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Maniac Magee. vocabulary. chaotic. adjective completely disordered or disorganized a state of utter confusion. A joyful crowd created a chaotic atmosphere. dumbfounded. verb to confuse, amaze, or astonish. The poor man was dumbfounded by how to solve the complicated math problem. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Maniac MageeManiac Mageevocabulary

Page 2: Maniac Magee

chaotic• adjective• completely disordered or

disorganized• a state of utter confusion

Page 3: Maniac Magee

A joyful crowd created a chaotic atmosphere.

Page 4: Maniac Magee

dumbfounded• verb• to confuse, amaze, or


Page 5: Maniac Magee

The poor man was dumbfounded by how to solve the complicated math problem.

Page 6: Maniac Magee

stark• adjective•without decoration or softening

effects; plain; simple• adverb• totally• extremely

Page 7: Maniac Magee

The landscape is stark, but beautiful.

Page 8: Maniac Magee

The players went stark raving mad when they won the state championship.

Page 9: Maniac Magee

befuddle• verb• to confuse or mislead

Page 10: Maniac Magee

I was befuddled by the complicated puzzle.

Page 11: Maniac Magee

finicky• adjective• exceptionally fussy or hard

to satisfy

Page 12: Maniac Magee

The finicky cat refused to eat her food.

Page 13: Maniac Magee

infamous• adjective•having, deserving, or

causing a bad reputation•notorious or shameful

Page 14: Maniac Magee

My dog is infamous for growling at everyone he sees, but he would never hurt anyone.

Page 15: Maniac Magee

lambasting• verb• to scold harshly

Page 16: Maniac Magee

The coach lambasted his team for their unsportsmanlike conduct.

Page 17: Maniac Magee

hoist• verb • to lift or haul up (usually using

a mechanical device)• page 17

Page 18: Maniac Magee

They hoisted the flag to the top of the pole.

Page 19: Maniac Magee

flaunting• verb• to display ostentatiously• to show off

Page 20: Maniac Magee

She flaunted her diamond ring whenever she got the chance.

Page 21: Maniac Magee

nonchalant• adjective •not showing excitement or

anxiety• coolly confident

Page 22: Maniac Magee

marooned• verb • to leave on an island or

coast, far from other people• abandon

Page 23: Maniac Magee

The pirates marooned the children on a desert island.

Page 24: Maniac Magee

meandering• verb • to wind back and forth• to wander in speech or

movement without a goal or direction

Page 25: Maniac Magee

The stream meanders through the fields.

Page 26: Maniac Magee

The lost puppy meandered through the streets.

Page 27: Maniac Magee

stoic• adjective• showing little or no

reaction to painful or pleasant experiences

Page 28: Maniac Magee

The judge’s face remained stoic throughout the trial.