Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny. Tyler Becomes President. Harrison dies after 4 weeks in White House Democrat in Whig Clothing Tyler wants to expand!!!!. “American Progress” by John Gast , 1872. Manifest Destiny. God’s will for USA to possess the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Manifest Destiny

ManifestDestiny1Tyler Becomes PresidentHarrison dies after 4 weeks in White HouseDemocrat in Whig ClothingTyler wants to expand!!!!

American Progress by John Gast, 1872

3Manifest DestinyGods will for USA to possess the land from the Atlantic to the Pacific

Manifest Destiny

TexasIndependence(1836-1845)6Texas. Mexicos TerritoryStephen Austin was given land in Texas by the Spanish and the Mexicans for 300 familiesSam Houston Governor of TexasLand Grants Requirements:Roman CatholicBecome properly Mexicanized

Texas. Mexicos TerritoryHouston we have a problem!!!SlaveryImmigrationLocal RightsTexas wanted to become an independent state and break away from MexicoTexas Declaration of Independence

9Key Figures in Texas Independence, 1836

Sam Houston(1793-1863)Steven Austin(1793-1836)

10The Republic of Texas

The Lone Star Republic11Remember the AlamoTexans were badly defeated and were forced to retreat from the forces of Santa Anna

Remember the Alamo!

13Davey Crocketts Last Stand

14The Battle of the Alamo

General Antonio Lpez de Santa Anna Recaptures the Alamo15Battle of San Jacinto Turning point in the war Sam Houston WON!!!Santa Anna Signed a treaty to remove troops and established the Rio Grande as the Southern Border of TX

Now What?Texans want to be annexedOpposed: NorthSupported: SouthWhy?Slavery!!!!!

Texas AnnexationTexas willing to engage in diplomacy with European nations for protection.GB wanted Texas b/c it could:Check the Southwest surge of the USFree trade areaCotton producingAnnexed in 1844 by President John TylerPolk won the presidential race that year and he was pro annexation. Tyler took it to be a mandate from the people.

James K. PolkDark Horse CandidateYoung HickoryElection of 1844 Polk v. ClayFour goals:Lower the tariff to 25%Restore Independent TreasuryCaliforniaOregon 49 degreesMexican American WarPolk wanted California, not a warMexico still didnt accept that Texas was now part of the USTreaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo - US got land from Texas to California from Mexico for $15,000,00049ers Gold Miners rushed to CaliforniaThe Mexican Cession

21Mexican American WarWilmont Priviso slavery should be banned in any lands gained from MexicoNever passed CongressThe Oregon Trail Albert Bierstadt, 1869

23Overland Immigration to the WestBetween 1840 and 1860, more than250,000 people made the trekwestward.

24Trails Westward

25The Oregon Dispute: 54 40 or Fight!

By the mid-1840s,Oregon Fever wasspurred on by thepromise of free land.The joint British-U. S.occupation ended in1846.26Go West, Young Man Go WestProblems:Poorly fedIll clad not properly dressed (coat in winter)Lived in shantiesDiseaseDepressionPremature deathLoneliness

The Doomed Donner Party

April, 1846 April, 1847

28The Doomed Donner Party

James Reed & Wife Margaret Patrick John Breen Breen BreenOf the 83 members of the Donner Party, only 45 survived to get to California!CANNIBALISM ! ! 29Go West, Young Man Go WestEcological ImperialismBeaverBisonSea otters

Population Explosion!!!Immigration and High Birth Rates

Rapid UrbanizationSmelly slumsNo street lightsBad policeImpure waterFoul sewageRatsPoor garbage disposalWhy were they attracted then?Europe was running out of roomLand of freedom and opportunityTransoceanic trip was fasterRicher lifeNo compulsory military service3 meat meals a dayIrish potato famine

ImmigrantsIrishPlace of SettlementBig port cities, NY and BostonEconomic StatusLowest of the lowPolitical ContributionHated the British; into politicsCultural ContributionPolitical machinesGermansPlace of SettlementMid-West; WisconsinEconomic StatusModest amount of material goodsPolitical ContributionInfluential but scatteredCultural ContributionConestoga Wagon, Kentucky rifle, Christmas tree, education, kindergarten, art and music, enemies of slavery, beerAnti-foreignism NINA - No Irish Need ApplyScared of being outbred, outvoted, and overwhelmedNationalism at its worstIrish were so poor that they would work for little to nothingWhy is this a problem?

Know Nothing PartyAnti-ImmigrationRadicalSecret PartyMembers would claim to know nothing about the shady practices