Maybe you should learn to relax.. Section 1 Before You Read What do you usually do after class? I do: I don’t do:

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  • Maybe you should learn to relax.

  • Section 1 Before You ReadWhat do you usually do after class?I do:

    I dont do:

  • Section 1 Before You ReadLook up these words in a dictionary.footballcomplainpressurefreedomorganizedpushycompare. ,.,,.

  • Section 2 While You Read Life for Cathy Taylors three children is very busy. Their school days are busy enough. After school, though, Cathy takes the two boys from football to basketball. Then she has to take her daughter to piano lessons. The tired children dont get home until 7 pm. They have a quick supper, and its time for homework.Cathy Taylor.7.

  • Section 2 While You Read The Taylors are like many Americanand British parents. They take their childrenfrom activity to activity, and try to fit as much as possible into their kids lives. Doctorssay many children are under too much pressure. Teachers complain about teachingtired kids in the classroom. . ..

  • Section 2 While You Read Most children take part in after-schoolclubs. Activities include sports, languagelearning, music, and math classes. Pushyparents are nothing new, but now parentsseem to push their children a lot more. Parents see other children doing a lot ofthings, and they feel their own children should do the same. , .

  • Section 2 While You Read Linda Miller, a mother of three in London, knows all about such pressure.In some families, competition starts froma very young age, she says. Mothers sendtheir kids to all other children. Its crazy. People shouldnt push their kids so hard. .

  • Section 2 While You Read Dr Alice Green agrees. She also says that these children may find it hard to thinkfor themselves when they are older. Parentsare trying to plan their kids lives for them.When these kids are adults, they might findit difficult to plan things for themselves. . ..

  • Section 2 While You ReadParents should learn to give their kids a bitmore time to themselves. On the one hand,children need organized activities. On theother hand, they also need time and freedomto relax, and they need time to do things bythemselves.

  • Section 3 After You ReadIs the situation the same in China?American and British children do many after- school activities.Many children are under pressure.Parents these days push their children much harder than before.Competition between families starts at a young age.Children should have free time to relax.

  • Section 3 After You ReadPressure is a serious problem in todaysworld. What should we do to relax.Lets discuss.Questions:When do you feel under pressure?What should you do to relax?