Mats Nordlund Vice President of Research 15 November, 2012

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Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology A new Opportunity for Collaboration in Research Education and Innovation. Mats Nordlund Vice President of Research 15 November, 2012. Skolkovo Ecosystem. S. Skolkovo Foundation. Energy. Space. Nuclear. Sk Key Partners. Bio Med. IT. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology

A new Opportunity for Collaboration in Research Education and Innovation

Mats NordlundVice President of Research

15 November, 2012


Skolkovo FoundationSk ClustersEnergySpaceBioMedNuclearITSk TechnoparkSk Key PartnersSkolkovo Ecosystem

Skoltech at a GlanceA unique Russian institution in an international context200 faculty, 300 post-docs, 1200 graduate students by the end of the decadePolarized around science, engineering and technologyAddressing problems and issues in IT, Energy, Biomedicine, Space and NuclearWith strong programs in support of innovation and entrepreneurshipOn a new campus, to be build in SkolkovoAn important part of the Skolkovo innovation ecosystem Mission Accelerating InnovationTo have educational, scholarly and economic impact in the Russian Federation and around the world,By educating leading graduate students and conducting research programs to address key challenges in science, technology, engineering and innovationUsing a fusion of exceptional talent, and building the university to be an integral part of the Skolkovo innovation ecosystem

5High Priority Research InvestmentsBiomedicine:Computational and systems biologyImmunology and infectious diseaseGene- and nano-medicineRegenerative medicine Energy:Hydrocarbon fuel production and transportationHydrocarbon processingElectrical power systems generation and distributionElectrical energy storageNuclear:Nuclear energy safetyMaterials for extreme environmentsNon-energy applications

IT:Machine learning and AIAdvanced computing systemsBig DataElectronics materials and deviceQuantum physics/technologySpace:Supporting humans in long term space explorationSmall satellitesUtilization of space dataCross-cutting:Advanced materialsComputational and data-intensive science & engineering Human engineering and cognition

* Topics in italics are under negotiationsResearch With a Consideration of InnovationGoal: Discover new ideas and develop new technologies that address the pressing needs of members of society and society as a whole, and which build upon fundamental science and technology, yet are guided by a consideration of innovationStrategy: Create at least 15 Centers for Research, Innovation and Education (CREI):International collaborative efforts partnering Skoltech with both international and Russian institutes (Universities and RAS)Concentrated excellence in one of the 5 strategic themes, solving real problems in IT, Energy, Biomedicine, Space and NuclearBuild capacity at Skoltech and attract top talentIntegrate education and accelerate innovation

Each center fundedat 6-12 MUSD/year7Center for Research, Education and Innovation- CREIDuring build upCreate fully operational Skoltech part of CREI including people, facilities, education and research programs.Connect the Russian scientific and industrial landscape with the leading international researchers in their fields.

At steady stateCreate transformational new science and technology as part of international research collaboration.Provide an initial base for and connections with Skoltechs entrepreneurship and innovation activities. Integrate and contribute to graduate education at Skoltech through development of educational curricula, material, and approaches.

8CREI Establishment 2012-14Call1 - 2012AreaCall2 - 2013AreaCall3-2014AreaElectroChemical EnergyStemCellsInfect Disease and RNA TherapeuticsEnBioBioEnergy ProductionEnergy TransmissionIT HardwareIT SoftwareNuclearSpaceTBDEnEnITITNucSpaceTBDEnergyITNuclearSpaceBioMedEnITNucSpaceBio3 BioMed4 Energy3 IT2 Nuclear2 Space1 TBDCall 2 - Nov 30 deadline in Establishing Skoltech CREISkolkovo Center for Stem Cell ResearchSkoltech

Co-Director(Groningen)Co-DirectorVavilov (RAS)

N TomlinO Serov

K Skryabin

N KolchanovR JaenishJ CleversR YoungA v Oudenaarden

P ReddienG de HaanE Berezikov

P LansdorpS Kiselev

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