Manifest destiny

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  • 1.Jeremy Garcia

2. What is Manifest Destiny
U.S. has destiny that we must make
to expand to the Pacific Ocean and into Mexican territory (The Americans)
3. Thomas Jefferson
The man behind the mission
Create an empire of liberty
Louisiana Purchase
Doubled nations size
4. Why Move West?
5. Settlers and Native Americans
The middle ground
To become a part of
Maintaining traditions
Trading partners and Guides
6. Native Americans
Territorial disputes
Black Hawk War (1830)
Wisconsin territory
7. Evolution Through Expansion
Louisiana Purchase (1803)
8. Territorial Disputes
Oregon Territory
Rich soil
Many nations claims
Russia, Great Britain, France, and Spain
9. Trails West
Sante Fe
Page 263
10. Moving West
Santa Fe Trail (merchant trail)
Not easy-dangerous
Kiowa, Comanche, and bandits
Required cooperation
11. Moving West
Oregon Trail (settler trail)
Destination- Oregon
Caravanned for protection
Help each other out
Diseases like fever, diarrhea, and cholera
Native attacks
12. Mormon Movement West
What is a Mormon
Joseph Smith
13. Brigham Young
Encouraged people to move west
Utah Territory
14. Things to Remember
What is manifest destiny?
Who started Westward expansion?
Louisiana purchase
Mormon movement
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