Mangapapa Church 100th Anniversary Celebration & Ian Grant

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LOOKING back with thanksgiving and looking forward with faith and hope are the focus of Mangapapa Churchs centenary celebrations over two weekends, April 13/14 and April 20/21 says Mangapapa leader Stewart Patrick.


  • Ian Grant

    Mangapapa Church (Union Parish) Centenary Celebrations

    Looking BACK > with Faith & Hope: 20 - 21 April

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  • 3PROGRAMME: Mangapapa Church Centenary Celebrations 13/14 & 20/21 April 2013

    Saturday 13 April @ 2pm Anniversary Day Service ROCK unveiling followed by Afternoon High Tea, Reminiscent of 1913 times with a centenary cake, Mosaic: Centenary creation 7pm Anniversary Dinner: @ Marina Restaurant.

    Sunday 14 April @ 10am Anniversary Thanksgiving Service With Reverend Niven Ball, who was Minister at Mangapapa Church in the 1980s A Thanksgiving Lunch will follow . 6.30pm Evening Prayer Service Being one of prayer as we close the 100-year era and begin to focus on the coming week, looking forward.

    Saturday 20 April @ 8am FREE Community Breakfast Fathers Who Dare Win with Ian & Mary Grant, at the Events Centre, A & P Showgrounds. Main Rd, Gisborne

    Sunday 21 April @ 10am Moving Forward in Faith & Hope Service Mangapapa Church Guest Speaker: Ian Grant 6pm: Team Gisborne Combined Church Service Hosted by and in the House of Breakthrough with Mangapapa Church leading Worship, Guest Speaker: Ian Grant

  • 4Mangapapa Church Centenary Celebrations - 13/14 & 20/21 April 2013

    LOOKING back with thanksgiving and looking forward with faith and hope are the focus of Mangapapa Churchs centenary celebrations over two weekends, April 13/14 and April 20/21 says Mangapapa leader Stewart Patrick.

    In the first weekend, the Anniversary, we will be commemorating the establishment of the church, its 100-year history, our Methodist & Presbyterian roots, the people and the landmarks of faith along the way, said Mr Patrick.

    In the second weekend we will be focusing on future generations, building faith and hope and being a blessing to children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

    The second weekends events will also highlight and continue a working together theme that is a part of our church culture and commenced with the building of Mangapapa Church 100 years ago.

    On Saturday 12 April 1913, folk from other Gisborne Churches came together to help this new church group on the outskirts of Gisborne, build the pre-fabricated Mangapapa Church building in just

    1 day! Mr Patrick said the first church service was held the following day, Sunday 13 April, 1913, and we want to commemorate that with a simple Thanksgiving Service on Saturday April 13 this year, when we will unveil a rock, donated by Trevor Jukes and a plaque.

    That will be followed by an afternoon High Tea, reminiscent of 1913 times with a centenary cake cut by our eldest and youngest members.

    Mr Patrick said another aspect of the afternoon events is the creation of a centenary mosaic. A creative team had been drawn together for the design which would incorporate our Love, Light and Life logo. This mosaic will be worked on by volunteers and supervised by the creative team on that afternoon.

    In the evening we will also be holding a fellowship dinner, at the Marina restaurant.

    Guest speaker for the April 14 service is the Reverend Niven Ball, who was minister at Mangapapa in the 1980s and who continued leading the church in a charismatic renewal and team leadership structure.

    That was pivotal for the future health of the church, Mr Patrick said. A thanksgiving lunch will


  • 5follow with the evening service being one of prayer as we close the 100-year era and begin to focus on the coming week, looking forward.

    Ian Grant and his wife Mary are the guest speakers for the second weekend, 20/21 April, which will see them featured at special community events.

    Ian has been an outstanding advocate for youth and parenting in New Zealand for many years, Mr Patrick said. After 35 years of leading youth work, Ian & Mary established Parenting With Confidence, (now The Parenting Place), and he has now established Fathers Who Dare Win. Ian & Mary have authored several books, and Ian is a guest speaker and preacher in public seminars and churches, travelling extensively.

    Ian also features on three programmes with the Rhema Radio Network in New Zealand: The Love Doctor (Youth) on Life FM network; Dont Take It For Granted (one hour weekly) Rhema Family Network; Grandparenting With Purpose, Southern Star Radio network.

    In this second weekend we want our centenary celebrations to be a blessing and a free gift to our Gisborne community. First, there is a Fathers

    Who Dare Win Free Community Breakfast, with Ian & Mary Grant, on Saturday April 20 at 8am, at the Events Centre, A and P Showgrounds.

    Mr Patrick said they will cater for 500 parents and grandparents, and the invitation is to all parents and grandparents in the Gisborne community who wish to come. A koha will be received on the morning to assist with costs of the event.

    The breakfast will be continental - fruit, yoghurt, cereal, croissants, fruit juice, tea and coffee. Other churches have offered to support us with physical assistance to undertake this on the day.

    Ian will be our guest speaker for the Sunday morning service 21 April with a theme of looking forward with faith and hope for future generations.

    Then to close our centenary events, with again a community working together focus, Ian will speak again at a Combined Churches Service to be held at the House of Breakthrough, 6pm Sunday 21 April.

  • 6Built in ONE Day...

    The first Church Service was held on this site on Sunday 13 April 1913.

  • 7One Hundred years ago, a group from varied denominations worked together on a section in Atkinson Street to erect pre-cut framework and cover it before nightfall they made it. The next day a service of thanksgiving was held in the new Mangapapa Methodist Church, and it has never been without a core of people to love and serve God. The church was built in a day.

    (From Our Story, by Iris McCoy).

    The pre-fabricated Church was put together in one day, with the first service on the following day, Sunday 13 April 1913. The high centre part of the church building today, is still this pre-fab structure.

  • 8Rev. Niven Ball, who was the Minister at Mangapapa Church in the 1980swill be will be Guest Speaker at the Anniversary Weekend Thanksgiving Service, 10am Sunday 14 April.

    Anniversary...Psalm 105:1-4 (MSG) Hallelujah! Thank GOD! Pray to him by name! Tell everyone you meet what he has done! (2) Sing him songs, belt out hymns, translate his wonders into music! (3) Honor his holy name with Hallelujahs, you who seek GOD. Live a happy life! (4) Keep your eyes open for GOD, watch for his works; be alert for signs of his presence.

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  • 9Anniversary...Saturday 13 April 2pm Thanksgiving ServiceROCK unveiling followed by Afternoon High Tea, Reminiscent of 1913 times with a centenary cake, Mosaic: Centenary creation Fellowship Dinner: 7pm At the Marina Restaurant. Book through Mangapapa Church Office or the OnlineForm:

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    Sunday 14 April 2013 -

    10am Thanksgiving Service followed by a

    Fellowship Luncheon.

    6:30pm Prayer Service,

    as we close off the first 100 years and pray for

    the next weekend of events that commence our

    Worship, Witness & Community in the next 100 years,

    or till HE comes!

    Hilda Harrison was 96 and died last year after a stroke 12 months previous that

    saw her last year in Dunblane Rest Home.

    She was the longest serving member from approx. 1930, and was loved by

    children, teens, adults alike.

    She never had children and her husband died in his late 50s, but she was a women with many children.

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    FREE Breakfast...

    For all Parents & Grandparents8am, Saturday 20 April - Events Centre, A&P Showgrounds

    Sponsored by Mangapapa Church, Gisborne, as part of our

    100 years Celebration

    FREE Community Breakfast with Ian Grant >>>

    ClickHere >>>

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    Saturday 20 April, 8amThis event is our free gift to the Community of Gisborne, on the occasion of our Centenary.

    Our aim is to bring inspiration encouragement and hope to hundreds of Parents and Grandparents.

    Sunday 21 April 10amIan Grant is speaking at the Mangapapa Church Service

    Senior New Zealanderof the Year, 2013

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    Fathers who dare...

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    Ian Grant says Welcome to the Fathers Who Dare Win: website!

    So glad to have you here. The aim of the website is to encourage and equip dads to be the awesome dad that every child longs to have.


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    How to be...

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    about the book The original Fathers Who Dare Win book was the first I ever wrote, and it came out of having spent thirty years heading up New Zealands largest teenage programme with over 16,000 young people involved.


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    Combined Service...

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    Combined ServiceGuest speakers: Ian & Mary GrantVenue: House of Breakthrough cnr: Ormond & Lytton Rds GisborneDate: 21 April 2013 - Sunday @ 6.30pm All welcome...Worship Team led by Mangapapa Church

    With thanks to Pastors Norm, Jess and the House of Breakthrough for hosting this unique Team Gisborne Combined Service with Ian & Mary Grant. The Service will be led by the Mangapapa Church as part of their 100 Year Celebra