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  • Khatam Sharif: Mawlana Sultan al Awliya Shaykh Nazim Date:24/12/2009 Compiled by: Sayyid Amjid and Sajid Hussain Page: 1 of 17

    Khatam Sharif in honour of the venerable

    Sultan al Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim

    Molvi har giz na shud Mawla-i Rum

    Ta ghulam e shams Tabrizi na shud

    Molvi can never become the Master of Rum,

    Until he becomes a slave of Shams Tabrizi

    Listen dear friend to the story of Molvi. He was a man seeking external knowledge at all

    times, whilst being unaware of the ways of the path, sulook. He had become well known for

    his pursuit of knowledge but was very far from any contact with the real path, as the main

    object of all knowledge is to reach the Divine presence.

  • Khatam Sharif: Mawlana Sultan al Awliya Shaykh Nazim Date:24/12/2009 Compiled by: Sayyid Amjid and Sajid Hussain Page: 2 of 17

    However, on whomever Allah almightys grace shines, one day or another he will indeed

    attain His qurb, nearness. It was not long before the Lords grace shone upon Molvi and from

    the unseen, help finally reached him. Indeed all achievements only come about through

    Divine Grace and without His favour nothing comes about.

    So it was Shaykh Shams Tabrezi who set off for Rum and cast his tawajjuh upon Molvi,

    who fell unconscious forgetting all he had attained. He dropped his robe of knowledge and

    readily accepted Shams as his Master.

    At one time Molvi was known as a man of dignity and splendor. His popularity was such that

    crowds would be attracted to him, and out of respect and honour they would rush to kiss his

    hands and feet. He used to be carried in the royal carriage with an entourage and had

    hundreds of soldiers and servants at his disposal.

    Indeed, what a glance was thrown on him by Shams that on this day the Master of

    knowledge fell down unconscious. It was this glance that made him leave all his desires and

    signs of pomp and splendor. He completely surrendered himself to his Shaykh and desired

    only to seek his pleasure and follow in his footsteps. He found new pleasures in even

    carrying on his head the blessed sandals of the Shaykh. Having found the threshold of the

    master all that he was had now turned to dust.

    And so, upon Jalaluddin Rumi there was the full effect of the influence of Shams, who

    filled his heart with burning love and certainty. Whatever bounty he received from the hands

    of the Shaykh filled his every breath with gratitude and trust.

    So then look dear friend, from what did Shams transform Rumi into and through this

    companionship what great wonders resulted. Most certainly it was the link of the ordinary to

    the extraordinary that the Molvi of Rum had now become Mawlana Rum .

    Introduction ordinary to the extraordinary

    Mawlana Shaykh Nazim said;

    We are going to speak from our Grandshaykhs lectures, as he was a

    representative of the Holy Prophet (S) in our time. Every wali, saint, must be a

    representative of his Prophet in his own time. They are masters for teaching people

    the ways of Allah Almighty. Each one of mankind is going towards his Lord, but each

    has a private and different destination. Everyone must know his destination. The

    Awliya, saints, have lights in their hearts; they are not blind. For most people, their

    hearts eyes are veiled, but Awliya have taken off the veils and like Prophets, may

    look to the future. With their light, they may help people to their destinations, as

    Allah Almighty says to His Prophet Muhammad (S), in the Holy Quran,

    Say: This is my way, that I am inviting you unto your Lord, Allah Almighty, with

    exact vision and perfect guidance which I am on as are they who completely follow


    (Surah Yusuf, Verse 108)

  • Khatam Sharif: Mawlana Sultan al Awliya Shaykh Nazim Date:24/12/2009 Compiled by: Sayyid Amjid and Sajid Hussain Page: 3 of 17

    Ordinary Arabs living in Makkah and Madinah sharif became known as the Sahaba,

    companions of the Prophet (S). Abu Bakr became al Siddiq , Umar became al Faruq ,

    Uthman became al Dhul nurayn and Ali became al Murtada . All these ordinary people

    became special because of their love and association with the extraordinary one (S). Thus,

    the Sahaba remained firm in their obedience and loyalty to Rasulullah (S) and his noble

    cause, as Allah almighty declares in the holy Quran;

    "Whoever obeys the Messenger, he indeed obeys Allah."

    (Holy Quran 4:80)

    The mufassirin explain that in following Allahs command to obey Him and His Messenger

    (S) we are being taught the correct adab to reach Allah almighty. The qurb, nearness to

    Allah almighty, can only be attained through his beloved, Rasulullah (S). The Awliya explain

    that the Sahaba understood this ayah and pledged their loyalty to Rasulullah (S). They spent

    their entire lives in obedience as they knew that success in attaining his pleasure, meant

    success in attaining Allah almightys pleasure. Thus, they attained closeness to their Lord

    through the guidance of Rasulullah (S); the Tabiin, next generation, attained it from the

    hands of the Sahaba, and the Taba tabiin, third generation, attained it from the Tabiin.

    Consequently, people in each generation sought to attain nearness to Rasulullah (S) and

    Allah almighty by keeping their pledge of obedience to those extraordinary ones who

    represented Rasulullah (S) in their respective times. They received guidance from these

    noble people by surrendering themselves and linking onto this unbroken chain which traces

    back to Rasulullah (S).

    In this manner, representatives of Rasulullah (S) emerged in each generation that excelled

    in their love for Rasulullah (S) who guided and taught people the adab of this path, Sulook,

    which were passed down through this chain. In following the Sunnah of Rasulullah (S), these

    Masters call others and provide them with the opportunity to become a part of this chain and

    attain salvation. All those who seek and find such masters then surrender themselves as

    murids and are guided and trained in this path. Allah almighty says in the holy Quran;

    O Lord! We have heard a proclaimer calling to faith (saying):Believe in your Lord; so we

    have come to believe. O Lord! Forgive us our sins, and wipe off our misdeeds from us and

    cause us (in all grace) to die with the righteous.

    O Lord! Grant us that which You have promised to us through Your Apostles and disgrace us

    not on the Day of Reckoning. Surely You never fail in Your Promise.

    (Sura al-Imran: Ayah 193&194) (English Translation from Jamal ul Quran)

    The Awliya explain that as adab is the key to attaining closeness to Rasulullah (S) it is

    therefore necessary for us to adopt this adab and seek the perfect man, the master, the

    extraordinary one who is representing Rasulullah (S) in his time and connect with this

    unbroken golden chain.

    Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi said, Turn this dust into gold dust by kissing the threshold of

    the perfect man.

  • Khatam Sharif: Mawlana Sultan al Awliya Shaykh Nazim Date:24/12/2009 Compiled by: Sayyid Amjid and Sajid Hussain Page: 4 of 17

    In this day and age we have a perfect example of the one who has attained nearness and

    acceptance in the Divine presence through connecting with the extraordinary. He can be

    described as a true murid, a seeker who found the perfect man. His total surrender to his

    Master helped him succeed on this path to Allah almighty, as he was also transformed into

    the extraordinary.

    This extraordinary man who accepts everyone regardless of creed, colour or social status

    onto this path, who purifies many souls through guidance, who has lifted the ordinary to

    become extraordinary by taking them into the presence of Rasulullah (S), who is still

    continuing to carry the whole world, is Sultan al Awliya Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim.

    Early life

    Mawlana Shaykh Muhammad Nazim was born on Sunday 21st April 1922 (26th Shaban

    1341AH), in the sea side city of Larnaca, Cyprus. His lineage from his fathers side traces

    back to the seal of prophets Sayyiduna Muhammad (S), as he is a direct descendant of

    Sayyiduna Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani , founder of the Qadiriyya order. His blessed mother

    also belonged to a very noble family as she was a descendant of the great sufi saint

    Mawlana Jalaludin Rumi , the founder of the Mevlavi order whose lineage goes back to

    Sayyiduna Abu Bakr al Siddiq .

    Mawlanas home in Larnaca was situated next to a large mosque which also housed the

    shrine of Sayyidah Umm Haram , a lady Sahabiya. His grandfather was a Shaykh in the

    Qadriyya order who remained the imam of this mosque and served people at the mizar for

    forty years.

    As a child, on many occasions Mawlana would disappear from home and would spend much

    of his time at the mizar. His mother would often find him either sitting in dhikr circles with

    Ulama and Awliya in the mosque or sitting alone next to the shrine. It was apparent that he

    would be involved in deep conversation as he would ask and respond to questions with

    Sayyidah Umm Haram .

    In his youth Mawlana impressed many of his teachers through his ability to learn. It was

    only necessary for them to merely mention a complicated point once for Mawlana, who not

    only understood it, but was able to further elaborate upon it. He had