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Manual Lexuzbox F36 PVR

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. .- Safety Precautions ~ a - precaai~&" I . " '

2. Ns-Itiibe . J These 4erving instructiom are for use bn/ qualified Channd personnd miy.To reduce ahe ri& of ;eleQlc

1. I I U ~ O ~ W ~ ~ S018ty InsVmwtfbns shod< do mot perfomt any s N n g other than that mtained in the opeating inmuctbons u n k yh are qualsfied to doso.

9 Read these imtmctIons. 9 Keep these i-- > Weedall wahiI4gs b Follow all inmniaíons.

J The apparatus $MII not be scposed to dripping or ydaffiing and that no &jélcts filledwlth liqukds, . such as wses, rhail be placed on the appamtw.

J The mains plug is used as t3ie disconngt devb.Thediionnectdwke shail remain eadily operabie.

> Do notuse this apparatus near water. 9 Clean only withdw doth. & Do not block aay ventilation openingr install in accordance with the manufactumr's instrudons. 9 Do not insta11 near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, &oves, or other apparatus (induding

amplífiers) thdt produce heat. > Do nat reversethe safe purpose of the polarized or gmunding-type plug. A polarlred plug has two

blades with ore wider xan the other. A grounding type pbg ha two blades n d a third grounding prong.The wide blade or thirdpmng are provided for your saw. If the pmvided plug does not M into yow outlet consult an electn'cian for replacement ofthe obsolete outlet

9 Pmtect the power cord from beiiig w a l w on or pinched pam'cutady at plugs, conveniente receptades, and thepolnt wherethey exitfmm theapparatus.

9 Oniy use attadimenWaccessoiles specified by the manufaaurer. 9 Use oniy w&h ti-@ cart stand, tripod, bradket, w table specift by the manufacturer, or sdd with the

apparatuslWhen a cart is wsed, use caution when moving the cartlapparanis combimation to avoid injury fmm fu&~ver.

Unplug this apparatus during lightning storms or 9 Refer all servicing to qualified Channel personnel

dama ed in any way, such as power-supply cord haveillen into theapparatus, the apparatus has norrnally, or has been dropped.

t ' , ,

- 2 - - 3 -

The Lightning Flash with arrowhead symbol within an equilateral triangle, is intended to alert the user to the presence of un-insulated "dangerous voltagem within the product enclosure that may be of suficient magnitude to constitute a risk of shock to persons


A The exclamation point within an equilateral triangle is intended to alert the user to the presence of important operating and maintenance (se~icing) instructions in the literature accompanying the product

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Before You Begin r ----?r - rim3 " .--, . , --.- v 1.

Before You Begin .... . . . . .. .

%I-.m- - -31


1. Main Features

J Digital Receiver

J MPEG-II Digital & Fully DVB Compliant

J Support EPG (Electronic Program Cuide)

J On-Screen Display with 65535 Color Full Resolution

J Favorite service Groups

J Powerful service Control by Favorites, Lock, Skip, Move and Delete

J Service ~ o r t i n g by Alphabet,Transponder and CAS

J Multi-language Supported (OSD & Menu )

4 Teletext Support

J Maximum 10,000 services Programmable

J Multi-picture Display

J Parental Lockl System Lockl Installation Lock

J CVBS Video & Audio Output via RCA

2. Accessories


4AA size E



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1. Front Panql Copfiguratiosn

1. S % D ~ indication LED(RED)

The LED lights on in standby mode.

2. REMOTE Indication LED(GREEN)

The LED lights on when a key on the Remote Control is pressed.


Hardware Descri~tioi

2. Rear Pane1 Configuration _ - I

' L .

'4 f'.

y. v, . L

1. CABLE IN : Use to connect a C A N antenna.

2. CABLE OUT: Use it when connecting to another

3.VIDEO : Use to conneb to video input of N or VC@&&

4. AUDIO UR : Use to connect audio left, right 5f TV or VCR

5. RF OUT : Use to connect to RF(ANT) input jack of TV.

The4-digit shows channel number or menu state in normal mode, 6. RF IN : Use to connea a general Aerial Antenna. ..*.a .- . . .

shows local time in standby mode. " " . . . .., - . . 7. RS232 : Use it when connecting to your PC. ' , .

4. POWER Button S . . , 8. POWER : Power Switch. Press to switch between STANDBY and POWER ON modes. . . . r - = - .

5. CH UpiDown Button

Press to change channels in normal mode, to move the ARROW up/down in menu mode.

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Hardware Description

3. Remote Control Unit


SLEEP @+---

NUMERIC Keys a- ÉPG @,- I


OK @-----





@ utrr ARROW



@ COLOR Keys



,, . . . * ,,

1. POWER :Turns the STB On/Ofí. h 1 -I&<

2. MUTE : Tums the sound OnIOff. 7 - ::nl

3. UHF :To adjust UHF Channel. , 4. SLEEP :To adjust sleep timer. . . . %, .


,/:i >.,

5. TVISAT: Toggles theTV output source between the cable input(SlB mode) an$ UHFNHF antenna input.W model)

6. TVIRADIO : Switches between TV and Radio.

7. NUMERIC Keys : Controls the numerical operation and Channel numbers directly.

8. EPG (Electmnic Pmgram Cuide): Show theTV/Radio program guide.

9. INFO : Shows the information of the current program. If you press one more, detail information box will be shown.

10. MENU :To enter the main menu or to move to the previous menu. ,. ,. ,.' i.. . , .,c. ,~.w-,f- i $ :;,. -.,;, ., ,. . .;:,;,A. ,:;',:;: .;:i,

11. EXiT : Exit from the menu or pop-up window. c , i .r< i ..I.. ' / . ;; - .;i,f,,, ,:' . ',

&. .

12. ARROW : Moves the highlight bar for selecting options on the menus. And this key is used to chang& , ' Ilr Channels(CHA / CHI) or change audio volume ( VOLI IVOLb). . . r 'I , -

13. OK: Show the Channel l ist in non-menu mode and select an item or confirm in menu mode. . .

Y 14. PAGE UPIDOWN :Move to the next or previous page if more than one page are available. PAGE UP key is also used as hot-key to move toTimer Manager menu(Refer to 1.2Timer Manager). And PAGE WWN

. ikey is also used as hot-key to move to Piaure Adjust window(Refer to 1.6 ANOutput Setting).

IP;,@ECAU : Moves to previous Channel.

16. SAT : To change the gmups.

17. FAV :To change the favorite groupr

18. COLOR Keys : Used for special function in menu. RED key is used to add or delete the current position as a bookmark. GREEN key is used to go to the next bookmark positidn. BLUE key is used to display multiple pictures.

19. AUDIO :To select audio language.

>. -r

20. SUBTITLE :To show multilingual subtitle. . . . a ,.. . - .- .. ., :' . .> - h - . ..

' $,i ,,: 21. PAUSE : key is used to pause the video. Press once more to resume the video. . ::, .

22. TELETEXT : To show the digital teletexi

When i n s d n g batteries, makesure that thepolarity(+/-) 1s mrrect.

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Hardware Description 1 :onnections Diagran

1. ConaeCang to A n t e ~ s i 1. Connect the CATV antenna cable to CABLE IN.

CAW Antenna


2. Receiver to TV with RF

1. Connect antenna cable to receiver, refer to above section, 1. Connecting to Antenna 2. Connect theTVantenna to RF IN. 3. Connect the RF OUT to RF IN ofTV. 4. Connect the VIDEO and AUDIO L, R to VIDEO IN and AUDIO L, R IN ofTV.

Cannedians Diaaram

L. _.'

3. Receiver to TV and VCR

1. Connect antenna cable to receiver, refer to above section, 1. Connecting to Antenna

2. Connect theTV antenna to RF IN.

3. Connect the RF OUT to RF IN of VCR.

4. Connect RF OUT of VCR to RF IN of TV.

5. Connect other jacks to the appropriate jacks ofTV refer to above section, 2. Receiver to TVwith R


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