May 18, New York Marriott Marquis Hotel - .May 18, New York Marriott Marquis Hotel ... Kevin Hopkins,

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    May 18, New York Marriott Marquis Hotel

    Bringing together market and reference data decision makers to discuss critical IT challenges, identify profitable strategies and explore innovative solutions to address current business needs

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    FREE attendance for qualified end users

    Panel sponsors:

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    Keynote speaker: Peter Serenita, Group Chief Data Officer, HSBC

    David Gleason, Firmwide Head of Data Strategy & Governance, Chief Data Officer, JP MORGAN CHASE

    Cornelius E. Crowley, Deputy Director CDO, US DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY

    Ursula Cottone, Chief Data Officer, CITIZENS BANK

    Joan Dal Bianco, SVP, Head U.S. Office of the Chief Data Officer (OCDO), TD BANK

    Kevin Hopkins, Vendor Manager, Market Data Commercial Manager, BARCLAYS

    Kenneth Lamar, Senior Vice President, FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF NEW YORK

    Matthew Lewisman, Managing Director, Chief Data Office, CREDIT SUISSE

    Brian Buzzelli, SVP, Head of Data Governance, ACADIAN ASSET MANAGEMENT

    Thales Spellacy, Chief Architect, Business Alignment and Strategic Planning, CITI

    Speakers include:

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    Market Data Reference Data

    Regulation and Compliance Data Quality and Governance

    Contract Management Technology Infrastructure

  • May 18, New York

    Hosted by:


    Dear Colleague,

    On behalf of Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data, we are honored to welcome you to the 14th annual North American Financial Information Summit, taking place on May 18 at the Marriott Marquis hotel in New York.

    Welcoming more Chief Data Officers than ever before, this years summit is designed specifically for market data, reference data and technology executives to confront the most complex regulatory, technology and data related challenges.

    While the cost of data storage has decreased, the amount of data that needs to be managed has increased in line with a wave of new regulation and the emergence of new roles. With data being firmly recognized as a valuable asset within the business, keeping up with trends and the development and execution of an effective data strategy is crucial to the success and growth of financial firms. Inside Market Data and Inside Reference Data are delighted to host this established summit that will enable data executives and decision-makers to stay one step ahead of the pack.

    Key highlights of the 2016 agenda include:

    A keynote presentation from Peter Serenita, Global Chief Data Officer, HSBC

    An exclusive end user Chief Data Officer panel featuring representatives from EDM COUNCIL, JP MORGAN, US DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY, CITIZENS BANK, TD BANK and CREDIT SUISSE

    Panel discussions featuring senior thought leaders in the market data space on issues including: managing vendor contracts and licensing agreements, using market data to increase returns, women in data management, utilizing analytics, KYC and client on boarding, and measuring the costs of market data mobile and cloud solutions

    Practical guidance on how to implement a successful data governance strategy, improve your data quality, stay ahead of the regulatory burden, and consider the use of utilities for reference data

    Afternoon champagne roundtables, creating an informal environment to discuss and share ideas followed by a new harvest session whereby the hosts share their tables 3 key outcomes with the rest of the conference

    New technology to allow you to submit your questions and participate in live polls during the panel discussions

    Six unrivalled opportunities to network with 350+ industry peers throughout the day, ending with a drinks reception open to all attendees

    The 2016 agenda will provide you with the opportunity to learn new techniques to gain business benefits from your market and reference data investments, to turn the global regulatory burden into opportunity, and to create innovative data strategies to respond to rapid economic and regulatory changes. Can you afford to miss out?

    We look forward to welcoming you personally to the conference on May 18.

    With warm regards,

    Who should attend the 2016 North American Financial Information Summit?

    This event will be of value to all those working in market data, reference data and enterprise data management in financial institutions. It is of particular relevance to those executives with the following job titles:

    Chief Innovation Officer Chief Digital Officer Chief Data Officer Chief Compliance Officer Chief Information Officer Chief Operating Officer Chief Technology Officer Global, Regional, Country Heads, Directors and

    Senior Management with responsibility for:

    What is in it for you?

    Discover the implications of new regulation on market data, reference data and operational needs

    Hear leading data experts and decision makers discuss best practices to drive costs down while extracting value from your data strategies

    Participate in live polls and champagne roundtables to delve deeper into key topics including market data costs, technology infrastructure, women in data management, contract management and analytics

    Learn about the role of reference data management in the new regulatory environment, how to profit from a successful data governance strategy and benefit from reference data utilities and managed services

    Discover how the data management industry is changing, how new roles are emerging and the implications of the evolving landscape

    Meet with your peers and network with key industry leaders to discuss the challenges and solutions for the year ahead

    Market Data Services Data Administration Market Data Commercial Reference Data Strategy Reference Data Quality

    & Operations Client Data Services Data Architecture Enterprise Data Management Data Outsourcing Algorithmic Trading Information Systems IT Strategy & Trading


    Electronic Trading & Execution Market Data Operations Data Desktops and Infrastructure Market Data Analysts Risk Management Operational Risk Data Analytics IT Infrastructure Cloud Computing Vendor Management Market Data Management Know Your Client and Client

    Onboarding Regulatory Reporting

    Max Bowie, Editor, Inside Market Data

    Michael Shashoua, Editor, Inside Reference Dataa

  • 8.30 Registration and breakfast8.50 Welcome remarks: Max Bowie, Editor, INSIDE MARKET DATA.

    What are your biggest data management challenges? Managing budgets Regulatory issues Data quality Data governance Cyber security OtherInteractive Audience Poll via - vote live to generate real time content #NAFIS

    9.00 Keynote Presentation: Peter Serenita, Group Chief Data Officer, HSBC9.25 Inside Market Data Stream Inside Reference Data Stream9.30 Opening remarks: To be confirmed Opening remarks: Chris Johnson, Senior Product Manager, Market Data, HSBC

    SECURITIES SERVICES9.35 Panel: The 2016 outlook for market data

    Evolving skill sets: addressing the myriad of skills that are now required to prevail as a market data professional what skill sets are really needed?

    Where does the market data professional sit within the business and who should they report into? Will their direct line of report be the CDO in the future?

    Assessing how the internal structure of various sized firms differ and establishing whether there are any best practises that can be learnt from each other

    Exploring the main regulatory challenges that are facing the industry and the best way of overcoming them

    Examining the ways in which the current economic environment is affecting data budgets and stimulating demand for market data?

    Moderator: Edmund Flynn, Vice President, Global Market Data Sourcing, MORGAN STANLEY Mark W Januszka, Regional Head, Americas, Global Data Services, HSBC SECURITIES Jenny Tsouvalis, Senior Vice President & Chief Operations Officer, OMERS Senior Representative, THOMSON REUTERS

    Panel: The 2016 outlook for reference data Leveraging regulatory initiatives to ensure consistency and transparency across

    your firm how is the current regulatory landscape shaping your data strategy and how are you assessing your data needs? How can we harmonize the effort?

    Examining the implications of MiFID II on the US financial market and the requirements needed to ensure that you are fully prepared for the looming deadline

    Are BCBS 239, CCAR and Basel III the primary drivers for expediting your data management activities and are there other key regulations that are impacting your data management program?

    Taking a firmwide view for regulatory change management with the aim to align operational, IT and business functions to safeguard the long term success of your business

    Determining where the reference data disconnect lies and establishing best practices to alleviate the issue

    Moderator: Karla Mckenna, Director, CITI and Head of Standard, GLEIF Chris Vickery, Managing Director, Chief Operations Officer, NOMURA Lance Risi, Director, Cross Reference Services, S&P GLOBAL MARKET INTELLIGENCE

    10.20 Available for sponsorship If you are interested in sponsoring this session please contact

    Available for sponsorshipIf you are interested in sponsoring this session please contact

    10.40 Morning Break and Opportunity to Network11.05 Panel: Effective vendor management - turning vendors int