO times.

The RPO RTO product adds application replication and the ability to fail over and fail back systems with the High Availability option. This solutions lowers both RPO and RTO times and allows for applications or whole systems to be restored within seconds.9Copyright 2010 CA. All rights reserved.