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AGWAY PETROLEUM CORPORATION HEATING OILS - GASOLINE - 24 HR. BURNER SERVICE Phone 272-8002 505 TAUGHANNOCK ITHACA DIRECTORY 165 MANNING'S Ithaca Alphabetical Directory 1970 Copyri qh t, 1970, by H. A. Manning Co. PUBLISHERS' NOTICE The mforrno non in this directory is obtained as far as possible by actual convass, compiled in a way to insure maximum accuracy. While the publishers will In no way be held responsible for any errors that may occur, they will be pleased to have any Inaccuracies called to their attention, for correction in succeeding editions. TO FIND A NAME YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO SPELL IT There are many ways of spelling some names with practically the same pronunciation When the name of a corporation, factory or firm appears irnrned: ately after the name, it mdi cote s the place of business. After the name of a street, the word "Street" is omitted. The post office address IS given only when the same does not correspond With the name of the town, ABBREVIATIONS Robinson & Carpenter Inc Rothschi Id Bros T-CCC R&Clnc RBros SCSUS Dept Agr SOil Conservation Service United States Department Agriculture Tompkins-Cortland Community College Tompkins County Hospital Tompkins County Trust Cc Trumansburg United States Air Force Un I ted State 5 Merchant Mari ne Willard Straight Hall Women's Army Corps Women's Auxiliary Volunteer Emergency Service TCHosp TCTCo Trbg USAF USMM WSH WAC WAVES Cayuga Heights Cornell University First National Bank & Trust Co of Ithaca Ithaca College Ithaca Gun Co Ithaca Journa I Ithaca School s Licensed Practical Nurse Morse Borg-Warner Montgomery Ward & Co National Cash Register Co New York State ElectriC & Gas Corp New York Telephone Co Renwick Cay Hts CU FNB& TCo IC IGCo IJ IS LPN MB·W MW&Co NCRCo NYSE&GCorp NYTelCo Ren For full list of general abbreviations see preceding pages S. BARR & CO., Inc. Members New York Stock Exchange - American Stock Exchange (Assoc.) STOCKS - Ml'Tl'AL FnmS - BONDS - 192-1 501 SAVINGS BANK BLDG. Tel. 607 - 273-6565

MANNING'S Ithaca Alphabetical Directory 1970 · ITHACA DIRECTORY 165 MANNING'S Ithaca Alphabetical Directory 1970 Copyri qht, 1970, by H. A. Manning Co. PUBLISHERS' NOTICE The mforrnonon

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Text of MANNING'S Ithaca Alphabetical Directory 1970 · ITHACA DIRECTORY 165 MANNING'S Ithaca Alphabetical...




    Ithaca Alphabetical Directory1970

    Copyri qh t, 1970, by H. A. Manning Co.

    PUBLISHERS' NOTICEThe mforrnonon in this directory is obtained as far as possible by

    actual convass, compiled in a way to insure maximum accuracy. Whilethe publishers will In no way be held responsible for any errors thatmay occur, they will be pleased to have any Inaccuracies called totheir attention, for correction in succeeding editions.

    TO FIND A NAME YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO SPELL ITThere are many ways of spelling some names with practically

    the same pronunciation

    When the name of a corporation, factory or firm appears irnrned:ately after the name, it mdi cote s the place of business. After thename of a street, the word "Street" is omitted.

    The post office address IS given only when the same does notcorrespond With the name of the town,


    Robinson & Carpenter IncRothschi Id Bros


    R&ClncRBrosSCSUS Dept Agr

    SOil Conservation Service UnitedStates Department AgricultureTompkins-Cortland Community

    CollegeTompkins County HospitalTompkins County Trust Cc

    TrumansburgUnited States Air Force

    Un I ted State 5 Merchant Mari neWillard Straight HallWomen's Army Corps

    Women's AuxiliaryVolunteer Emergency Service


    Cayuga HeightsCornell University

    First National Bank &Trust Co of Ithaca

    Ithaca CollegeIthaca Gun CoIthaca Journa IIthaca School s

    Licensed Practical NurseMorse Borg-Warner

    Montgomery Ward & CoNational Cash Register Co

    New York StateElectriC & Gas Corp

    New York Telephone CoRenwick

    Cay HtsCUFNB& TCo



    For full list of general abbreviations see preceding pages

    ~. S. BARR & CO., Inc.Members New York Stock Exchange - American Stock Exchange (Assoc.)

    STOCKS - Ml'Tl'AL FnmS - BONDS - SI~CE 192-1501 SAVINGS BANK BLDG. Tel. 607- 273-6565

  • " \.~.,~~}

    "Serving Tompkins County Over 40 Years" COLLECTIONS

    273-6526ESTABLISHED 1927

    CREDIT BUREAU OF ITHACAREPORTS273-7023119 South Cayuga (2nd)

    ~< ••,.... -,

    K ~

    ~.. .


    AAA FINGER LAKES AUTOMOBILE CLUB328 N Meadow 0. 273-6727 managing dir

    Robert D Maloney Road ServiceD 273-4567AAA HEADQUARTERS Robert D Maloney

    managing dir 328 N Meadow D273~727AAA WORLD WIDE TRAVEL SERVICE AAA

    Finger Lakes Automobile Club 328 NMeadow D 27Hi727 managing dir Robert DMaloney

    A F Repair Zit AI Fudger prop 535 W State

    Abbott's Liquor Store Jos N Abbott prop 910 WState

    Abdulky David M (Vicki J) hl04 Titus avAbelard .los (Eleanore) instr chem dept CU h

    Sheraton dr (44) Chateau Claire AptsAber Hannah wid Felix library searcher CU h

    906 N CayugaAbermann Reinhard assoc prof CU h125 Cod-

    dington rd (A2)Abraham Fredk (Hel en) pres Fred's Record

    Shop Inc h405 WGreenA M AUTO REPAIR prop Alain Mauboussin Abraham Helen (Mrs Fredk) dept mgr Fred's

    sales and service Domestic and Imported Record Shop h405 W GreenAutos 400 Spencer rd D212-0952 see class- Abraham Lorraine bus mgr offi ce Drs Hallified dir under Automobile Parts Humphrey Tisdale de Prosse Murry & Hays

    A & W Root Beer Stand Wm Selman prop 320 res MyersElmira rd Abraham Mary instr Wells College h190 Pleasant

    Aagaard Andrew W (Nancy M) animal caretaker Grove rd (D3)CU h 1762 Coddington rd Abrahams Alfd J (Barbara A) emp Saga Admini-

    Aagaard Nancy M (Mrs Andrew W) laboratory strative Corp IC h320 Elmwood avasst Vet College CU h1762 Coddington rd Abrahams Noble W asst prof CU res Trumans-

    Aaronson Susan A instr CU rl14 Summit av burgAbair Wayne F (Judith R) tchr Boynton Jr High Abramoski Nancy teaching appr CU r214 Dry-

    Sch h306 Tareyton rd den rdAbcw: Geo S graduate asst CU 18 East av res Abrams Dolores E Mrs sec law sch CU h408

    inq do Winston ct (4)Abbattista Carl (Jane Z) claims adjuster Nation- Abrams Leo H (Lunetta) const wkr h410 W

    wide Ins Co h320 Hook pi ClintonAbbattista Jane Z (Mrs Carl) emp NYTelCo h Abrams Lunetta (Mrs Leo H) emp Ithaca Tex-

    320 Hook pi ti les h410 WCI intonAbbe Elfriede M sc r enti Ii c illustrator CU h24 Abrams Meyer H (Ruth C) prof CU h512 High-

    Woodcrest av land rd Cay HtsAbbey Ann sten CU h412 Hanshaw rd Abrams Selinda K Mrs statistical elk 213 RiceAbbey Kenneth R corp CU res Freeville RD2 CU res FreevilleAbbey Myra A wid Floyd h311 WSeneca Acacia Fraternity 318 Highland rd Cay HtsAbbi Satish C research asst CU h241 Linden Academy Beauty Salon Angeline M Gualtiere

    av prop 113 S CayugaAbbott Amelia L emp Ithaca Textiles Inc r320 ACCREDITED ADJUSTMENT BUREAU prop

    Brookfield rd S A Heineman mgr Henry F Heineman 41 EAbbott Anna A wid Abr h320 Brookfield rd Market Corning D 936-6553Abbott Cath J sten IndRel CU r903 N Cayuga Ackerman Chas D asst prof CU r Sigma AlphaAbbott Edward P (Clarice B) Iwyr First Nation- Epsilon Hillcrest

    01 Bank Bldg (707) and rep Dist No 4 Ackerman Doris D (Mrs Henry W) office mgr CUTompkins County Board of Representa- h915 N Cayugatives h905 N Cayuga D273·2846 Ackerman Dorothy (Mrs Townsend) buyer Roths-

    ABBOTT GEORGE (Janice B) pres Ithaca child's r33 Dart drTextiles Inc and v-pres-sec Ivy Broadcast- Ackerman Henry W (Dori s D) mgr Chas E Shewing Co Inc h507 Highland rd Inc h915 N Cayuga

    Abbott Gregory stu r507 Highland rd Ackerman Lois head res Kappa Psi CU r508Abbott Jos N (Ruth M) prop Abbott's Liquor Thurston av

    Store h113 Park pi Ackermann Marsha E stu CU h130 Linden avAbbott Julia J r181 West Haven rd Ackerman Molly (Mrs David) sten 412 N TiogaAbbott Ruth S (Mrs Jos N) mgr Abbott's Liquor Bldg r901 Dryden rd

    Store h113 Park pi Ackerman Stewart E cooperati ve extensionAbbott Virginia wid John h903 N Cayuga specialist CU res Honeoye Falls


    653ELMIRA RD. 272-9404

  • Robert S. Boothroyd Agency Inc.I:\SlRA:\TE 312 E. SE:\ECA ST. 2'72-8100


    Licensed Real

    Estate Broker

    Tel. 273-3773

    25 Car Public Parking110-112W. Seneca St.

    Adams Robt (Mildred L) lab h658 Five Mile drAdams Robt E (Violet M) emp Lutton's Office

    EqUipment Co res NewfieldAdams Robt W stu CU h190 Pleasont Grove rd

    (P-3)Adams Violet (Mrs Robt E) acct clk Board of

    of Education res NewfieldAdams W Russell e xperrrnen t o l mach CU res

    GrotonAdams & The i sen lowyers (Armand Adams and

    Henry Thei sen) 121 Seneca E (504) :..272-3442

    Adamson Normon G(Patricia) instrNaval Sci-ence CU h123 E Fall

    Addis Bernard B F (Lise) metallurgist CU h2 Genung ci r

    Addy Constance E sec CU res GenoaAddy Diane M clk-rec eptroru st CU res GenoaAddy Douglas 0 (Charlotte L) emp NYSE&GCorp

    h210 E MarshallAddy Nellie G Wid Reginald h102 N Aurora (7)Adelmann Howard B prof CU h410 ColumbiaAdelson Leonard (Patricia) grad asst CU h

    Hasbrouck Apts (39-1)Aderhold Howard C IF lorence M) re cc t or supvr

    CU h23 MUrielAdesso Anne stu r137 Hawthorne piAdesso Lewl s J (Mary P) city mgr and golf pro

    h 137 Howthorne piAdesso Mary (Mrs Lewi s J) c lk-typi st CU h 137

    Hawthorne piAdie Astrid L (Mrs Wm) teller TCTCo res TrbgAdie Wm M (Astrid) bookmobile dr-clk Finger

    Lakes Library System res Trbg

    Ackles Jack R (Rase C) emp IGCa h218 WaodAckles John retired h514 W StateAckley Lillian E Mrs emp CU res Lake BurdettACME PEST CONTROL SERVICE Carl J

    Foote prop 125 South St ext Dryden L 844-8102 see fOp corner cards

    Acrographics Inc duplicating services pres JasRourke 209 N Aurora

    Ackroyd Theod W computer opr NYSE&GCorp h607 S Meadow

    Ada's Beauty Salon Mrs Ada I Joseph prop 406W Seneca

    Adali Sarp teaching asst CU r109 CatherineAdams Armand L (Loui se H) lawyer and (Adams

    & Thei sen) 121 E Seneca (504) (0272-3442 and sec Crispell Charter Service Inch 125 E Remington rd

    Adams Arth G Iwyr and notary 702 N Aurorah do

    Adams Arth H (Ruth V) emp Syracuse h206Utica

    Adams Barry B assoc prof CU res BrooktondaleAdams Caesar B asst prof CU h 1018 Danby rdAdams Carol (Mrs Crawford) shipping clk I Tex-

    tiles Inc res GrotonAdams Carolyn C (Mrs Chas F) emp Ithaca

    Credit Bureau h509 Lake (05)Adams Carolyn F Mrs re servctron s coordinator

    CU r384 Etna rdAdams Cath V wid Robt M h609 Elmira rdAdams Chas F (Carolyn C) teller TCTCo h509

    Lake (0-5)Adams Constance M organic course coordinator

    CU res RD2 CandorAdams David IBM account rep CU res CortlandAdams David L research assoc CU res NewfieldAdams Drew 0 stu r125 E Remington rdAdams Earl 0 (Rebecca R) tr dr Taynton Co Inc

    h656 Five Mile drAdams Evelyn Hamilton Mrs h581 Warren rdAdams Genevieve M Mrs sales rep Cook-Gaunt-

    lett Agcy Inc h510 UticaAdams Geo P Jr (Evelyn) prof CU h309 Roat

    extAdams Isaac (Ellen) stu CU h407 CornellAdams John C (Alice deB) retired h915 High-

    land rdAdams John S coop ext specialist CU res FondaAdams Leonard P prof CU res DelmarAdams Luella F wid Bri stow h202 Fall Creek

    drAdams R Scott (Sandra E) mach Therm Inc h222

    N AlbanyAdams Robt member T C Alcoholic Beverage

    Control Board res Trumansburg

    HEAD'SCamera Shop


    Cor. E. State & Aurora 272-8090

    mcftrr BOYNTON~ R273_246SI!

    savings bank bldg........ ithaca

  • ithaca agency, inc.108 west state streetphone 273-5353



    Work Guaranteed on all Typesof Pest and Termite Control

    Tel. 844-8702125South St. Ext. Dryden, N.Y.


    AGWAY HOME AND GARDEN CENTERAdkins Arth visiting fellow CU r405 Salem dr Cleland W Beebe mgr hardware farm sup-Adldinger Hans (Eliz) sr research CU hl442 plies and lawn and garden equipment 213

    Hanshaw rd S Fulton D.212-1848 see p 19Adler Eve teaching asst CU r1689 Slaterville rd Agwoy Inc area office 116 S FultonAdorno David S (Rolena A) chm math dept IC AGWAY PETROLEUM CORPORATION

    r608 Highland rd Cay Hts Lawrence Kinney mgr petroleum bulkAdorno Rolena A (Mrs David S) instr IC r608 plant 505 Taughannock blVd D.212-8002

    Highland rd Cay Hts see top linesAdrian Terence grad asst CU r218 University Ahlers Robt (Susan) grad stu CU h247 Cornell

    av QuartersAERO MAYFLOWER TRANSIT CO Dean of Mlfred Richd B public relations dir CU h125

    Ithaca Inc agents 401-409 EState D. 212- Coddington rd (B-3)1894 see back cover Ahuj o Vijay Kumar teaching asst CU r401 Dry-

    Aetna Casualty & Surety Co Robt Vanderbeck den rdagt 119 W Green Ainsley Mary Lou Mrs keypunch opr CU rl25

    Affolter Clark R (Jane 0) asst dairy cattle Coddington rdsupvr CU h241 Warren rd Ainslie ElsleM Mrs prop Alnslee's Beauty

    Afrolich Gene h125 Coddington rd (B-7) Shop h202 CenterAgard Fredk B (Hildegard R) prof CU h 1023 Ainslie Gregory L stu r126 Pine Tree rd

    Hanshaw rd Ainslie Harry R (Virginia L) assoc prof CU hAgard Hildegard R (Mrs Fredk B) librarian CU 126 Pine Tree rd

    hl023 Hanshaw rd Ainslie Kearney M retired h202 CenterAGARD J RICHARD (Beverly S) real estate Ainslie Nina R stu r126 Pine Tree rd

    broker and v-pres-gen mgr J D Gallagher Ainslie Shirley Mrs dir IS System r304 Hayts rdCo Inc h404 E Upland rd Ainslie Virginia L (Mrs Harry R) dir Day Care

    AGARD MERRITT (Maude) (Taughannock Center h126 Pine Tree rdFarms Inn) res Trumansburg RD3 Ainslie's Beauty Shop Mrs Elsie M Ainslie

    Agbey Richd (Elaine) h803 S Aurora prop 202 CenterAgnew Palmer emp IBM Owego r416 Highland Ainsworth Evelyn (MrsChas A) asst to regis-

    rd Cay Hts trar IC h Fcirvi ew drAgnew Ralph P (Anne W) prof CU h416 High- Air Science & To cti cs Barton Hall Garden av

    land rd Cay Hts campusAgoha Victor A (Bridget 0) emp Agway Lawn & Aitken Susan asst Genetics CU r107 Cook

    Garden Center h 109 Cleveland av Arvcl ioti s John retired h228 Linden avAgresti Maria G (Mrs Vincenzo) control clk TCT Akdogen Ahnet (Ay sel) grad stu CU h120 Plea-

    Co h313 Richards pi sant Grove rd (5H)Agresti Vincenzo (Maria) (Roma Pizzeria) h313 Akers Allen E (Laura A) asst mgr Lansing

    Richards pi Ap t s East h600 Wa'ren rdAgresta Cath Mrs tchr IS System r934 Stewart Akers Edw T (Nelle M) retired h1010 EState

    av Ak inrirm si Jibayo teaching asst CU h240 Lin-Agricultural Advertising & Research Inc adv den av

    agencies pres Roy H Park 408 E State Akins Melvin G auditor CU res FreevilleAgricultural Conservation Program see U S Akins Nicolette D Mrs sten CU res Trbg

    Dept Agriculture Tower rd Akins Peter H tchr DeWitt Jr HS res Interlaken

  • ISLurd~sElmira, N. Y. Phone 734-7171

    THE MALLBig Flats, N. Y. Phone 739-3511


    Akiyama Emiko Mrs acting librarian Wood Li-brary CU res N Y C, ty

    Alao Grace (Mrs Jos) emp CU h120 PleasantGrove rd (9B)

    Alao Jos A (Grace A) stu CU h120 PleasantGrove rd (9B)

    ALBANESE ANTHONY J (Bernice B) propAlbanese Plumbing 8r Heating Co hiliSalem dr

    Albanese Frank (Lelah M) Iwyr 200-202 EState First National Bank Building 504-505 res 1324 Elmira rd Newfield n272-5212

    Albanese Lynda (Mrs Rick) nurse TCHosp h103Maplewood dr

    ALBANESE PLUMBING 8r HEATING CO An-thony J Albanese prop 416 Taughannockblvd n212-3950 see p 68

    Albanese Rick (Lynda) emp Albanese Plumb-ing & Hecti nq Co and stu IC h1a3 Maple-wood dr

    ALBERT IMOGENE A (Mrs Gerard) sr acct clkTompkins County Dept Social Servicesres Applegate rd RD5

    Alberti Giorgio research assoc CU res LimaPeru

    Albertsman Anne sten-clk IC res TrbgAlbertsman Rlchd R (Ann) pressmn IJ res Van-

    Dorns rdAlbrecht Andreas C (Geruc) prof CU h119 Clov-

    er laAlbrecht Arnold J (Margt H) chief eng Therm

    Inc h143 Northview rdAlbrecht Horst maint eng CU res RD5Albrecht John H tech assoc CU res BerkshireAlbrectsen Raymond prof CU res RD3 Trumans-

    burgAlbright Ada K Mrs library asst CU res Free-

    villeAlbright H Darkes (Eli z N) prof CU h129 N

    Sunset drAlbro Carolyn D emp Snyder's Tourist Home r

    314 N AuroraAlbro Stanley W (Carolyn L) project eng CU

    and prop Snyder's Touri st Home h 100Chri stopher ci r

    Albro Wayne R (Cynthia) emp City Dept h Wil-liams Glen rd

    Albro Xavier Rev teaching fellow CU r404 Lin-coln

    Alby Angelina h910 N CayugaALBY LOUIS (Martha) prop Alby 8r Sons 316

    Washington h do


    Trumansburg's Largest BrokerMary Carolyn Coleman, Lie. Broker

    387-4793For appt. only Call

    Rosemary Terry 387-9838

    ALBY 8r SONS Louis Alby prop contractorsconcrete work and grading 316 Washingtonn213-0092 see p 60

    ALCOR INC Max H Manes pres-treas (elec-tronics sound equipment) 215 S Tioga J213-4242 see p 11

    Alder Winslow F (Doris T) scout exec BoyScouts of Ameri ca h542 N Taylor pi

    Alderisio Italo const supt hl00 Fairview s q(7-P)

    Aldins Janis grad fellow CU r201 Highland avAldo Janet research tech CU r21 Game Farm rdAldrICh A John (Joan E) (Macbeth Associates)

    121 E Seneca (601) res RD6Aldrich Cassie R Wid Henry R h510 UticaAldrich Edw A (Patricia A) service mgr Bill

    Cooke h341 Stone Quarry rdAldrich ~rancls E lab tech CU res EarlVilleAldrich Howard E (Penny D) prof CU h 115

    James (13)Aldrich Patricia A (Mrs Edw A) adm sec Olin

    Library h341 Stone Quarry r dAldrich Penny D (Mrs Howard E) tchr Adult

    Education Program (IHS) h 115 James (13)Aldridge Mildred C wid Leslie h309 W Buffalo

    (4)AI eba Mary E sten CU r401 N AuroraAl ej cndro Jose R (Elaine S) grad stu CU h23

    Fairview sqAleta Cor l i to R prof CU h109 Summit av (19)Aleta Isabel R Mrs lecturer CU r109 Summit avAlewine Chas M (Marylou) stu CU and lieut jg

    USN h620 N Aurora



    607 - 387 -7022

    Mecklt>nburR'. x. Y.

  • 170

    e . A· t· Phone2i3-1431Ithaca Savings and Loan ssocia Ion Five Savings PlansChristmas Club, Home Loans, Student Loans:\Iortgag-e Life Insurance - Disability Insurance

    Cor. K. TIOGA and E. Bl'FFALO STS. OwnE.'d by l\lembers Come In





    Lde4tde~ ~DI1teHAROLD S. GOLDSMITH, Admin.

    1229 TRUMANSBURG RD. 273.8072

  • "Serving Tompkins County Over 40 Years" COLLECTIONSCREDIT BUREAU OF ITHACA

    ~.. , ..,..

    i ..,

    ~. REPORTS273-7023

    119 South Cayuga (2nd)




    Allen Ethel M (Mrs Howard W) claims examinerNYSD,vofEmp hIll Pearsall pi

    Allen Frances E Mrs business mgr MaterialsSCience Center CU 1'901 Dryden rd

    Allen Frances L Mrs emp CU res Marathon

    ALLEN FRANK E v-pres Cortright ElectricInc 653 Elmira rd res Newfield

    Allen Gary D lab tech CU res RichfordAllen Howard W (Ethel M) emp NYSE&GCo h

    117 Pearsall piAllen Irving W III (Susan M) tr dr h233 ElmAllen Jane T wid Fay E h410 N CayugaAllen Jenn i fer E stu r105 Highgate rdAllen Jesse C (Ruby Lee) custodian IC h611 W

    GreenAllen Keith W lab tech CU res RD3 CantonAllen Kenneth (Alice) mill fore Robinson &

    Carpenter Inc res NewfieldAllen Kenneth F custodian CU res RD2 GrotonAllen L Hartwell Jr soil scientist CU h402

    Center (4)Allen Larry R (Connie L) emp Dobson Enter-

    pri ses h514 W State (4)Allen Linda J Mrs sec CU r220 Coddington rdAllen Mabel W wid Thos hl07 MillerAllen Marie T Mrs clk RBros r416 AdamsAllen Mary L (Mrs Philip F) nurse TCHosp res

    Five Mile dr RD5Allen Oakley maint IS System res 1838 Slater-

    vi lie rdAllen Phillip emp City h416 AdamsAllen Philip P (Mary) res Five Mile dr RD5Allen Phyllis L emp CU r227 S AlbanyAllen Prudence L WI d Robt E tchr IS r30 I RootAllen Ray retired rl23 CatherineAllen Richd D emp Lehigh Valley RR r716 W

    CourtAllen Robt (Patricia) assoc prof CU h lOS High

    Gate rdAllen Robt N (Putrici c E) as soc prof CU h105

    Hi ghl andAllen Robt W poultry man CU res MoraviaAllen Ruby Lee (Mrs Jesse C) home aide

    Family & Children's Center h611 W GreenAllen Ruth wid Perry h227 S AlbanyAllen Stewart S (Helen) retired h706 N TiogaAllen Thos A (Constance) cdrmn asst CU h220

    Coddington rdAiles Wm D stu r318 N GenevaAllen Wm H Jr (Betty) retired h112 Blackstone

    avAllen Wilma P (Mrs Oakley A) adm sec CU h

    1838 Slaterville rdAiles Wm (Svnthi c) retired h318 N Geneva


    PHONE 257-1500


    Alley Henry (Patricia G) teaching fellow CU hHasbrouck Ap t s (52D) Pleasant Grove rd

    Alley Patricia G (Mrs Henry) research asst CUh Hasbrouck Ap t s 52B Pleasant Grove rd

    Allheusen John A (Mary W) retired h216 LakeAllick Geo (Mildred C) retired h212 W BuffaloAlling Barbara J (Mrs John T) emp Oak Hill

    Manor h209 S AuroraAlling John (Barbara J) tchr Ithaca Community

    Mu Sl c Sch and I Sch s h 209 S AuroraAlling Krr stin T (Mrs Neil R) emp IC hl09

    Ridge Crest rdAlling Neil R (Kristin T) sl srn Wilcox Press

    Inc hl09 Ridge Crest rdAlling Vernon W (Vera N) retired 11623 HudsonAlii son Jas M (Marilyn) grad asst CU h Has-

    brouck Apts (30F) Pleasant Grove rdAllmandinger Helen L (Mrs Walter) sten CU

    res Freevil I eAllmandinger Walter (Helen L) prop Ithaca Tire

    Co res 41 Ringwood rd FreevilleAllotta Patti K sten CU r Lansing Ap t s West

    (2A)Allstate Insurance Triphammer Shopping Center

    agt Melvin L PassmanAlo F Donald stu r160 Crescent piAlo Frank S (Gladys M) phv sr c cl therapist 213

    E Court h 160 Crescent piAlo Gladys M (Mrs Frank S) bkpr Rocco Longo h

    160 Crescent piAlpha Chi Rho House 726 University ovAlpha Chi Sigma Fraternity 425 Wyckoff cvAlpha Delta Phi House 777 Stewart ov

    Massachusetts MutualLife Insurance CO.


    Lauren E. Bly. CLl' Cannen B. Hill, CLl'Walter W. Schlaefer John D. O'Neill

    130FOREST HOME DRIVE 257-0434




    102 E. STATE ST.

  • NORTHSIDE LIQUOR & WINE INC.Ithaca's Exclusive Wine & Liquor "Party Club" Buying Plan

    Phone 273-1291 507 N. CAYUGA


    Alpha Epsi Ion Phi Sorority 435 Wyckoff avAlpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity 310 Triphammer rdAlpha Epsilon Rho (Dorm 16A) IC Danby rdAlpha Gamma Rho Fraternity 203 Highland avAlpha Phi Sorority 411 Thurston avAlpha Psi Fraternity 410 Elmwood avAlpha Sigma Phi (Rockledge) Stewart avAlpha Tau Omega Fraternity 625 University avAlpha Zeta Lodge 214 Thurston avAlpine Bar & Grill Mrs Clare M Monroe prop

    2]5 E SenecaAlsen Eberhard (Kathleen) asst prof SUNY

    Cortland h10 Uptown Vi lIageAlsen Kathleen (Mrs Eberhard) tchr Boynton Jr

    High Sch h10 Uptown VillageAlsop Rosalind G Mrs research tech CU res

    RD1Alston Jerome (Mabel 0) emp MB-W h609 N

    TiogaAltamari Jeffrey (Nancy) stu CU h201 CenterAltamari Nancy (Mrs Jeffrey) stu CU h201 Cen-

    terAltenbernd Nicholas teaching fellow CU r614

    BuffaloAlter John E research asst CU r107 Cook (5)

    ALTMAN & GREEN (Frank G and Winifred CHammer) jewelers 144 EState 0212-1810see p 81

    Altmann Wm C (Ruth M) asst treas and auditorIthaca Journal-News Inc h]38 Campbell av

    AI ton Donald (Nancy) graduate stu CU hl 93Cornell Quarters

    Alumni House Naval ROTC 3 East avAlvarez Humberto (Regina de) grad stu CU h

    Hasbrouck Apt s (54-J)Alvord Donald W emp CU res King FerryAlvord Elmer W treas -pro d mgr Honey Butter

    Products Corp h407 HectorAlvord Peggy emp CU h409 S TitusAmandes Marion wid Christ h40] Richard piAmann John F (Rosemary) stu CU h1] 2B Hud-

    sonAmarasingham Lorna R (Mrs Scho) grad stu CU

    hl22 ColumbiaAmarasingham Saha (Lorna R) grad stu CU h

    122 ColumbiaAmoroso Anna Marie (Mrs Sebastian B) (Roths-

    child's Beauty Salon) h72] Hanshaw rdAmoroso Sebastian B (Anna Marie) (Roths-

    child's Beauty Salon) h721 Hanshaw rdAmato Margt emp Wilcox Press r220 N PlainAmato Steph h600 Warren rd (8-2A)Ambesey Carmelo r]42 LinnAmbesey Dominick P emp NCRCo h142 Linn


    Ambrette L Conrad stu CU r626 Cayuga Hr s rdCay Hts

    Ambrose Harrison III (Ann S) asst prof BiologyCU r82 Asbury r d

    Ambrose John D research asst CU r l 12 Crest laAmeigh Marilyn L clk State Smoke Shop h330 W


    Hall gen mgr publisher Savings Bank Bldg(402-403-412-420) 114 N Tioga pres E Vic-tor Underwood asst treas Audrey Mac-Cheyne sec-editor Gordon L Conklin

    American Brahmin Book Store Steven Damianiprop 118 W State

    AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Mrs HelenLorenzen exec dir 225 S FUlton 0213-0430see p 45

    American Casualty Co Wm T Stevens rep FirstNat Bank Bldg (612) 200-202 EState

    American Legion Post 1695 438 W StateAMERICAN REO CROSS TOMPKINS COUNTY

    CHAPTER 201 W Clinton 0213-1900 execsec Mrs Frank K Naege Iy office sec Mar-garet Greenwood see p 46

    Ames Claude K animal caretaker CU res Spen-cer

    Ames Hedwig C Mrs sten CU res RichfordAmes Larry Jon stu r915 Danby rdAmes Lloyd E mach CU res FreevilleAmes Newell emp CU res FreevilleAMES OF ITHACA INC pres Willis B Ames

    Jr v-pres Ronald A Taylor Jr sec-treasMiles Lumbard 618-620 W Buffalo 0213-4911 see p 69

    Ames Robt J (Eva F) assoc prof CU hlJ02Dryden rd

    AMES WILLIS B JR (Jane C) pres Ames ofIthaca Inc h915 Danby rd

    Ami ci Con stance typi st TCHosp r309 N MeadowAmici Dominick J (Caroline P) const wkr h202

    ThirdAmici Dominick M (DOriS) emp Stewart & Ben-

    nett Inc h301 WoshingtonAmici Gaetano (Maria) retired h204 ThirdAmici Millelo r204 ThirdAmici Ronald J (Margt J) emp Stewart & Ben-

    nett h3]3 DeyAmici Tho s J (Viola K) emp City h661 Spencer

    rdAmici Viola K (Mrs Thos J) emp Ithaca Textiles

    Inc h66] Spencer rdAmmack Jas W (Marie) emp McPherson Bldrs

    h616 W SenecaAmmar Albert (Regina) stu CU h120 Pleasant

    Grove rd (12F)

    ,c. A. ,coma Insurance AgencgLife Health Fire Auto - Marine Liability Group - Bonds

    502WEST COURT STREET - 273-4184

  • .... O. MILLER'SAr:t Material. - Oftiee Furniture - Stationery - Paper - School

    Tel. 272-5353 Zip Code: 14850 330 E. State




    DOWNTOWN 272-8410

    Ammons Archie R (Phyllis) ossoc prof and dirCreati ve and Performi ng Arts Council CUh606 Hanshaw rd Cay Hts

    Amoroso Carmen A (Janet L) franchised ownerKarch Beauty Supply Co of Ithaca res Lans-ing

    Amrhein Carol hosp aide TCHosp r102 W CourtAnabel Taylor Hall Central Av CampusAnagnost Christopher J (Victoria A) mgr Col-

    legetown Motor Lodge h319 College avAnagnost Geo T stu CU r901 EStateAnagnost Margt P (Mrs Theod E) (Collegetown Anderson Jud i th H a sst prof Engl ish CU r 104

    Motor Lodge and Christopher George Apt s ) Brook drh901 E State Anderson Kath E (Mrs Wm D) sten CU h258

    Anagnost Theod E (Margt P) (Christopher Bundy rdGeorge Apartments and Collegetown Motor Anderson Kitty L stu and emp NYTelCc r141

    Lodge) h901 E State LinnAnanthanarayanan V S (Gr ri i c) postdoctoral Anderson Lawrence F tech CU r200 Lower

    assoc CU h422 Winthrop dr Creek rdAnders Rlchd R (Bonnie L) civil eng h209 Texas Anderson LOIS E library asst CU r318 N Plain

    lo Anderson Margt E .n s tr IC res FreevilleAndersen Willem H J (Trvntje ) sr research Anderson Margt K (Mrs Gregor C) tchr S Seneca

    assoc CU h109 Maplewood dr Central Sch h600 Warren rd (2-2D)Anderson Agnes wid Walfred A h512 Dryden rd Anderson Margt S Mrs clk CU res SpencerAnderson Alanson E (Cath R) prop A-Z Rental Anderson Marion Wid David dom h209 '2 Estey

    h256 Renwick dr Anderson Mark (Barbara) stu CU h310 TurnerAnderson Alton F (Vera R) emp CU h718 N Cay- pi

    uga Anderson Martin G coop ext speci al i st CU resAnderson Axelina r602 Elmira rd SyracuseAnderson Barbara (Mrs Mark) sec IC h310 Tur- Anderson Melvin E (Christine) stu CU h120

    ner pi Pleasant Grove rd (6A)Anderson Britton G (Edith E) prop Meadow Anderson Michl (Rignor A) grad stu CU h120

    Court Motel h503 Titus av Pleasant Grove rd (6-B)Anderson Carl A library asst CU h124 E Court Anderson Peggy 0 Mrs sten Mann Library CUAnderson Christine nurse Tompkins County res Etna

    Health Dept r Pleasant Grove Apts (6A) Anderson Richd audio-visual equip supvr ICAnderson Donald F h125 Coddington rd (F·8) r307 Hillview piAnderson Earl W guard CU res Candor Anderson Robt (Alyce J) asst prof IC h164Anderson Evelyn B wid Alfd L h200 E Upland Grand View ct

    rd Anderson Robt F instr IC rl03 E SpencerAnderson Gary B grad asst CU r666 Codding- ANDERSON ROBERT L (Mary F) asst treas

    ton rd Tompkins County Trust Co hII 0 AuburnAnderson Gregor C (Margt K) stu CU h600 War- Anderson Robt S (Jane C) grad stu CU h190

    ren rd (2-2D) PI easant Grove rd (D-2)Anderson Gwendolyn M Mrs library asst CU res Anderson Ronald E (Jean B) assoc prof CU

    Candor h 116 T exa s laAnderson Jas W cook Noyes Center CU r312 N Anderson Rosalinda B h514 Cliff

    Geneva Anderson ScottH stu rl16 Texas laAnderson John B (Janet S) h710 Stewart av Anderson Shirley stu r417 E SenecaAnderson John D (Rose Ann) stu CU h615 W Anderson Susan Mrs rep NYTelCo h22412 Pleas-

    Seneca antAnderson John M (Jean M) prof CU h603 Elm Anderson Susan A stu r116 Texas la

    ext Anderson Vera R (Mrs Alton F) prop HomeAnderson Jon T (Mary H) dir mforrncr ion system Beauty Shop h718 N Cayuga

    CU h 1041 Hanshaw rd Cay Hts Anderson Wm custodian CU res Groton

    "De" Furman Plumbing & Heating-Let al keep 10ar wife lD IOOd hot water"

    111 N. PLAIN ST. 273-23U

  • BO~KER'S401 E. STATE STREET K~·---




    Andrachek Steven grad asst CU res Penn YanAndreas Melvin emp I Sch System res OwegoAndreassen Alf L teaching asst CU r108 LakeAndreatta Rudolph H (Annelaes) postdoctoral

    assoc CU h1 Sheraton drAndree Morie S (Mrs Robt W) research c Ik CU

    res Jocksonvi lieAndree Robt W (Marie S) agt Sinclair Refining

    Co res Jacksonvi lieAndreme Sharon D Mrs sten CU res AlplausAndresen Finn experimentalist CU res 165

    Holf Hollows rd Deer Park

    Andrew Dickson White Museum of Art 27 Eastov

    Andrew Ferne I (Mrs Kenneth W) credit deptMW&Co h702 SPlain

    Andrew Kenneth W (Ferne I) emp Fall View SkiShop h702 SPlain

    Andrews Andrew J (Rita A) announcer WTKO h510 Mitchell

    Andrews Annette supvr nurse TCHosp res Can-dor

    Andrews Anthony emp IC res InterlakenAndrews Anthony (Ruby L) conf 308 EState h

    130 W StateAndrews David E (Susan K) teaching asst CU

    h206 Schuyl er piAndrews Earl E (Ramona L) slsm MW&Co h601

    Turner piAndrews Eleanor L (Mrs Gi Ibert E) teller TCT

    Co h838 N AuroraAndrews Eliz L h202 E LincolnAndrews Gilbert E (Eleanor L) carp Finger

    Lakes Park Comm h838 N AuroraAndrews Holl i e E sten CU res GrotonAndrews Merrill L asst prof CU r960 Dryden rdAndrews Paul D gl ass blower lab CU res MyersAndrews Rita A (Mrs Andrew J) hosp aide TC

    Hosp h510 MitchellAndrews Robt E custodian CU res CandorAndrews Suzanne M elk J C Penny Co r130 W

    StateAndrews Velma M Mrs emp CU res CandorAndrews Wm R instr IC h122 Warren rdAndreyev Peter library supvr CU res NewfieldAndrus Block 143 EStateAndrus Howard G (Helen S) prof CU and mem-

    ber Ithaca Board of Education h 113 Chri s-topher c ir

    Aneshans ley Dan I J research fellow CU h220 SGeneva

    Angell Jeon M (Mrs Morris F) supvr TompkinsCounty Probat ion Dept h 113 College av

    Angell Morris F (Jean M) h 113 College av


    Angelini Gregory J (Patricia A) grad stu CU h6 Candlewyck dr (C-4)

    Angelini Patricia A (Mrs Gregory J) nurse TCHosp h6 Candlewyck dr (C-4)

    Angelo Dry Cleaners Angelo Paolangeli propmain plant 315 N Meadow Branch 120 NAurora

    Angelover Mary Mrs emp CU res DrydenAngers EI eanor S (Mrs Edw) sec CU r814 N

    TiogaAngle Ronald const wkr h310 W SenecaAngstrom Clement I dir vet laboratory CU 163

    Hurley ov res KingstonAnkrum David L stu r107 Oak Hill rdAnkrum John Paul stu r107 Oak Hill rd Cay HtsAnkrum Paul D (Frances K) prof CU h 107 Oak

    Hill rd Cay HtsAntrum John E (Darlene) cook CU r530 W Clin-

    tonAntrum Thead G emp IC h414 Spencer rdAnnis Jane A Mrs head occt elk CU res CondorAnstey Glenna E Mrs records clk CU res

    OdessaAnthonisen Arth C research assoc CU res RD2Anthony AI i ce adm aide CU h61 Genung rdAnthony Henry D reti red r501 Wi1I0w avAnthony Henry D Jr (Edna E) retired h527 W

    ClintonAnthony Josephine I Mrs emp CU h900 Dryden

    rdAnthony Mary Jo library asst CU res Ludlow-

    villeAnthony Robt A prof CU h203 W Upland rd Cay

    HtsAnthony's Painting Co Anthony Zivaeris prop

    359 Elmira rdAntique House Mrs Rose Ocello prop 111 N

    CayugaAntrum Darlene emp TCHosp r509 Ccs ccdi l l oAntrum Harold B emp CU h213 CascodillaAntrum Harold Jr (Ollie B) emp CU h213 Cas-

    cadillaAntrum Ollie B (Mrs Harold Jr) cook CU h213

    CascadillaApgar Alice A Mrs emp CU res NewfieldApgar Barbara J (Mrs Ronald) emp U S Plant

    Soil & Nutrition CU h176 Pearsall piApgar Edwin retired r109 N CayugaApgar Geo H (Patricia) tr dr Sprague Steam and

    Hose Co No 6 and aide DeWitt Jr HS h712Cliff

    Apgar Ronald (Barbara J) ser mgr Long's MotorSales Inc h176 Pearsall pi

    Aplin Richd D (Joanne C) prof CU h227 Ridge-dol e rd

    Air Conditioned & Rest Room Equipped Coaches

    SWARTHOUT & FERRIS INC.Deluxe Charter Bus Service 115Graham Rd.

    ITHACA (60i) 25i-22ii

  • · P. W. Wood & Son Inc. .Dependable Insurance Service Since 1853

    212SAVINGS BANK BLDG. 273-3303 or cldl273-1215


    Appel Charlotte M grod stu CU r527 E BuffaloAppel Max J G (Barbaro) asst prof Vet College

    CU res inq doApplegarth Ronald bus dr h104 Lake avArabas Edw P (Dorothy M) textbook mgr Campus

    Book Store CU res 67 Sapsucker WoodsAramini Antonio J (Helen C) emp V Giordano

    Const & Supply Corp h 112 SCornAramini Chas R (Dione L) shipping elk Wilcox

    Press Inc r Sandy Creek Tr pkAramini Helen C (Mrs Antonio J) emp State

    Diner h 112 SCornAramini Jas J (Norma C) emp CU h438 N TiogaAramini Norma C (Mrs Jas J) emp CU h438 N

    TiogoArbuthnot Nino Mrs tchr Northeast Sch res 181

    Ellis Hollow rd RD2Arcangeli Lura (Mrs John) typist TCHosp res

    RD3Arcangeli Sonte emp CU res RD3Arce s i Michl L stu IC h 107 W ClintonArcher Robt F (Janet E) eng NCRCo h 1466

    Hanshaw rdArchibald Douglas N (Marie T) asst prof CU

    h205 Hook piArchibald Margt typr s t-c lk TCHosp r114 Hon-

    ness 10

    ARCHIBALD RICHARD S (Margaret) asst treasTompkins County Trust Co h 114 Honnessla

    ARDEN KELVIN J (Shirley J) dir Publica-tions Office Cornell University h206 FallView ter

    Arden Lauro L h403 E Tornpk insArden Luci IIe C Mrs practi col nurse Dodd Nurs-

    ing Home h417 LinnArden Shirley J Mrs receptionist Dr Doni I Yale

    h206 Fall Vi ew terArendt Cheri H Mrs lob tech CU res SWalesArgenzio Robt A grad asst CU r501 Warren rdArgetsinger Ann P Mrs sec to dean CU h I 05

    Regency IaArgetsinger Donny L systems analyst Finance

    and Business Office CU res SpencerArqetsrnqer Edw J retired r203 Pine Tree rdArgetsinger Koren hosp aide TCHosp r1980

    E Shore drArgetsinger L Wm stu r105 Regency 10Argotsinger Malinda Mrs ext assoc CU res Dry-

    denArikian Rose M sten CU h442 N TiogaArion Margt R Mrs adm aide CU res DrydenArion Wm J asst prof CU res DrydenArlin Mary instr music IC h201 Fall View ter



    fj, I General Electric~ AppliancesTf'1. 533-.t20i

    590 HidJ;re Rd. Ludlowville

    Arlitt Rose A library asst CU r709 Triphammerrd

    Armando's Beauty Solon Armando Natale prop307 W State

    Armas Raul stoff p hys TCHosp r116 Stewart avArmbruster Gertrude D assoc prof CU hl0

    Lodge WayArmentrout Eva A Mrs clk CU res FreevilleArmillas Angeles Mrs emp IC h709 Tripham-

    mer rd (5-2B)Armitage Locey F form mgr CU res FreevilleArmitage S Louise Mrs field asst CU res Rich-

    ford RDlARMSTRONG DAVID S (Norma) exec dir

    Ithaca Housing Authority res RD I NewfieldArmstrong Deborah elk Montgomery Words h 124

    E Court (2)Armstrong Douglas (Lucio) asst prof IC h152

    Honness 10Armstrong E Marion head res Alpha Phi Soror-

    ity r411 Thurston avArmstrong Ellen M wid Chester M h 151 Mople

    avArmstrong Frances J Mrs emp CU r2010 Elmira

    rdArmstrong Gladys wid Wilfred r307 Comstock rd

    Coy HtsArmstrong Helen r Odd Fellows Home 1251

    Trumansburg rdArmstrong Lorry barber Clinton Barber Shop res

    DrydenArmstrong Michl A (Frances) proof opr FNB& T

    Co res N ewfi el d

    L. B. TOWNSEND [email protected] oil

    Oil Burner SaIl'S & ServiceNiJ;rht Tel. 564-7025 - 2i3-1.t87

    801 CASeADILLA Tel. 272-5545


    HEATING - PL Ul\IBING - APPLIANCES602 WEST SENECA ST. Dial 273-3393 - 273-3394 ITHACA

  • 176

    College Spa Restaurant11 a.m. to 1 a.m. daily except Tues.

    Entertainment Nightly 216 E. State


    MAC LEAN JOHN D"O.,er 30 Yrs. Experience"

    New Homes - Custom BuilderTo Your Plans . . .

    OrOur Plans

    Remodeling - Exca.,ating294 Hayts Rd------------273-0522

    ARNOLD PRINTING CO THE offset and let-ter press book and job printers Edward FArnold prop 416 EState c 212-1800 see in-sert opp name

    Arnol d Richd A prop He Ilmark Merchandi singh1040 Donby rd

    Arnold Rlchd W (Helen J) cs soc prof CU h132Judd Falls rd

    Arnold Richd W (Martha) grad stu CU h313 ECourt

    Arnold Volker research tech CU res SpencerARNOTT DAVID (Galva) plant mgr New York

    Telephone Co resCortlandAroca Antina R (Mrs Chas) prop Tina's Beauty

    SoIon h703 N CayugaAroca Chas (Antme R) beautician Tina's Beau-

    ty Solon h703 N CayugaAron Eveline (Mrs Henry) library asst CU h106

    Woolf 10Aron Henry (Eveline) slsm mgr 89 Lumber &

    Supply Co h106 Woolf 10


    IN'l' IINGco416 E. STATE

    ITHACA, N. Y.

    W here Service Is

    A Habit




















    AR 2-7800

  • 215 WEST W.\TER ST., EDIIR.\, x. Y.Phone i3t-1551


    Ashley Evelyn J emp TCHosp r1285 Trumans-burg

    Ashras Khalid stu CU h204 Spencer rdAshton Fred I (Florence A) retired h1044 Danby

    rd (tr)Ashworth David E (Setsuko K) stu CU r5 Can-

    dlewyck dr (B-4)ASIATIC GARDEN (King Wing Tang and Wing

    Quai Tang) restaurant t 14 W State D 212-1350 see p 109

    Assara Michl r190 Pleasant Grove rd (K3)ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH Rev Donald

    Minor pastor 520 W SenecaAssociated Holdings Inc Raymond J Miller mgr

    305·307 Taughannock blvdAssociation for Retarded Children Michl P

    Sacco exec di r 301 EStateAst Dieter B G asst prof CU rl04 Dewitt piAste Jose G (Margarita M) grad stu CU h212

    Giles (1)Aston Donald E (Dorothy M) locksmith Fix-It

    Shop h322 N PlainAtencio Ivan (Susan) lecturer CU r710 Giles (1)Atherton May F dance m str CU h400 Tripham-

    mer rd Cay Hts (J2)Atilano Raymond A grad asst CU rl05 BoolAtkins Arth W H (EI,z M) prof CU h405 Salem

    drAtkins Barbara emp CU res RD2 FreevilleAtlantic Dental Co Geoffrey R Banfield prop

    107 SearsAtlantic & Pcc i h c Super Market Jas J Sheehan

    mgr 200 HancockAtlantic & Pcc i Ii c Tea Co Store Chn sropher H

    Thomas Jr 21 N T riphcmrn erAtsedes Chr: snne wid Peter h3 Hudson pi

    ATSEDES G JAMES (Marjorie) prop CollegeSpa Restaurant r308 Pleasant

    Attenberger Stanley E (Peggy J) teaching asstCU h445 N Aurora

    Attree Robt G (Wendy E) teaching asst CU h3James

    ATWOOD ROBERT J (Elizabeth K) prop Slo-cum-Atwood Agency and insurance consult-ant h152 ere scent pi

    Auble Camilla M wid Geo A prop Auble's Grillh410 W Green

    Auble Jeffrey r410 W GreenAuble Robt J elec h412 W GreenAuble Ruth E ernp I Sch Dept and hskpr Recon-

    struction Home Inc r311 W BuffaloAuble's Grtll MrsCamilla M Auble prop 508 W

    StateAuchampaugh Barbara Mrs emp CU res Newfield

    MAC LEAN JOHN 0"OYer 30 Yrs.Experience"

    New Homes - Custom BuilderTo Your Plans ...

    Or Our Plans

    Remodeling ucavating294 Hayts Rd------------273-0522

    Audio He cr mq Aid Center (Mrs Beatrice Bachand Jerome Sorrentino) 132 E Seneca

    Audrvox Hearing Aid Service Larry Chickosprop 306 EState

    Audunson Tore (Asbjoroo) research asst CU hHasbrouck Apts (49F) Pleasant Grove rd

    Auer Peter L (Rheta E) prof CU h220 Devon rdAugsberge Eva lecturer CU r634 Snyder Hill rdAugustine Anthony J (Julia M) admn aide Math

    Dept CU h1413 Hanshaw rdAugustine Donna '- stu r1413 Hanshaw rdAugustine John J (Mary I) prop Johnny's Re-

    pair Ser h211 WoodAugustine John J Jr (Ann V) elec h109 Rich rdAugustine Julia M (Mrs Anthony J) legal sec

    O'Connor & McHugh h 1413 Hanshaw rdAugustine Louis A retired h311 Park piAUGUSTINE LOUIS W sec Paul Mancini &

    Sons Inc rail Park piAugustine Peter R (Jean H) prop Pete's Repair

    Ser h111 BrtdgeAumick Marlene 0 clk F W Woolworth Co r825

    N AuroraAurmck Vernon H (Geraldine D) const wkr h825

    N AuroraAung- Thwin Margt Mrs lecturer CU r202 E CourtAusten Dor i s Mrs hl016 N TiogaAustic Rlchd E (Pcrnci o A) research assoc CU

    h122 West Haven rdAus n c Wm A (Janice L) mech Zcko k i s Chev h

    20 N Triphammer rd IL-2C)Austin Ansel r YMCAAustin Beth A data processing MCCo h310 E

    CourtAustin Clark research tech CU res McLeanAustin Clifford L custodian CU res BurdetteAustin Dovi d W electronics tech CU res RDl

    CandorAUSTIN EDWARD W prop Ithaca Real Estate

    Agency hl04 Utica D. 213-1814Austin Howard L (Laura) custodian CU r102

    Fir stAustin Judith L Mrs sten CU res McLeanAustin Kath computer opr CU res Ludlowville

  • INC. - WholesalePLUMBING - HEAl'ING



    510 THIRD STREET Phone 272-3003


    Austin Lena wid Thos h331 Center Ayers Geo J (Madeline C) mgr Ithaca OutdoorAustin Margt C Mrs admn aide CU res Moravia Store h809 N AuroraAustin Mildred L Mrs hl04 Utica Ayers Helen sr admin sec CU r442 N AuroraAustin Phene wid John R h202 ' 2 Utica Ayers Jas G (Sandra D) emp MB-W h508 SAustin Valerie grad stu CU hl08 Elston pi AuroraAustin Wm W (EI,z J) prof CU h205 White Park Ayers Marie (Mrs Allen) nurse 119 W Court r467

    rd Asbury rdAuto Body Works Theod MacCarrick prop 716 Ayers Melvin (Ann) prop Melon Repair Ser res

    W Clinton TrbgAuto Lock & Speedometer Service Harry B Beck- Ayers Robt R (Carol) assoc Wm Downing As-

    ley prop 201 Grand View av sociates res FreevilleAutomotive Consultants Wm K Card prop new Ayers Sandra (Mrs Jcs) clk Newberry's h508 S

    and used cars 357 Elmira rd AuroraAutosalvage of Ithaca Inc auto parts 329 Col- Ayers Theresa R Mrs hl02 Juniper dr

    lege av pres Glen Bartholf sec Robt Bart- Ayers Valentine Mrs h202 Fayetteholf treas Jos Pettricola Aylesworth Delos lab CU res Whitney Point

    Avellino Rlchd (Patricia) const wkr h rear 320'/2 Ayres Pauline Mrs emp CU res FreevillePleasant (4) Azevedo Milton M teaching fellow CU rBJ8 E

    Averill Eric sr lab tech TCHosp r200 Willard Senecaway

    Avery Donna J tchr DeWitt Jr HS res NewfieldAvery Fred (Shirley) emp S Lansing h617 W

    StateAvery Gordon emp TCHosp r Lansing AptsAvery Helen H wid Jas W tchr Belle Sherman

    Sch h217 MitchellAvery Jas C (Florence H) retired h119 Thurs-

    ton avAvery Jas C emp IGCo hl06 E FallAVERY NANCY E (Mrs Robert W) mgr Home

    Dairy hl211 Mecklenburg rdAvery Ralph h34 Sheraton drAVERY ROBERT W (Nancy E) mgr Home

    Dairy hl211 Mecklenburg rd

    BOCES Board of Cooperative EducationalServices dist supt Irvin E Henry asst suptEdw Witko TompkinsCounty Airport

    Babbage Jack K (Margt E) mason h190 Pleas-ant Grove rd (A6)

    Babbage Margt E (Mrs Jack K) mail clk CU h190 Pleasant Grove rd (A6)

    Babbage Mark (Hel aine S) mason h 190 PI easantGrove rd (J2)

    Babbaro Anthony J (Irene H) experimental machCU h116 Cook

    Babbitt Joan L Mrs tchr nursery sch r257 Jer-seyHill rd

    Babcock AIma G Mrs emp Odd Fellows Home r1251 Trumansburg rd

    AVIS RENT A CAR David Hatch mgr Tomp- Babcock Carol W Mrs sten CU r262 Bundy rdkins County Airport £\251-0441 Babcock EI i z C sten CU h 114 S Geneva

    Avramis Bill G (Maria B) prop Manos Diner h Babcock Hilda B wid H Edw h817 Triphammer139 Hudson (1) rd

    Axelrod CI ive W grad stu CU h600 Warren rd BABCOCK JOHN B (Nancy K) v-pres Park(8-3C) Broadcasting Co and sec Board of

    Axtell Clifford H Jr (Joyce E) patrolman IPD Directors Rumsey-Ithaca Corp h600h322 Pleasant Cayuga Heights rd Cayuga Heights

    Axtell Gladys wid Clifford C drsmkr h322 Babcock Leo E h516 Stewart avPI easant Babcock Robt J (Jean M) assoc prof CU h 1037

    Axtell Lawrence H (Mary A) emp Agway Inc h Hanshaw rd141 W Haven rd Baber Cath A h521 EState

    Axtell Lew J (Daisy P) retired h1l9 Titus av Babiskin Joyce S (Mrs Wm A) tchr Candor Cen-Axtell Mary A (Mrs Lawrence H) offi ce mgr tral Sch h l 02 Catherine

    RBros h 141 W Haven rd Babiskin Wm A (Joyce S) stu CU hl 02 Cath-Axton Marjorie j dept sec CU r100 W Seneca er meAyala Horacio J (Rosie) grad stu CU h Has- Babroski Irene Mrs emp CU res Candor

    brouck Apr s (60-E) Pleasant Grove rd Bacalo Armando stu CU r402 Salem drAyanaba Abateni emp CU r109 College av (1) Bach Beatrice Mrs (Audio Hearing Aid Center)Ayars Jas E (Jeanne R) eng NYS Water Re- h DuBoise rd

    sources Div h404 Winston ct (6) Bach Lawrence E (Evelyn D) tchr Ithaca HighAyars Jeanne R (Mrs .Jos E) emp Cook-Gauntlett Sch h6 Elmcrest cir

    Agcy h404 Winston ct (6) Bach Virginia aide TCHosp res RD3Aydin Adnan stu CU r307 N Albany Bache Carl A tech assoc entomology and lim-Ayers Bernice Mrs hl08 Utica no logy CU res FreevilleAyers Brigitte R Mrs admn sec WHCU h317Y2 E Bachelor Apartments Donald E Gibson prop

    Buffalo 303-309 Dryden rdAyers Frank D (Edna C) retired h422 N Aurora Bachelor Nancy j Mrs emp CU res Ludlowville

  • llJD)§prospectuses (information booklets) upon request from:

    Robert C. Gould & John A. Mack273-2584 P.O. Box 776 Ithaca.X, Y.


    Bachrach Benl teaching asst CU rl4 South avBachrach David J (Linda P) stu IC h7 Candle-

    wyck dr (C 1)Bachrach Linda P (Mrs David J) stu IC h7

    Candlewyck dr (CI)Backer Betty (Mrs Richd) nurse TCHasp res

    Krums Corners rdBacker Donald C (Susan) research asst CU h

    West Shore drBacker Richd E prin Boynton .Ir HS res 654

    Krums rdBockman Peter F stu CU h20 N Tri phammer rd

    (BC)Backner Anno D h624 W StateBackner Edw M emp Brewer & Brown h212

    SpencerBackner Frances Mrs emp CU r710Y2 N CayugaBackner Fronk (Margt) retired h231 Snyder Hill

    rdBackner John P (Helene) mgr Globe Hotel hl30

    Enfield Falls rdBackner Rose Mrs h212 W StateBacon Arth C (Pauline) retired h206 Floral avBacon Beverly J lob tech CU res Canton RDIBacon David E custodian CU res GrotonBacon DOriS H Wid Levi h202 Highgote rdBacon Jas A asst cook CU res GrotonBacon Pauline (Mrs Arth C) emp CU h206

    Floral avBacon Rolph E (Lois D) elec designing CU h

    121 S Titus avBacon Robt E tchr DeWitt Jr HS r20B DuBois rdBacon Roger C r206 Floral avBacon Roland J (Lauro A) emp Johnson Ser Co

    hllOW FallBacon Susan A Mrs cafeteria wkr CU res Groton

    Bacorn Beatrice M (Mrs (Lor ion) nurse Lake-side Nursing Home h323 W State

    Bacorn Dorrell B opr tech CU res LudlowvilleBacorn Lor ion W (Beatrice) emp Pine Woods

    Rstr h323 W StateBadad .l or r (Naomi) grad stu CU h Hasbrouck

    Apts (26B)Badmen Doreen W (Mrs Welcome E) emp NCR

    Co h410 W SenecaBadmen Welcome E (Doreen W) emp MB-W h410

    W SenecaBaekner Edw h212 W SpencerBoer Donald R teaching asst CU r436 Casco-

    di l i o HallBaetz Chas A Jr (Dorothy D) emp MB-W h222

    WoodBagley Edna M bkpr Eighty-nine Lumber &

    Supply Co h119 E York


    ~Mr8'-HYour Kind of PlaceRte. 13 Elmira Rd.

    Ithaca 272-6363

    Bagley Joyce Mrs waitress Leonard's CoffeeShop r626 W CI inton

    Baglini FredA ins agthllON Gen evc t J)Bc qnordr J Victor (EI,z S) archt 30B N Tioga

    (203) and trustee Savings Bank of Tomp-kins County h227 Valley rd

    BAHAR HUSHANG (Marilyn L) pres Tompkins-Cortland Community College res 210 Har-ford Dryden

    Bahrami Kay Mrs head res office of Dean rClaro Dickson Hall

    Bahrany Hdayat h509 Lake (A 1)Boidc s Richd A (Ruth M) tchr McGraw High Sch

    h215 Kelvin piBordos Ruth M (Mrs Rlchd A) grad asst CU h

    215 Kelvin piBoil David J stu r 111 Winston drBoil Joe P (Nelma L) prof CU h 111 Winston drBailey Clarence W (Sora A) retired hl06 W FallBAILEY CLAUDE E COL (Marietta Tl prof

    ROTC and commanding officer MilitaryScience Department Cornell University h111 Eastern Heights rd

    Bailey Clifford T (EI,z W) retired h313 SPlainBailey Corrie D (Mrs John A) emp CU hlOO

    Fcirvr ew sq (60)Bailey David F (Marlon G) retired h30B LinnBailey Donald W optometrist 40B E Upland rd

    res CortlandBailey Ethel Z emp CU h103 Sage piBailey Evans W emp MCCo h211 Cleveland avBailey Floyd A (Ella Jean) barber 614 W State

    h 110 DeyBailey Hall CU Gorden Av CampusBailey Harriet J Mrs dept sec 110 Olin Library

    CU res AlpineBailey John A (Corrie D) grad stu CU hlOO

    Fairview sq (60)Bailey Li l l.s (Mrs Fronk W) clk East Hill Sch

    hl04 Sh orwell ctBailey Linwood A mgr Hungry U rl04 Sharwill

    ctBailey Mary I sten CU res CondorBailey Mildred lab asst CU res Lodi


    J_:'/""Your Hartford Agent - Call 257-2515 For Custom Service ..···"i!J.···



    DIAL 272-2321



    Bailey Morris W .lr (Mary) emp Agway h521 EState

    Bailey Ralph (Ella) emp Co-op Food Store h313 SPlain

    Bailey Ralph J mech CU res LodiBailey Robt R hl14 FayetteBailey Rose M wid Jos L hl17 Titus avBai ley Steven S stu r 117 Eastern Heights drBailey Thos A (Merrie G) credit mgr IGCo h

    118 Snyder Hill rdBailey Thos C patrolman CU res 223 Ashbury

    rd RD1Bailey Viola (Mrs Evans W) emp TCHosp h211

    Cleveland avBailly Kay Mrs dir public relations CU res

    New York CityBailor Anna G (Mrs Chas) library asst CU res

    BrooktondaleBai lor Chas (Anna G) an ima I tech CU res

    Brooktonda IeBaines Wm R stu CU h424 E SenecaBaines Winton M mgr N Y Foundation Seed &

    Stock Co-op CU res TrbgBaird Belinda R sec CU r401 N AuroraBaird C Allene emp library CU res TrbgBaird Ruth wid John E sec and Indy mgr Cor-

    nell Lndy Ser h 116 S Cayuga (1)Baird Thos J prof emeritus CU res 1193 E

    Shore dr RDBaisley Eileen M Mrs keypunch opr CU res

    TrbgBaisley John W guard CU res TrbgBaizer Ashur H (Sylvia C) prof IC h1009 E

    StateBaizer Judith M stu CU r1009 EStateBaizer Lawrence stu r1009 EStateBaizer Sylvia C (Mrs Ashur H) stu h1009 E

    StateBaker Beatrice Mrs emp The 400 Restaurant

    h408 N TiogdBaker Bethel M (Mrs Carl S) emp NY TelCo h

    268 Pennsylvania avBaker Beverly media broker Chapman Associ-

    ates h320 S GenevaBaker Carl S (Bethel M) carp h268 Pennsyl-

    vania avBaker Clara (Mrs Maurice) clk American Agri-

    culturist Inc res TrbgBaker Clinton maint IS r1905 Slaterville rdBaker Con J (Rose Y) grad asst CU h144 Cres-

    cent piBaker Connie clk American Agriculturist Inc

    res TrbgBaker Donald W (Ruth T) prof CU res New

    MexicoBaker Edith Mrs r114 WashingtonBaker Eug C (Cath R) retired h206 SPlainBaker Florence H wid Pliny h914 N TiogaBaker Fredk W (Winifred) emp Arnold Printing

    res RD3BAKER G ARLENE RN (Mrs Langford F) ad-

    ministrator Oak Hill Manor h320 S GenevaBaker Grace E wid Bert B h414 N Tioga

    Baker Group West Av CampusBaker Harry U (Ina M) retired h1409 Slaterville

    rdBaker Hattie D wid Bernal I h122 Pearsall piBaker Hazel wid Chas h408 W ClintonBaker Hazel wid Ralph S h 1389 Mecklenburg rdBaker Hazel B wid Earl C h651 Five Mile drBaker Jack T (Linda M) toolmkr MB-W h235

    Ridgecrest rdBaker .lo s A prof CU r674 Coddington rdBaker Janice F (Mrs Wm) asst opr supt FNB& T

    Co res TrbgBaker Jean E (Mrs Lyman E) emp Davenport

    Ins Co h257 Pennsylvania avBaker Jesse sr maint supvr CU res BurdettBaker Joann K (Mrs Wilbur A) opr NETCo h257

    Pennsylvania avBaker John C (Laura V) reti red hI 107 N TiogaBaker John M (Chri sto s) research assoc CU h

    429 N TiogaBAKER LANGFORD F {G Arlene} chiroprac-

    tor 311 WState chm Tompkins CountyChapter The American Red Cross h320 SGeneva

    Baker Laboratory of Chemi stry 41-47 East avBaker Lester C heavy equipment opr CU res

    RichfordBaker Li 10 M emp IGCo h310 FirstBaker Lillian (Mrs Paul T) clk CU h1307 E

    StateBaker Lucille M (Mrs Robt C) asst prof IC res

    InterlakenBaker Lyman E (Jean E) carrier PO h257 Penn-

    sylvania avBaker Madora F wid Walter A emp IHS cafeteria

    hI 108 N AuroraBaker Mary E (Mrs Ralph G) chief acct elk CU

    r3 10 Sand Bank rdBaker Mary Lou emp NYSE&GCorp h322 W

    State (3)Baker Maurice F Jr mechanician CU res TrbgBaker Patricia J sec CU res RDI BerkshireBaker Paul D (Lillian) machine shop supvr CU

    h1307 EStateBaker Peter computer opr CU res FreevilleBaker R Lee retired h508 Highland rd Cay HtsBaker Robt C prof CU res RD2 Auburn rd Gro-

    tonBaker Robt F (Carolyn L) assoc prof CU h116

    Randolph rdBAKER ROBERT M JR {Susan} prop Bob

    Baker's Kitchens res DrydenBaker Robt W (Natalie) orthodontist 412 N

    Tioga h615 Cayuga Heights rd Cay HtsBaker Robt W reti red h304 The ParkwayBaker Rose Y (Mrs Con J) cashier Noyes Cen-

    ter hI 44 Crescent piBaker Sandra (Mrs Gene) teller TCTCo res TrbgBaker Sandra J sten CU res GrotonBaker Sharon E Mrs receptionist CU res Free-

    vi lieBAKER SUSAN {Mrs Robert M} office mgr Bob

    Baker's Kitchens res Dryden




    cuNTON HOTEL65 Rooms in Heart of City

    Family Rates $5.00 and UpPhone 273-3222

    Near State & Cayuga

    Bole Marie (Mrs Robt) clk Rothschild's resBurdett

    Bole Patti tchr IJrHS h406 Winston ct (6)Bolick Bruce research asst CU res VirginiaBoll Clayton A emp CU res FreevilleBoll Donald C (Marlon S) emp composing rm IJ

    res RD3Boll Donald P custodian CU res RD1 InterlakenBoll Dorcas J retired h 110 SearsBoll Edith M wid Clayton M h212 W LincolnBoll Hazel A rllO SearsBoll Marion S (Mrs Donald C) sec CU h244 Du-

    BOI ce rdBoll Robt B (Audrey B) prntr Arnold Printing

    h328 Hook piBallantyne Janet C lecturer grad school of

    bo sine ss CU r112 N Triphammer rdBallantyne Jos M (Martha C) ossoc prof CU h

    216 Wait avBallard Betty A (Mrs Fred B) acct Security

    Mutual Fire Ins Co h 135 Snyder Hill rdBoll ord Cr oi g C stu h600 Warren rd (8·1 A)

    Baker Tower (CU) West av cor University avCampus

    Baker Wilber A (Joann K) carrier PO h257Penn syl vani a av

    BAKER'S BOB KITCHENS Robert M Baker Jrprop 401 EState D. 213-0493 see top linesand classified dir under Kitchen Remodel-ing and p 65

    Bakko Deanna L (Mrs Edwin M Jr) sr illustra-tor NCR Ad M Div h602 N Tioga

    Bakken Douglas A (Jacqueline N) assoc archi-vist CU h109 Joanne dr Baldwin Claro P Mrs sr research assoc CU res

    Bakko Edwin M .Jr (Deanna L) fact mgr Agway 201 Hunt Hill rdInc h602 N Tioga Baldwin Chff Garage Clifford Baldwin prop 205

    Balachandran Lakshmi Bai teaching fellow CU N Fultonr234 Linden av Baldwin Clifford (Jane) prop Cliff Baldwin

    Balasubramanlan T V grad stu CU h 120 Pleas- Garage res Varnaant Grove rd (4G) Baldwin Fronk C (Anne G) hl02 Triphammer rd

    Balbirnie Dorothy M tchr Fall Creek h107 Baldwin Fronk C Jr (Blythe) orthopedic surgeonFranklin 821 Cliff h 149 Pine Tree r d

    Bolch Halls for Women Thurston av cor Wait av Baldwin H Chas Jr stu CU h650 DrydenBolch Michl asst prof CU r109 DeWitt pi Baldwin .Jos (Myrna) mech Cutting Motors Inc hBalcome Jock L (Betty Ann) tchr Newfield h531 123 Sheffield

    S Meadow (4) Baldwin Jas K drfts ag" CU res 158 IndianBaldini Albert V (Margt K) stock keeper CU h Creek rd

    304 Winston dr Baldwin Lester H (Judith C) visual aid techBaldini Joanne stu r220 Esty CU res BerkshireBaldini Jos V stu r220 Esty Baldwin Margt J (Mrs Jock) sec TCTCo resBaldini Margt K (Mrs Albert V) sec North Ameri- Trb o

    can ACCident Ins Co h304 Winston dr BaldWin Merle W (Moe H) retired h317 ColumbiaBaldini Michl stu r220 Esty Baldwin Nancy C (Mrs Chas H Jr) college profBaldini Peter J (Elvira) maint IS h408 N h807 Triphammer rd

    GenevaBaldini Rolph M (Esther A) reti red h411 N

    AlbanyBaldini Rolph P (Rose L) dentist 415 N Tioga

    h220 EstyBaldini Rose L (Mrs Rolph P) nurse TCHosp

    h220 EstyBaldini Wm Q (Mortie J) prop Williams's Shoes

    h207 Christopher 10Baldock Denelda M (Mrs Jon) Iab tech CU h145

    Coddi ngton rdBaldock Jon 0 (Denelda M) asst agronomy CU

    h 145 Coddington rdBALDRIDGE JERALD T (Emy Lou) chm and

    pres Ithaca Gun Co Inc h508 CayugaHeights rd D 212·1914

    BALDWIN ALFRED L prof and dir EducationCenter for Research Cornell Universityres 201 Hunt Hill rd

    Baldwin Anne D Mrs sten CU r158 Indian Creekrd

    Baldwin Chas H Jr (Nancy C) vet stu CU h807Triphammer rd

    .J. S. BARR & CO., Inc.Members :\'pw York Stock Exchange -- Amer-ican Stock Exchange (Assoc.)

    STOCKS - :\1L'Tl.\L Fl':\'DS - BOSDS - SISCE 1924501 SAVINGS BA!'\K BLDG. Tel. 607 - 273-6565

  • ®...-o.. '.~~ ",;;.\"~)I.CREDIT BUREAU OF ITHACA"Serving Tompkins County Over 40 Years" COLLECTIONS273-6526ESTABLISHED 1927

    REPORTS273-7023119 South Cayuga (2nd)


    Ballard Fred B (Betty A) emp Eastern Artifi-cial Insemination Coop h135 Snyder Hillrd

    BALLARD JEAN C MRS sec Roy H Park andsec Board of Directors Crispen Bros Inc hLansing Apartments 600 Warren rd (B-1 A)

    Bollard Rexford E retired hl010 Danby rdBollard Roger J watchman CU h 136 Seven Mi Ie

    drBollard Suson sec Interlakes Finance Corp r

    Lans ing Apts East (81-A)Ballardini Nilo retired r1215 EStateBalluffe Gloria R A V Dir Dewitt .lr High h708

    MitchellBalluffi Robt W prof CU h 100 Fairview sq (5L)Ballweg Barbara K (Mrs Ludwig) emp The

    Pastry Shop h306 MurielBallweg Ludwig (Barbara K) prop The Pastry

    Shop h306 MUri elBalmos Jas H asst to pres N Y Cornell Med

    Center CU res Montclair N JBalocco Jos ward elk TCHosp r405 LakeBaltz Jane Mrs h525 W GreenBana Joan B Mrs acct clk CU res DeRuyterBanavalkar Probodh Y stu CU h216 Dryden rdBancroft Robt W (Nancy T) supt Therm Inc h

    605 S AuroraBancroft Steph lecturer CU res AuroraBandfield John (Lynn P) guard and stu CU h

    120 Pleasant Grove rd (4A)Bonfield Eva r514 S AuroraBandler David K dairy ext specialist CU res

    NewfieldBandyopadhyay Ganesh C (Arati B) grad asst

    CU h Pleasant Grove Apr s (5G)Banerjee Arati (Mrs Ganesh) waitress CU h

    Pleasant Grove rd (5G)Banerjee Dipak K teaching asst CU res DrydenBanfield Anita Mrs office mgr Dr Robt W Boker

    h925 N TiagaBanfield Ccrol A arti st IJ r 123 Park piBanfield Harry L (Patricia A) press fore IJ-

    News h 123 Park piBanfield Isabelle M wid Duane W h220 LinnBanfield Josephine M wid Roger hl06 QueenBonfield Lawrence D (June E) mgr Mr Donut

    res NewfieldBonfield Nancy (Mrs Jack J) head cashier Inter.

    lakes Finance Corp res GrotonBonfield Patricio A (Mrs Geoffrey R) stu IC

    and speech therapi st TCHosp res inq doBanfield Peggy J Mrs clk CU r1821 E Shore drBonfield Raland D (Lucille W) designer IGeo

    h220 LinnBANFIELD W DAVID (Mary L) associate

    Weaver Schempp & McNeill Inc h312 EFall

    Bonfield Wm D USMC r123 Park piBangerter Kenneth R (Antainette T) research

    consultant h 120 ColumbiaBANGS AMBULANCE SERVICE Rita N Bangs

    RN prop 209 W Green D. 213-1161 see frontedge

    Bangs Carlton 0 (Margt E) emp Bishop's h1428Slaterville rd

    Bangs Danl P stu r209 W GreenBangs Frank A retired h526 W Buffalo

    BANGS FUNERAL HOME John F Bangslicensed mgr 209 W Green D. 213-1161 seefront edge

    BANGS JOHN F (Rita M) acting Mayor andlicensed manager Bangs Funeral Homealderman Third Ward and Tompkins CountyDemocratic Chairman h209 W Green

    Bangs John F Jr designer Flower Fashions ByHaring r220 Triphammer (10)

    Bangs M Isabelle (Mrs 0 Ernest) nurse CU h731Cayuga Heights rd

    Bangs M Patricia LPN Tompkins County Hosp r209 W Green

    Bongs Margt C stu r731 Cayuga Hel qht s rdBangs Margt E (Mrs Carlton 0) emp cafeteria

    IS h1428 Slaterville rdBangs 0 Ernest (M Isabelle) assoc prof CU

    h731 Cayuga Heights rdBANGS RITA M (Mrs John F) registered nurse

    and prop Bangs Ambulance Service h209W Green

    Bongs Suzanne A stu r209 W GreenBankAmericard Fronk Proto dept mgr 202 E

    State (605·606)Banks Harlan P (Rosamond L) prof CU h 1005

    Highland rd Cay HtsBanks Ruby Mrs emp CU h204 Cleveland avBANNER L WILLIAM (Shirley A) asst supt

    Ithaca PUblic Schools h301 Comstock rdCayuga Heights

    Bonner Michl S operating tech CU res WatkinsGlen

    Banner Shirley A (Mrs L Wm) tchr Northeast Schh307 Comstock rd Cayuga Hts

    Bannerjee Ajoy K grad stu CU h 114 Overlookrd Cay Hts

    Bannier Larry J research asst CU r216 Dela-ware ov

    Bannister Edw J (Hazel) farmer h 1440 Mecklen-burg rd

    Banni ster Harry (Loui se) stu CU h HasbrouckApt s (37 A) Pleasant Grove rd

    Bannon Geo retired r435 N GenevaBansberg Dietger H (Gerlint R) asst prof Wells

    h107 Hillview piBansberg Gerlint R (Mrs Dietger H) instr Aurora

    h107 Hi IIview piBanta Theod tech CU res WindsorBaragwanath Joan S sales asst University

    Press CU r127 N QuarryBaranowska Anno M Mrs research asst CU rl44

    GilesBaranowski Alex research assoc CU h409 W

    Buffa 10Barber Bonita M (Mrs Donald L) sr typist TC

    Hosp h225 Holler blvdBarber Chas W (Gladys L) sr eng City h206


  • Robert S. Boothroyd Agency Inc.I:\'SLR.\:\CE 312 E. SE:\ECA ST. 272-8100


    Licensed RealEstate Broker

    Tel. 273-3773

    25 Car Public Parking110-112 W. Seneca St.

    BARLOW MARK JR (Jane A) v-pres studentaffairs Cornell University hlDG Midwayrd Cayuga Heights

    Borman Everette H (Terri esso A) grad stu CU h220 T areyton rd (1)

    Borman Terr i e ssc A (Mrs Everette) sten CU h220 Torey ton rd (1)

    Barnaba EugeniO M sec CU res 7 Turkey Hillrd

    Barnard Davi d R (E Ieanor C) h 112 CookBarnard Eleanor A (Mrs Rolph R) lob tech CU h

    215 Highgate rdBarnard EI S1e E (Mrs Robt C) prop Kut 'N Kurl

    Beauty Shop h641 HudsonBARNARD LOUIS B (Mildred BI gen mgr

    Ithaca Bowl hG t 4 N TiogaBarnard Mil dred di r of nurses T County Hea Ith

    Dept h2 Candlewyck dr (C4)Barnard M,Idred (Mrs lOUIS B) claims clk NYS

    Emp Ser h614 N TiogaBarnard Rolph R (Eleanor A) asst counsel CU

    h215 Highgate rdBarnard Robt C (Elsie E) custodian CU h641

    HudsonBorne i s Henry E (Ruth S) rabbi Temple Beth-

    El 132 E Court cor N Tioga h5 Snyder htsBcrne i s Ruth S (Mrs Henry E) supvr social wkr

    TCHosp h3 Snyder htsBarnes Albert I plmbr CU res GrotonBarnes Carl I handyman CU res GrotonBarnes Christine h520 W GreenBarnes David P patrolman IPD r132 E SpencerBarnes Donald emp GlF r1OO6 Mitchell

    Barber Donald L (Bonito M) emp tellers deptFNB& TCo h225 Holler blvd

    Barber Glodys (Mrs Chos W) emp TompkinsCounty United Fund h206 Linn

    Barber Janet A sec CU h710 Giles (A)Barber Josephine R (Mrs Kenneth V) emp Elm-

    shade Guest House h 105 WoodBarber Kenneth V (JosephIne R) mgr Bowl-O-

    Drome h 105 WoodBarber Lester R computer opr TCTCo r206 LinnBorber Lois F (Mrs Salvador) sr prod o sst

    University Publications res Harford MillsBarber Max C emp CU rl16 Schwann's Tr pkBarber Raymond R (Mary L) emp Ithaca Clean-

    Ing h709 SPlainBarcelo John J III prof of low CU h190 Pleasant

    Grove rd (K 1)Bard John H r420 CascadillaBard Mary wid Raymond M emp R&Clnc h224

    CI iffBard Virginia wid Raymond emp Day Core h

    309 SecondBardeen Susan E gen asst CU res Watkins GlenBorden Mildred E typist CU res BrooktondaleBarden Ph II, P F garage fore CU res Brookton-

    daleBardford Richd C custodian CU res SpencerBadord Brion D teaching asst CU r506 Spencer

    rdBordwell Jennifer stu r316 Eastwood avBordwell Mary (Mrs Roger) physical therapist

    TCHosp h316 Eastwood avBordwell Robt asst prof IC r 128 E Court

    BARDWELL ROGER W(Mary W) clk and suptIthaca Board of Education h316 Eastwoodav

    Bargher John (Cath) mgr Victory Mkt h104Joanne dr

    Bargher Michl ports asst Bill Cooke Cadillacres Ludlowville

    Barlna Sylvester J (Helen K) retired h413Auburn

    Boris Cemal (Moe C) dir foreign operationsBrockway Co h904 Triphammer rd

    Barkdoll Glen (Floro) retired h713 Elmira rdBarkell Ruth A r 1301 N CayugaBarkell Wm J (Lillian G) retired h 1301 N

    CayugaBarker Geraldine cafeteria mgr TCHosp res 86

    Halseyvi lie rdBARLOW ALTON E (Jean) (Lakeside Nurs-

    ing Home) res CantonBarlow John P assoc prof CU res 10 BOiceville


    HEAD~SCamera Shop


  • 184

    ithaca ;lgency, inc.lOR west state streetphone 273-5353



    Work Guaranteed on all Typesof Pest and Termite Control

    Tel. 844-8702125South St. Ext. Dryden, N.Y.

    Barnes Frances D Mrs experimentalist CU r27Pinckney rd

    Barnes Geo C retired r213 SPlainBARNES GERTRUDE M (Mrs Perry F)

    (Woody's Paint & Wallpaper Store) hl32 ESpencer

    Barnes Hall Sage av CampusBarnes Helen W (Mrs Wm H) file elk Security

    Mutual Fire Ins Co res NewfieldBarnes Joan E emp John B Hall r 132 E SpencerBarnes Kath emp CU rl006 MitchellBarnes Kath E writer CU r Ellis Hollow rdBarnes Larry emp IGCo h314 Park piBarnes LeRoy L (Lucy C) prof emeritus CU h

    712 Hanshaw rd Cay htsBarnes Lisa r140 N Sunset drBarnes Marjarie Mrs supervising hskpr CU res

    GrotonBarnes Marjorie Anne stu r140 N SunsetBARNES PERRY F (Gertrude M) (Woody's

    Paint & Wallpaper Store) hl32 E SpencerBARNES RICHARD H (Marjorie I) prof and

    dean Nutrition Graduate School CornellUniversity hl40 N Sunset dr Cayuga Hts

    Barnes S Wm retired hl006 MitchellBarnes Willard D (Violet E) asst CU h136

    MurielBarnett Wm C supt 400 Triphammer rd h400

    Triphammer rd (basement)BARNETT EDWARD J (Eudora D) (Barnetts'

    Blue Sunoco Service) hl07 EKing rdBARNETT ROLAND C (Carol) (Barnetts'

    Blue Sunoco Service) res inq doBARNETTS' BLUE SUNOCO SERVICE (Ed-

    ward J Barnett and Roland C Barnett) WStateand Corn D 272-9881 see p 38

    Barnette Stuart M (Stella F) prof CU h6 LodgeWay

    Barney John C (Joyce E) Iwyr (317) SavingsBank Bldg (Buyoucos and Barney) admsec NYS Law Revi sion and asst di st attyTompkins County h211 Muriel

    Barnhart A Mildred nurse h329 MitchellBarnhart Carrie I Mrs emp CU res BrooktondaleBarnhart Chas W dairyman CU res Brookton-

    daleBarnhart Harrison W custodian South Hill Sch

    res BrooktondaleBarnhardt Robt mgr Stuart's Cloth iers r313

    WaitavBarno John R surveyor CU res OwegoBarns A Scott stu r1050 Highland rd Cay Hts

    Barns G Stewart stu r1050 Highland rd Cay HtsBarns Geo R (Margt A) chief acct elk CU h

    1050 Highland rd Cay HtsBarns R Lawrence emp Cambridge Mass rl050

    Highland rd Cay HtsBarnum Phyllis A (Mrs Robt F) LPN TCHosp

    h201 E FallBarnum Robt F (Phyllis A) emp NYSE&GCorp

    h201 E FallBarnum Vickie M Mrs admissions sec CU res

    Sm ith boroBarol Barbara M Mrs h III Oxford piBarol Margery (Mrs Saml) nurse TCHosp r

    Candl ewyck drBarol Soml R phy s 1301 Trumansburg rd res

    Sheffield rdBaron Alfd (Gladys) h405 N TiogaBARON EDWARD W (Josephine M) pres-treas-

    sec R A Heggie & Bro Co h7 Cornell WalkBARON JOSEPHINE M (Mrs Edward W) v-pres

    R A Heggie & Bro Co h7 Cornell WalkBarr Bonnie sc renc e co-ed Lansing Schools h

    157 Enfield FallsBarr Chas R (Mary Ann) stu h665 Coddington

    rdBARR DAVID T (Joy B) v-pres-sec and stock

    broker J S Barr & Co Inc hi 0091/2 Tripham-mer rd

    Barr Edw mgr repairs Lutton's Office Equip r405 S Albany

    Barr Harry L visiting prof CU r408 Winston ct(5)

    BARR J S & CO INCInvestments

    Joseph S Barr pres-treasDavid T Barr v-pres-secRuth M Woodward asst sec and treas

    MembersNew York Stock ExchangeAmerican Stock Exchange (Assoc)

    Savings Bank Bldg (50l) 5th floor114-118 N TiogaD Area code 607 273-6565

    see bottom lines classified under Stocks andBonds and p 78

    BARR JOSEPH S (Marion T) pres-treas J SBarr & Co Inc h113 Orchard

    Barr Joy B (Mrs Davi d T) I nstr CU h1009)/2Triphammer rd

    Barr Louise M research tech CU res 791 NTriphammer rd RDl

    Barr Mary Ann (Mrs Chas R) eng IBM h665 Cod-din gton rd

    Barr Wayne R (Patricia B) emp H,gh SpeedCheckwelgher h135 Ridge Crest rd


    Elmira, N. Y. Phone 734-7171THE MALL

    Big Flats, N. Y. Phone 739-3511


    Barren Steph E retired h705 CI iIfBarrett Gwendolyn J Mrs sten CU res CondorBarrett Jo s (Sondra) emp Therm Inc h 108 Cleve-

    landBarrett Jas H lecturer CU res DeWittBarrett John E (Mory T) radiological safety

    officer CU and prop Barrett's Coin Ex-change 228 Wood ov h do

    Barrett Paul M computer opr CU h 153 GrandView ct

    Borrett Stevenson mus specialist IC r323 NGeneva

    Barrett WiII iam C (Brenda D) attorney and a s-sociate Treman & Clynes office D 273-6444 h14 Hawthorne cir

    Barrett's Coin Exchange John E Barrett propappraisals moil bid auctions 228 Wood

    Barrie Norman M stu IC h4 Candlewyck dr (A2)BARRON DAVID (Jeanne) prop Lakeview Ap-

    pliance Sales res 590 Ridge rd Ludlow-ville

    Barron Jos P (Mary M) personnel asst PO h143 Linn

    Barron Marion M wid John H h145 Cascadilla pkBorrows Avery L custodian CU res Lockwood

    RD1Barrus Barbara sr typist Tompkins County

    Health Dept r1285 Trumansburg rdBarrus Maria 0 wid Mortimer F h 108 Mcintyre

    piBarry Frank D (Barbaro M) rep Community

    Action Training Institute h108 Grand Viewav

    Barry Gladys Mrs emp CU res FreevdleBarry Jas E (Jane T) reti red h 100 ParkBarry Jane T (Mrs Jas E) acct clk Laux Adv

    Inc h 100 ParkBarry Maxine typist CU res FreevilleBart Robt W emp PO h303 E CourtBartel Donald L (Joanne H) asst prof CU h 16

    Uptown VillageBartell Carolyn E (Mrs Eug F) tchr Northeast

    Sch h207 T areyton rdBartell Eug F (Carolyn E) project rep CU h207

    Toreyton rdBortholf Glenn pres Glenn's Sinclair Ser and

    pres Autosalvage of Ithaca Inc res 971T aughannock bl vd

    Bartholf Robt (Lois) sec Glenn's Sinclair Serand sec Autosalvage of Ithaca Inc res1007 Taughannock blvd

    Bartholomew Jas (Joan) stu h424 E SenecaBartholomew Marguerite W wid Earl L h406 E

    MarshallBartlett David L teaching asst CU res CortlandBartlett Delori s Mrs emp CU res SpencerBartlett Harry B retired h309 S MeadowBartlett Sarah grad stu CU r190 Pleasant Grove

    rd (K5)Bartlett Suzanne M supvr printing Robt Eastman

    Inc r100 W SenecaBartnik Albert H (Betty A) retired h257 Cod-

    dington rd


    Trumansburg's Largest BrokerMary Carolyn Coleman, Lie. Broker

    387-4793For appt. only Call

    Rose~Terry 387-9838

    Barto Ida Moe wid Fredk L hl19 Irving piBarto Jennie C custodian CU res OwegoBartolucci Frank A (Groce A) prntr IJ h313

    UticaBarton Frances C (Mrs Robt W) em p Cornell

    Lndy h71 0'2 N CayugaBarton Hall (CU) Air SCience of Tactics CU

    Naval SCience Dept CU Science & Tc c trc sDept Garden av Campus

    Borton Robt W (Frances C) retired h71O'2 NCayuga

    Bartter Schorl ie wid Lynn M sec CU h1404Hanshaw rd Cay Hts

    Barufaldl Linda L asst to dean CU r522 EState(2)

    Barwind Jock A asst prof CU h 16 Sheraton drBcrwmd Mary Jo instr IC r Hudson Hts AptsBarzilal Reuven (Grlc) stu CU h417 W CourtBascelli Anthony L asst prof IC h665 Codding-

    ton rd (5)Bascom Dorothy V (Mrs Harold) mortgage teller

    Savings Bonk of Tompkins County h524Linn

    Bascom Harold (Dorothy V) lab mech CU h524Linn

    Bascom Sandra asst ref librarian IC r1223 War-ren rd

    Bascom Wm H USA r524 LinnBasham Hersey G (Nancy WI grad asst CU h

    Hasbrouck Apt s . 55A \ Pleasant Grove rdBasham Nancy W (Mrs Hersey G) library search-

    er CU h Hasbrouck Apts (55A) PleasantGrove rd

    Bashaw Michl F asst prin Northeast Sch resTrbg

    Basil Frances (Mrs Jack L) food ser hlpr CUres Dryden

    Basilio lr i s N Wid Ermanno A Xerox opr CU h110 N Geneva

    Baskerville Jon C (Roberto Jl asst prof IC(on leave) res ina do



    607 - 387-7022

    1\II"Cklenbur~. '0. Y.

  • e ., Phone 2i3-H31Ithaca Savings and Loan Association Five Saving-s PlansChristmas Club. Home Loans. Student Loans:\Iortg-ag-e Life Insurance - Disability Insurance

    Cor. N. TIOGA and E. Bl'FFALO STS. Owned by Members Come In


    Battaglia Judy (Mrs Sandy P) adm aide CU h4Candlewyck dr (BI)

    Battaglia Sandy P (Judy M) grad stu CU h4Candlewyck dr (BI)

    Battaglia Timothy grad stu CU h 190 PleasantGrove rd (L I)

    Batterman Boris W (Elfriede Y) prof res KnollTree rd

    Batterson Gayle L (Mrs Richd B) prop Gayle'sBeauty Solon 114·118 N Tioga (409) h215N Geneva

    Batterson Charlotte Mrs credit mgr H A CareyCo h911 N Cayuga

    Batterson Joan tchr I Community Sch h911 NTioga

    Batterson Richd B (Gayle) emp NYTelCo h215N Geneva

    Batti stella Nancy S (Mrs Roger M) tchr SpecialCh iIdren' s Center h1553 Slatervi lie rd

    Battistella Roger M (Nancy S) assoc prof CU h1553 Slatervi lie rd

    Battisti Artemesia wid Angelo h614 CascadillaBattisti Fronk J (Laura M) retired h413 Spencer

    rdBattisti Louis (Yincenza) emp MB-W h126

    WashingtonBattisti Louis N (Anna N) retired h438 Titus avBattisti Teresa G stu r 126 WashingtonBatty Geraldine Mrs chief acct elk CU r900

    Dryden rdBatty Jas gardener Cornell Plantations CU res


    Basi Mary Mrs lab asst CU res RD1 FreevilleBASS FURNITURE (Shulman's Inc) complete

    home furnishers pres Cecil B Shulman120-122 W State J213-7331

    Bassanelli Angelo E (Mary I) retired hl22 Lakeav

    Bassanelli David S stu r814 N CayugaBc s scne l l i Ethelyn J (Mrs Sante D) opr NYTel

    Co h814 N CayugaBassanell, Sandra stu r814 N CayugaBassanelli Sante D (Ethelyn J) clk PO h814 N

    CayugaBassett Roger H (Sheila K) prop H Salt Esq h

    108 Mapl ewoodBastian Annette emp Health Dept r809 N

    AuroraBa s ti an Annette I r417 W CourtBastian Irene E h417 W CourtBastian L Raymond (M Annette) USMC h809 N

    AuroraBateman Dorothy H h210 Stewart av (lC)Bateman Durward F prof CU r7 Bean Hill 10Bateman Howard C co-operative ext specialist

    CU res WaterlooBateman Theod W research assoc CU res TrbgBates Block 118-124 N Tioga and 118-124 N


    BATES DAVID M (Jayne S) dir L H BaileyHortorium Cornell University hlOOl EState

    Bates Ethel C sec CU r429 N AuroraBates Gai I A Mrs sec to treas CU res InterlakenBates Jayne (Mrs Davi d M) emp CU h l 007 E Bauder Word W (Dorothy C) prof CU h Cedar 10

    State Bauer Geo W (Mariorie R) asst dir UniversityBATES JOSE PH E chief accountant Account- Pres s h6 Winthrop pi

    ing Office Cornell University res Trumans- Bauer Marjorie R (Mrs Geo W) sec CU h6 Win-burg throp pi

    Bates Juanita E nurse Dr C Stewart Wallace h Bauer Ross doorman Temple Theatre r312 Com-190 Pleasant Grove rd (D6) stock rd

    Bates Loretto Mrs laboratory tech CU res Inter- Bauer Simon H (Miriam R) prof CU h312 Com-laken stock rd Cay Hts

    Bates Margt wid Wm r123 SHill Ter Bauer Theod H research asst CU r504 StewartBates Mary D assoc prof English IC hl00 Fair- (8)

    view sq (2N) Bauerle Dieter (Barbaro) visiting fellow CU hBates Mary E (Mrs Lawrence C) senior adm sec 700 Steworrcv (51)

    CU res Danby rd Bauerle Lynette M Mrs sten CU res FreevilleBates Robt 0 h-Q19 S Geneva Bauerle Wm L .Jr asst CU res FreevilleBATES RUTH R MRS coordinator Professional Bough Doni assoc prof CU r536 Cayuga Hts rd

    Skills Roster Cornell University res Tru- Bough Wolter C Jr teaching asst CU r504 Thur-mansburg s ton av

    Bates Sondra J Mrs sten CU res Odessa Bougher Teresa B Mrs sten CU r21B SapsuckerBates Wolter (Gail) prin acct elk Finger Lakes Woods rd

    State Pork Comm res Trbg Boughman Carol Mrs sten CU res GrotonBates Wm (Luella) emp Wallace Steel Co h316 Boughman Saml G mach fore CU res Groton

    Cascadilla Baukus Jas P (Judith A) graduate stu CU h825Both Donald L (GlOria C) visiting prof CU h207 Hector

    Homestead ter Baukus Judith A (Mrs Jas P) sales rep CookBatik Geo J emp CU r48 Teeter rd RDI Gauntlett Travel Agcy Inc h825 HectorBotsford Bonnie G (Mrs Wilfred C) library asst Baum Jos r507 Willow av

    CU h410 Wood Baum Mira Mrs h507 Willow avBotsford Wilfred C (Bonnie G) emp CU h410 Bouman Wm C (Susan) archt Tectonics Inc h

    Wood 1013 EState

  • "S~rving Tompkins County ove- 40 Years" COLLECTIONS





    119 South Coyugo (2nd)




    Massachusetts MutualLife Insurance CO.REPRESE~TED BY


    PHONE 257-1500

    Carmen B. Hill, CLl'John D. ox-m


    Lauren E. Bly, ct.tWalter W. Schlaefer


    Beald Amelio G w,d Archibald G h15 Hillcrestdr

    Beald Edla L registrar and admin aide CU h15Hillcrest dr

    Beals Harlo P (Lour to H) retired h222 Ridge-dol e rd

    Beam Clarence A (Zita B) retired h624 W Clin-ton

    Beam Edw B (Carolyn M) pres Cook-GauntlettAgcy Inc h706 Hanshaw rd

    Beamon Jas E library asst CU r505 N TiogaBeamon Joy (Shirley) stu CU h205 Cornell

    QuartersBear Electric Gustaf E Efromsan prop 216 E

    LincolnBeard Alice L account clk CU r120 Oak ovBeardslee Wando (Mrs Melvin G) teller FNB& T

    Co res Newfi el d RDBeardsley Chas H (Hazel B) retired h413 S

    GenevaBeardsley Glenn R admin asst CU res RD6Beardsley Lewis C emp MB-W h105 E LewisBeardsley Louis emp MCCo h331 S CayugaBeardsley Richd S (Ruth) h631 Elmira rdBeardsley Shirley r322 Pork piBearn AI ex G prof CU res New York C, tyBeasl ey Bertha E Mrs h930 E Shore drBeathan Mark (Vivian) retired h344 W King rdBeathan Vivian (Mrs Mark) emp MB-W h344 W

    K ,ng rdBeattie Eleanor M Mrs r310 E BuffaloBeatty Edna M (Mrs Jas C) cashier IJ h1110 N


    BAZINET EDWARD B (Linda Al dir ResidenceHall Ithaca College h509 Lake (G61

    Bazzell Edna E Wid Elmer W h 1007 Hanshaw rdCoy Hts

    Beach Carol A baby sitter r603 N AuroraBeach Dora wid Roy C h513 N TiogaBeach Ester Mrs adm sec CU h Williams Glen

    rdBeach Evelyn Mrs sec-sten CU res FreevilleBeach Frances W Mrs emp Jamesway D, scount

    h205 W CourtBeach John W (Coral G) retired h308 EstyBeach Jul ia L (Mrs Maynard) hskpr CU h603 N

    AuroraBeach Julio M wid Clarence N hskpr CU h603

    N AuroraBeach Laurence H (Ruth L) asst chief Ithaca

    Fire Dept h32 Woodcrest avBeach Mary Ann stu r405 Co lumbi aBeach Rabt B (D Patricio) carrier PO h405

    ColumbiaBeach Rosanne M emp NYSE&GCorp r603 N

    AuroraBeade Pedro (L I so) stu CU h Hasbrouck Apt s

    (24G) Pleasant Grove rdBeagan Nancy E (Mrs John T) sec State Form

    Ins h328 Mtller rd E

    Baumann Anita H (Mrs Ken C) sec CU h208Mutle I

    Baumann Eileen S h322 N Titus avBaumann Fred E stu r208 MurielBaumann Ken C (Anita H) asst librarian CU

    h208 MurielBousman Richd D Rev (Morita D) United Minis-

    try Chaplain CU RW h502 E Senecares i nq do

    Bawa Vijay research asst CU r105 BoolBawlf Lauro G wid Nicholas h510 University

    avBawlf Nicholas Jr emp Therm Inc r510 Univer-

    sity avBaxter Hubert E (Phebe P) prof emer itus CU h

    119 E Upland rd Coy HtsBoy Chas L (Suzanne M) assac prof of mus IC

    res inq doBoyer Dovi d head res Urut 7 CU North Campus

    r doBoyer Geo H (Helen T M) research Agway h216

    Forest Home drBoyer Helen T M (Mrs Geo H) prof CU h216 For.

    est Home drBoyer Rosa Mrs head res North Campus Unit 7

    r doBaylor Evelyn J adm aide CU res RDl Newfield





  • NORTHSIDE LIQUOR & WINE INC.Ithaca's Exclusive Wine & Liquor "Party Club" Buying Plan

    Phone 273-1291 507 N. CAYUGA


    Beatty Jo s (Edna) emp NYSE&GCorp hl110 N Becker Yvonne M (Mrs John) emp CU hl00Aurora Fairview sq (SA)

    Beaujon Chas head groom CU res RDI Ovid Beckhorn David B stu r20S ProspectBeaulieu Bernard S (Helen M) ossoc mgr Wool- Beckhorn Harlan J (Coletta R) plrnbr Syracuse

    worth's hS09 Lake (F3) h20S ProspectBeauregard Robt grad stu CU h120 Pleasant Beckhorn Sandra L stu r20S Prospect

    Grove rd (7H) Beckley Carol sec-bkpr .lo s Si lvin r201 GrandBeauty Lounge Mrs Elinor Lalla prop 330 W Vlewav

    State Beckley David L field asst CU res RD2 MaraviaBEAVER STANLEY V (Sharie E) landscape Beckley Harry B (Anne C) prop Auto Lock &

    mgr White Nurseries res Burden RDI Speedometer Ser h201 Grand View cvBeavers Eug A groundsman CU res Slaterville Beckwith Geo A field asst CU res Ludlowville

    Springs Beddoe Arth G (Emma K) slsm Lutton OfficeBeavers Roberta T sten CU res Slaterville Equip hlOS12 Catherine

    Springs Beddoe Eliz G wid Edw A hlOS CatherineBEBBINGTON JOHN (Jean H) v-pres and dir Beddoe Emma K (Mrs Arth G) emp Flower Fash-

    operations Morse Borg-Warner hill Ran- Ions h10512 Catherinedolph rd Bedell Anna Mrs elk CU res King Ferry

    BECHHOFER ROBERT E (Joan) prof and chm Bedell Nell wid J Raymond hS02 W SenecaOperations Research Dept Cornell Univer- Bedl ington StanIey S r9 Murie Isity h36 Cornell Bedichek John G stu CU h20 N Triphammer rd

    Beck Anne r906 Danby rd (3D)Beck Fredk (Anne M) prof Clinical Medicine Bedworth Albert E (Agnes S) dir Health Educa-

    Sage Hasp h906 Danby rd tion IS Dept h1702 Slaterville rdBeck Frederick Jr lawyer Thaler & Thaler n Bedworth David A stu r1632 Slaterville rd

    272-2314 res 906 Danby rd Beebe Carol R civil deputy T C Sheriff's DeptBeck Gordon E (EI i z) asst prof CU r1612 E h11812 E Court

    Shore dr BEEBE CLELAND W (Ruth L) mgr AgwayBeck Jon M asst prof CU r210 White Home & Garden Center h202 WYatesBeck Marilyn grad asst CU r121 Van Rensselaer Beebe Edw stu CU r107 Salem drBeck Melvin watchman CU res Newfield Beebe John r416 W Buffalo

    Beebe Leo R emp CU res E BerkshireBECK ROBERT A prof and dean Hotel Admin- Beebe Richd L lab asst CU res Candor

    istration School Cornell University res Beeler Joan Mrs h1207 Hanshaw rdSlaterville Beeler Walter R asst dean music IC res Penn

    Beck Ronald pres Tompkins County Farm YanBureau 116 S Fulton res inq do Beeman Patricia A Mrs tchr Belle Sherman Sch

    Beck Wm L III lab supvr CU res 104 Kraft rd r190 Pleasant Grove rd (05)RD Beeman Roger stu CU h 190 Pleasant Grove rd

    Becker Alfd (Bertha) mgr Cinema Theater Horse- (05)heads h 131 Blair Beer Steven V asst prof CU res Sauth Lansing

    Becker Alvin (Linda) emp Marian Elec h l l S Beers Aileen (Mrs Robt) acct clk-typist TGlenside County Health Dept res Trbg

    Becker Bertha (Mrs Alfd) emp Home Dairy Inc Begent Eliz (Mrs Gordon Jr) (Fall Creek House)h131 Blair h302 Lake

    Becker Betty J Mrs clk CU r380 Snyder Hill rd Begent Frances wid Gordon research aide CUBecker Carl (Sandra) mgr SR&Ca h671 Warren h433 N Geneva

    rd Begent Frank bus mgr Carpenters Union LocalBecker Carrie wid Tracy hIlS Glenside rd No 603 and v-pre s I Building & CanstBecker Clarence D (Edith M) retired h6S7 Five Trades Council res Lansing

    Mile dr Begent Gordon C Jr (El iz ) (Fall Creek House)Becker Darlene C (Mrs Renall T) clk-typist h302 Lake

    Security Mut Fire Ins Co h20S S Titus av Begent Gordon C III stu r302 LakeBecker John (Yvonne M) grad stu CU h100 Begent Sherwood L (Viena M) tool roam insp

    Fairview sq (SA) NCR h139 N Chestnut (A-32)Becker Jos (Susan) stu CU h Hasbrouck Apt s Begent Viena M (Mrs Sherwood) sr cc ct clk Fin-

    (S3H) Pleasant Grove rd ger Lakes State Parks Comm h139 NBecker Niels G (Jennifer M) lecturer CU h 141 Chestnut (A32)

    N Chestnut (B12) Beggs Marjorie V (Mrs Robt W) case supvrBecker Renall T (Darlene C) mach Kolar's Ma- Tompkins County Welfare Dept h600 War-

    chine Shop h205 S Titus av ren (8-1 F)Becker Robt F emp CU res Rushville Beggs Robt W Rev (Marjorie V) assoc pastorBecker WiIma J Mrs sten CU res Freevi lie St John Ch h600 Warren (8-2F)

  • PAPER CO.Supplies


    T. O. MILLER'S SONSArt Materials - Ol6ee Furniture - Stationery - Paper - School

    Tel. 272-5353 Zip Code: 14850 330 E. State


    Beginning The (Michl J Miller and Jon C Cut-ler) Joel K Ladovitz mgr 148 EState

    Begleiter Ronnie F Mrs library asst CU rlOl NQuarry

    Begotka Randy C (Cheri) stu CU h197 CornellQuarters

    Behn Vaughn C (Vida M) ossoc prof CU h603Mitchell

    Bei lv Paul emp IC rlO18 Danby rdBel scher Jo-Ann H (Mrs Wm A) sec TCTCe; h

    1206 Hanshaw rdBeischer Wm A (Jo-Ann H) v-pr m IHS h1206

    Han show rdBeida Allen J grad stu CU h125 Coddington rd

    (F9)Bekowies Paul J (Sigrid G) reseorch asst CU

    hl16 Sharwill ctBekowies Sigrid G (Mrs Paul J) in str IC h 116

    Sharwill ctBELCHER DONALD J (Nancy F) dir Cornell

    University Aerial Photographic StudiesCenter and prof Transportation Eng CornellUniversity res RD t Cayuga Heights

    Belcher Lucille V (Mrs Wm L) emp CU h 109Fayette

    Belcher Wm L (Luci lie V) emp Sage InfirmaryCU hl09 Fayette

    Belfer Ann (Mrs Peter) art tchr Cortland .lrHigh Sch h600 Warren rd (6-2C)

    Belfer Peter (Ann) grad stu CU h600 Warren rd(6-2C)

    Belknap Beverly A lab tech IC (Flamingo Ce-ramic Studio) r456 Floral av

    Belknap Cecile L Wid Almos H bkpr GlensideMonument Co h456 F lora I av

    BELKNAP GORDON K prop Glenside Monu-ment Co and (F lamingo Ceramic Studio) h490 Floral av

    Bell AI,ceM Wid Anson H h321 W BuffaloBell Alice S Mrs key punch opr CU r1207 War-

    ren rdBELL CHARLES W (Patricia A) asst treas

    and mgr Master Charge Tompkins CountyTrust Co h63 Woodcrest av

    Bell Charlotte Wid Chas F r405 Co scodr ll cBell Clayton A elec CU res GrotonBell Cynthia tchr IHS h821 Hanshaw rdBell Edith M Mrs h 125 Cleveland avBell Eliz K (Mrs Henry) buyer RBros h412 Cen-

    terBell Gertrude H wid John R dom hl15 SCornBell Henry A (Ellz K) ret ire d h412 CenterBell Jas P stu IC r63 Woodcrest avBell John B (Judith M) asst CU h120 Pleasant

    Grove rd (12C)Bell John H (Philo A) inventory clk h58 Wood-

    crest avBell Josephine Mrs dept sec CU h305 E Cort-

    land avBell Judith M Mrs lob tech CU r Pleasant

    Grove Apt s (l2C)Bell Koren A stu r63 Woodcrest avBell Kathryn J Mrs emp CU res Dryden

    KENNETH R. MORUSTYInsurance Agency

    204W. Court St. PhoneIthaca N. Y. 14850 257-2742

    BELL LAWRENCE A (Virginia BI mgr LoebRhoades & Co h31B S Geneva

    Bell Leonard R asst mgr housing CU res Free-ville

    Bell Lester emp CU res W,IlseyvilleBell LewIs (Jane) drr Agrl Relations Trbg

    Branch TCTCo res InterlakenBell Lloyd R (Ruth L) res supvr Res Halls CU

    h253 Cornell qtrsBell Lloyd R Jr experimental mach CU res

    FreevilleBell MelVin emp CU rl10 EstyBell Martha emp IC res 644 Enfield Falls rdBell Michelina D Wid Barney h412 W State

    BELL PATRICIA A (Mrs Charles WI asst v-pres Ivy Broadcasting h61 Woodcrest av

    Bell Pauline H Wid Gao W h120 EStateBell R Dole field asst CU res CortlandBell Robt U retired h128 Cleveland avBell Steph A stu r318 S GenevaBell Thos F (Leona A) retired h8 Renwick dr

    Ren HtsBell Thos G (Martha E) (Fall View Ski Shop)

    res Enfield Fall s rdBell Virginia B (Mrs Lawrence A) sec CU Uni-

    versity development h318 S GenevaBell Virginia L clk CU res RD2 FreevilleBell Wayne T .lr (Shirley A) ext specialist CU

    h213 Texas 10Bellavlgna Anthony (Judith) mgr dry cleaning

    Meadow Cleaners and pres The ThreadBoron h130 Williams Glen rd

    Be l lovr cno Judith ,Mrs Anthony) LPN TCHosph130 Williams Glen rd

    Belle Sherman School 50~ MItchellBelleayre Annex Ap t s 614 University avBelleayre Apartments Pasquale Pi oncennru

    supt 700-702 Stewart avBellini Richd (Mary) h125 Coddington rd (AS)Bellis Leslie C (Jane) retired h135 E SpencerBeilisano Andrew vl.ucv) retired h515 W Sen-

    eca -Bell i sario Carol A (Mrs Theod) sec and nurse

    Chas L Sprinkle h129 Pearsall piBe lh son o Nickolas S (Olga B) prntr Artcraft

    Co h213 CenterBell,sarlo Peter IMary\ tr dr RBros h515 W

    SenecaBellisario Sharon r515 W SenecaBel h scno Theod A (Carol AI pntr CU h129

    Pearsall pi


    Sheraton Dr. At Triphammer




    Bellows Mary Ann sten CU r Lansing Apts N Bennett Barbaro D sec CU rl02 Highgate piTriphammer rd Bennett Boyd R custodian CU res Freeville

    Bellrose Doris R emp T C Hosp h509 Lake Bennett Carolyn r166 Grandview ct(B-1) Bennett Cheri M (Mrs Wolter L) stu CU h415

    Bell sey Ai leen R (Mrs Jonathon K) stu CU h Hudson600 Warren rd (6-2F) Bennett David A (Betsy K) NIH predoctoral

    Bellsey Jonathon K (Aile