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Manifest Destiny. The United States of America Expands Westward. Manifest Destiny. Define that term. Apply it to American History by Mapping out the land acquisition by the USA from 1803 to 1853 giving each segment a title Describing how the land was acquired providing one example of each - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Manifest DestinyThe United States of America Expands Westward

Manifest Destiny andWestward Expansion354 Manifest DestinyOregon TrailTexasMexican CessionGold Rush and California

Manifest Destiny SWBTDefine that term.Apply it to American History byMapping out the land acquisition by the USA from 1803 to 1853 giving each segment a titleDescribing how the land was acquired providing one example of eachBy DiplomacyBy ConquestDescribe various groups of people that were part of the settling of the West.

3Manifest DestinyStudy the following pictureList all the people in the imageDescribe them. What are they doing?Where are they going?What emotions are they feeling?Who/What is most prominent?What does the artist want us to believe?Would all Americans feel the same way?4

The rapid settlement of the United States inland empire was soon recorded in census reports. Between 1800 and 1840, the population of Ohio grew from fewer than 50,000 people to 1.5 million. In Illinois, census totals jumped from about 12,000 in 1810 to nearly 500,000 in 1840. Alabama census takers saw the states population of slaves alone rise from about 47,500 in 1820 to more than 253,000 in 1840 a more than fivefold increase. This movement of people westward led to the creation of many new states. The admission of Michigan to the Union in 1837 brought the number of states to 26, or twice the original total of 13

As the number of stars dotting the American flag rapidly increased, many people came to believe that the United States was destined to continue growing and expanding. It seemed to the that God had chosen their country to spread the blessings of freedom and American civilization across the Mississippi and beyond. In 1845, newspaper editor John L. Sullivan wrote of our manifest destiny to oversperead the continent allotted by Providence for the development of our yearly multiplying millions.

To carry out this mission, Americans would have to confront two nations that claimed large parts of North America: Mexico and Great Britain. They would also have to reach some accommodation with the original inhabitants of the land, the American Indians. Only when the nation overcame those obstacles could the American flag wave freely from sea to shining sea.5Research Manifest DestinyDivide into groups.Each group:gets a readingreads, thinks about, then writes answers to the questions on the next slidethen shares the answers with the class while the other students take notes

For each Section, Answer:Why did the USA want that section of land?What were the problems or obstacles to obtaining that land?What are the main details about how that land was acquired?What are the boundaries of that land?What are the benefits to the USA of having that land? (see #1)Any additional important information to tell us?Each Groups notes will be graded for completeness of information Participation points! 715.2 Louisiana PurchaseWhy?Obstacles?Details?Boundaries?Benefits?Additional?

Why? Full access to Mississippi RiverObstacles? Owned by FranceDetails? First just wanted New Orleans for $7 million, but France offered much more for $15 millionBoundaries? Mississippi to Rocky Mtns, triangle with bottom point at New OrleansBenefits? Full access to River, No French presenceAdditional? Constitutional issues, $0.02 -3 per acre

15.3 FloridaWhy?Obstacles?Details?Boundaries?Benefits?Additional?

Why? Stop Seminole raiding, complete East Coast, lessen Spain influenceObstacles? Owned by Spain, Seminoles warlikeDetails? Jackson told to stop Seminole raiding but he successfully invaded Florida, JQA says to Spain, Govern or get out! Boundaries? Florida coastline to AlabamaBenefits? Handle the Seminoles, No Spanish presenceAdditional? Spain was to keep Texas

15.4 TexasWhy?Obstacles?Details?Boundaries?Benefits?Additional?

Why? Gain cotton growing landObstacles? Owned by MexicoDetails? First colonized by Americans, then rebellion to free Texas from Mexico, The Alamo and then other battlesBoundaries? Rio Grande River to south, Benefits? Land gained for cotton and other uses, lessen Mexico influenceAdditional? Texas was independent for 9 years

15.5 Oregon CountryWhy?Obstacles?Details?Boundaries?Benefits?Additional?

Why? Complete coast to coast, good land, Oregon Fever (Lies!)Obstacles? Claimed by Russia, Great Britain, Spain, USADetails? Russia and Spain drop out, Shared then split with Great BritainBoundaries? 49th parallel, northern border with CaliforniaBenefits? Access to Pacific and important riversAdditional? Peaceful acquisition diplomatically from Great Britain.

15.6 War with MexicoWhy?Obstacles?Details?Boundaries?Benefits?Additional?

Why? Ambition, Manifest DestinyObstacles? Owned by MexicoDetails? Offer to buy from Mexico refused. Annexation of Texas led to contention of southern Texas border, war in USA as well as an invasion into Mexico. Purchased from Mexico.Boundaries? Modern California, Arizona, New MexicoBenefits? Straight Coast to CoastAdditional? Some Americans considered war with Mexico like bullying our neighbors.

Life in the WestPeoples Stories

Life in The WestExplorersReasonsHardshipsLegaciesReasons contact Indians, map passagesHardships rough territory, wildlife, language, foodLegacies Maps, Information, CAN BE DONE!

15Life in The WestCaliforniosReasonsHardshipsLegacies

Reasons 1) convert Indians 2) get landHardships long distances from neighborsLegacies Spanish names of places, crops: grape, olives, citrus, initial settling16Life in The WestMountain MenReasonsHardshipsLegaciesReasons Trapping of furs, freedom and adventureHardships solitary, dangerous Legacies found trails and paths, mapmaking, personal journals describing their hardships

Life in The WestMissionariesReasonsHardshipsLegaciesReasons to convert Indians, to develop religious institutions for future white settlementHardships travel difficulties, cultural differencesLegacies opening the west to white settlement18

Life in The WestPioneer WomenReasonsHardshipsLegaciesReasons followed husbands, look for husbands, adventureHardships long journey, hard work, disease, Legacies schools, libraries, literary societies, suffrage movements

Life in The WestMormonsReasonsHardshipsLegaciesReasons escape persecution, gather as a groupHardships persecution, unpromising land, Legacies settled in the Great Basin with new ways to farm

Reasons GOLD! Supply those who mined GOLD!Hardships travel, few women, inflation, crime and wildness, mining was difficult, Legacies quick population growth, name for a football team.Life in The WestForty-NinersReasonsHardshipsLegacies

21Life in The WestChineseReasonsHardshipsLegacies

Reasons California called Gam Saan (Jin Shan) = gold mtn.Hardships mistreated - whites saw them as competition for certain jobsLegacies Chinatowns and sharing of culture, service industries: restaurants, cleaning, railroad22A