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    I learned that cour-

    age is not the ab-

    sence of fears, but the

    triumph over it.

    - Nelson Mandela

    In This Issue

    Yay its May

    Wolverines in Action

    Kiss the Seniors Goodbye

    Bike rodeo update

    Sean Morrison Ban-quet

    Scavenger hunt

    One of the memes used to Kiss the Seniors Goodbye

    Yay its May Yay its May! That means school is starting to rap up with finals and fun end of school

    events. Most of our Clubbers are ready for the summer and the fun it will bring. But

    still we did lots of fun activities this month like rapping up our bike rodeos, and even

    helping one the student at the school having to battle cancer. May was great and the

    club is really looking forward to stay involved during the summer!

    Wolverines in Action As the weather starts to warm up more and more people are starting to spend time out-

    side, so Riverton High School went on a mission to beautify the community. We sent

    out the entire school to go and pick up trash round town. Some kids were just sent

    around the school, while some of them were sent all the way out on the highway and

    other went to our parks and popular public areas.

    I was sent to the Legion Field, which is our local baseball field. We picked up trash

    around the field and stands. We ended up finishing early and we were able to play a

    couple rounds of kick ball until it was time to head back.

    Kiss the Seniors Goodbye

    With graduation closing in quick, us at Riverton High School decided to make Kiss

    the Seniors Goodbye bags. This idea is basically a couple Hersheys kisses and card

    with either a quote or funny meme on it. We sold about seventy of them, which was a

    good profit because we sold them for about $5 each.

    Key Club would also like to send a goodbye to the seniors of Key Club. So goodbye to

    Avery Hatfield and Ian Squires we will miss you guys and hope there's lots in store for

    your futures.

    Chelsea Felton May 2016


    A Graduate!

    Shut up!!!

  • Ideas for your Key Club

    Ice Breaker: Fly Swatter -

    the rules of this game are

    simple. You need just a

    foam noodle that people

    use for swimming and

    about a group of fifteen

    or more people. Everyone

    need to stand in circle

    while one person stands

    in the middle. The person

    in them middle gets to

    hold the noodle. They

    need to go up to one per-

    son and try to hit them

    before they say someone

    else's name. The person

    in the middle continues

    trying to hit people until

    someone messes up and

    doesnt mention

    someone's else's name in

    time, then that person

    gets to stand in the mid-

    dle and try to hit people.

    Fundraisers: Most of the

    year we have fundraisers

    for Key Club. Like our

    Kiss the Seniors Good-

    bye Fundraiser. But the

    end of the year isnt the

    only time for fundraisers.

    Holidays are a great time

    to take advantage of your

    school fundraisers. Sell

    Flowers on Valentines

    day, Candy Canes on

    Christmas, Turkeys on

    Thanksgiving well I

    guess you dont need to

    go that far. But you get

    the idea, its a great way

    to show your school what

    Key Club is and it builds

    great school spirit!

    Bike Rodeo Update This month our club was able to finish our Bike Rodeo which were all great suc-

    cesses. At one of our schools we needed all hands on deck because there was

    over 300 students. We had about sixteen student sign up for the school and every

    thing went along smoothly. One of the schools I attended had lot of great kids

    ranging in grade from K-2. They learned so much and I enjoyed having lunch

    with the kids. We even rapped up early and we were done and cleaned up by 2


    Sean Morrison Banquet A couple months ago we discovered one of our students has been diagnosed with

    stage 3 testicular cancer. Our community has been great at helping and support-

    ing his family with his fight against cancer. A go fund me page was started to

    help the family with medical expenses and traveling cost. Then the Riverton Key

    Club and FFA held a spaghetti dinner banquet to help fundraise more money. The

    family was super grateful for our help and we were happy to give our hard work

    to a good cause.

    Scavenger Hunt

    At our last Key Club meeting of the school year we all went on a selfie scavenger

    hunt. Our advisor Ms. Hammer made a list with places locally to take picture in

    front of. We had to have somebody on our team that could drive and someone

    with a phone that took some good selfies. She even made it a competition to see

    who made it back to the school first.

    Some of the places we were sent was our local skate park, our football field, we

    even had to take picture with our pets. We all ran around town like crazy animals.

    Not to mention all the weird looks we got for

    taking selfies in usually places. My group didnt

    win but we still ended getting water guns as priz-

    es, so we just told everyone we won. Also I still

    had lots of funny pictures taken for us look back


    May Issue

    Photos from the Scavenger hunt


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