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Least Developed Countries

THE Least Developed CountriesMarie-Lise CerceauRafati MohamedFlorane Abeille

OUTLINEThe Least developed countriesWhere are they ?Top 10 poorest countriesPlace in globalisation

II. Their problemsHealth EducationEconomicPolitical

Where are they ?

Top 10 poorest Countries of the world - 2013RankCountryCurrencyGDP Per Capita (2013)1Democratic Republic of the CongoCongolese Franc394.25$2ZimbabweZimbabwean Dollar589.46$3BurundiBurundi Franc648.58$4LiberiaLiberian Dollar716.04$5EritreaNakfa792.13$6Central African RepublicCFA Franc827.93$7NigerCFA Franc853.43$8MalawiKwacha893.84$9MadagascarMalagasy ariary972.07$10AfghanistanAfghan Afghani1 072.19$

Top 10 poorest countries GDP Per CapitaSome of their many problems :Extreme poverty and massive unemploymentLow level of human resource developmentVulnerability in their economicPoor infrastructural developmentSocio-economic and political instabilityWidening gap between rich and poorDiscrimination, injustice and inequalityInternal conflicts and different kinds of terrorismPoor governanceIncreasing corruptionDemographic explosionPoor access to technologyBrain-drainPoor export capabilityLack of securityCorrupted BureaucracyHealth

TO CONCLUDEPriority Areas for Action

Productive capacityAgriculture, food security and rural developmentTradeCommoditiesHuman and social developmentMultiple crises and other emerging challengesMobilizing financial resources for development and capacity-buildingGood governance at all levels