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Manual Bank Reconciliation Main Bank GL Account : 200200 - HDFC BANK A/C HDFC Outgoing Payments GL a/c : 200220 HDFC Incoming payments GL a/c : 200230 GL Accounts Creation: Main Bank GL Account : 200200 - HDFC BANK A/C

Manual BRS Config

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Page 1: Manual BRS Config

Manual Bank Reconciliation

Main Bank GL Account : 200200 - HDFC BANK A/CHDFC Outgoing Payments GL a/c : 200220HDFC Incoming payments GL a/c : 200230

GL Accounts Creation:Main Bank GL Account : 200200 - HDFC BANK A/C

Page 2: Manual BRS Config
Page 3: Manual BRS Config

Outgoing Payment Bank GL a/c

Page 4: Manual BRS Config
Page 5: Manual BRS Config

Incoming payment Bank GL a/c

Page 6: Manual BRS Config

Outgoing Payment: After BRS Entry would be

Dr. Outgoing AccountCr. Main Bank Account

Incoming Payment: After BRS Entry would be

Dr. Main Bank AccountCr. Incoming Account

Page 7: Manual BRS Config

# Configuration (SPRO) Settings

SPRO Bank Accounting BT Payment Transactions Manual Bank Statement

There are three steps to be performed in settings for manual bank statement.

1. Define Variant for Manual Bank Statement

Select the Standard Variant and copy as to our company code:

Page 8: Manual BRS Config

Any message enter


Page 9: Manual BRS Config

After this select the variant and Click on Activate

If you do not want to work with the standard variant, you can deactivate it. New variants must be activated after you create them.

Page 10: Manual BRS Config

2. Define Posting Keys and Posting Rules for Manual Bank Statement

Under this node, you define all the posting rules you need for bank statement entry, including a key for each rule. The key determines the posting rules for general ledger and subledger accounting. The posting rule represents the business transactions recorded in the bank statement, such as:- Incoming check- Credit memo- Debit memo

Page 11: Manual BRS Config

Create Account Symbols: We can create new account symbols thru ‘New Entries’and filling the Account Symbol and Text for it.

Same screen continues below:

‘BANK’ is the account symbol for the Main Bank Account

Page 12: Manual BRS Config

Now select the created account symbol and go to assign accounts to Account Symbol.e.g Select Bank Account and go to assign accounts to account symbol.Similarly do it for Incoming and Outgoing account symbols.

Go to New Entries and Provide the Main Bank GL Account

For Outgoing checks – GL Mapping

Take New Entries for Assign Accounts to Account Symbol – and then provide the outgoing payments GL a/c SAVE

Page 13: Manual BRS Config

For Incoming payments – GL a/c Mapping

Take New Entries for Assign Accounts to Account Symbol – and then provide the incoming payments GL a/c SAVE

For BANK Charges – 400010 - GL a/c Mapping

Take New Entries for Assign Accounts to Account Symbol – and then provide the Bank Charges GL a/c SAVE

Page 14: Manual BRS Config

Create Keys for Posting Rules

Note:- Select the existing standard Posting rules – for Outgoing Check payment, Incoming Check Payments and Bank charges paid. Use Copy as function and create our own keys for Posting Rules.

Change the Names of the posting Rule – [ any name] SAVE

Create your own Posting rules starting with “Z”. Create rules for Outgoing Checks ,Incoming Payments & Other Outgoings. This is only description and has no control data.

Page 15: Manual BRS Config

Define Posting Rules :

Finally define Posting Rules

This is final look. In actual go to New entries and another screen will appear .

This is the posting rule we just now defined i.e PS01 , PS02, PS03.

Page 16: Manual BRS Config

For Outgoing Checks – Posting Rule during BRS:

Document Type ZR – [ Separate Document type preferred for Bank Reconciliation Entries.Do not Enter Posting Key on Debit Side – Not required here.SAVE

Dr. Outgoing AccountCr. Main Bank Account

So 50 is given for BANK(which is defined for Main GL account for House Bank)

Page 17: Manual BRS Config

For Incoming Checks – Posting Rule during BRS:

For Bank Charges – Posting Rule during BRS:

Dr. Main AccountCr. Incoming Bank Account

So 40 is given for BANK(which is defined for Main GL account for House Bank)

Page 18: Manual BRS Config

3. Create and Assign Business Transactions In this step you store an indicator for each business transaction and allocate a posting rule to each business transaction. Several business transactions usually refer to the same posting rule.

Transactions : This we have to define e.g PS01 (usually same as the Posting rules)

+/- : This stands for the sign for Incoming amount.

Posting Rule : Which we have defined in previous steps.

Acct . Modifiable : usually not req. until we want to direct the posting to a different bank sub account instead of to a standard bank sub account.

Int .Algorithm : An interpretation algorithm enables you to find separate outgoing payments using the reference information returned by the bank.

Define all the types of payments transactions i.e PS01 – Outgoing Pay. Check etc.

Page 19: Manual BRS Config

Int Algthm - 21 – Means for Incoming payments from customers, we have to give the check number in the reference field while entering incoming payment document. This is mandatory to do the reconciliation and to identify the document by the system automatically.

** Configuration Settings end here.*******************

Page 20: Manual BRS Config

# User End Transactions For Running Bank Reconciliation:

Transaction – FF67

Statement entry is usually a two-step process:

First, you enter the account line items in the system. Various tools are available to help you with this. You can vary the row format for entering individual transactions.In addition, the system supports individual account determination and checks data consistency.

The second step is to post the line items you have entered.

In the manual bank statement function, you can create up to two postings for each line item.

A bank account posting (for example, debit bank account and credit bank clearing account)

A sub ledger posting (for example, debit bank clearing account and credit customer account with clearing)

For the first payment, fill in details and give the Closing balance (no opening balance).

If already exists: Press Overview to look for all the statements posted in the selected house bank.

Page 21: Manual BRS Config

To enter a new statement click on last posted statement and click “New Statement’.

New Statement No. , date and Opening balance will come automatically. Now Give the closing balance (from the bank statement if you have that or do not give any amount if testing at own).

Press Enter

Page 22: Manual BRS Config

In Bank Ref. give the check no. in case of check payments or reference fields in case check is not available (incoming payments).This shld be the reference field in the bank line item as well.

The Doc. No. field shld not be filled at this time. It will get populated after the postings to main bank account happen.

The balance at the bottom shld tally to post the statement.

Now to save .Then press to come back to main screen.

At the main Screen in the last tab “Further Processing” give the session name to identify ur session in the batch sessions.

In these scenarios we are making posting only to bank and not to sub ledgers also but no need to check the box ‘bank postings only’.

Page 23: Manual BRS Config

A batch input session will be created.

Now go to SM35 / System services batch input sessions

Select your batch and process in background. This will do the postings to main bank account.At the end the session will disappear from SM35.But in case of any error the session will not disappear from SM35.

Reprocessing of Bank Statement:

In case if some reference or amount is incorrect we have to reprocess the batch.Just process/execute the batch again from SM35. Now select the line items manually and post them (by pressing enter button).

On completion the batch session from SM35 will disappear.

Now check the postings in the main bank.