Manifest Destiny

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1818-1853. Manifest Destiny. The Oregon Country. Essential Question: How did the belief in Manifest Destiny influence Western settlement?. Mountain Men. Fur traders were first to reach the Oregon Country Traded for fur with Native Americans Trapped beaver in the Rocky Mountains - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny1818-1853

The Oregon CountryEssential Question: How did the belief in Manifest Destiny influence Western settlement?

Mountain MenFur traders were first to reach the Oregon CountryTraded for fur with Native AmericansTrapped beaver in the Rocky MountainsMany had Native American wives and adopted Native American waysOnce beaver became scarce, many settled into farming

The Whitman MissionMany early settlers were missionariesWanted to bring Christianity to Native AmericansBrought diseases that sometimes led to Native American backlashWhite settlers moved west anyway

The Oregon TrailPanic of 1837 caused unrest and desire for a better lifeTens of thousands of people decided to make the trip to Oregon2,000 mile journeyPacked up their life into prairie schoonersVery difficult and dangerous

The Oregon Trail

Rock Avenue

Manifest DestinyMany people began to believe that it was the mission of the United States to spread freedom by occupying the entire continentBelieved that God set the United States apart for a special purpose: To extend its boundaries

Fifty-Four Forty or FightJames K. Polk campaign slogan (Election of 1844)Tension between the US and Britain about where Canada border should be setCompromise set boundary at 49N latitude

Answer the Essential QuestionHow did the belief in Manifest Destiny influence Western settlement?

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2. What do you think the painter is trying to say in this painting?

3. List three things you think the painter has shown you that are important to his message.

4. What are two images in this painting that you think might not appeal to a viewer today.

5. Write a question to the painter that you think is not answered by his painting.

Independence for TexasEssential Question: Why did Texas fight for their independence from Mexico?

Land GrantsPeople living in TexasTejanosNative Americans (Comanche, Apache, Kiowa)Mexico wanted to attract farmers and settlers offered large land grantsAttracted many people from the United States

Growing TensionGrowing number of Americans alarmed Mexican governmentStopped all US immigration through TexasDiscouraged trade with US through TaxesNew policies angered TexansDepended on US tradeMexican government planned to abolish slavery which angered slave holdersAntonio Lopez de Santa Anna overthrows Mexican government and war seems unavoidable

The Struggle for IndependenceThe Battle of the AlamoSanta Anna marched toward San Antonio angry that Texans had captured itAttacked small force of Texans barricaded inside a small mission called the AlamoAfter 12 days, Santa Anna entered the Alamo and killed all defendersThe battle bought Texans much needed time

Texas Declares IndependenceTexans declared their independence under leadership of Sam HoustonBattle Cry: Remember the Alamo!1836 Texans captured Santa Anna who signed a peace treatyThe Lone Star RepublicAndrew Jackson refused to annex Texas Would upset the balance between slave states and free statesTexans elected Sam Houston president

The Road to StatehoodDifficulty with Mexico and fear of upsetting the balance between slave states and free states caused many presidents to avoid annexing Texas1844 James K. Polk favored annexation of Texas due to the growing popularity of the idea of Manifest DestinyTexas joined the Union in 1845

The New Mexico TerritoryMany saw New Mexico as the Manifest Destiny of the United StatesCalifornia was settled by Mexicans but many Americans began to talk about adding it to the UnionMild climateNatural resourcesPacific Ocean offered protection and trade

War with MexicoWar broke out between the US and MexicoPresident Polk saw California and New Mexico as part of the United StatesAfter much fighting, US controlled California and captured Mexico City1847 Mexican government surrendered

The United States ExpandsTreaty of Guadalupe HidalgoMexico gives up claim to TexasRio Grande decided as borderMexican Cession: U.S. bought California and New Mexico for $15 million1853 Gadsden Purchase: U.S. bought strip of land for $10 million that expanded the country to its present size (mainland)

Making ConnectionsHow did Mexican lands in the West become part of the United States?

Why did James K. Polk and the American people hesitate to annex Texas? Why did they finally support the annexation of Texas?

Answer the Essential Question: Why did Texans fight for their independence from Mexico?

CaliforniaEssential Question: What factors affected the settlement of California?

American DiaryFrom early 1848 when John Sutter discovered gold in California until late 1849, the population of California increased form 15,000 to 100,000. Wild-eyed prospectors came from all over the world. Farmers left their fields untilled and went off workmen quit their jobs without notice In every town one might buy gold-seekers manuals, guides and maps. From The Way Our People Lived

California Gold RushDiscovery of Gold in 1848 led to rapid growthForty-ninersOregon Trail or Santa Fe TrailMany Californios lost their landBoomtowns (San Francisco)

Gold RushMost forty-niners had no experience miningAttacked hillsides with pickaxes and shovelsWashed and panned over streambedsMost found little or no goldMany lost what they found gambling and spending wildlyBoomtown merchantsCould charge whatever they wanted for suppliesMade huge profitsGold Rush SocietyMining camps: Many men and few womenMen spent free time drinking, gambling and fightingNo police or prisons led to formation of vigilantes

Economic and Political ProgressMany people who arrived looking for gold eventually settledLeads to growth in agriculture, trade and businessRapid population growth caused desire for statehoodCalifornia joins the Union in 1850

Making ConnectionsHow did the Gold Rush affect Californias population?

Answer the Essential Question: What factors affected the settlement of California?