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  • 8/3/2019 Mayonnaise Power Point


  • 8/3/2019 Mayonnaise Power Point


    MayonnaiseSiti Sara Binti Md Dahan

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    Generally said to have been derived from the French word manier. Defined by the FDA as the emulsified semisolid food

    (oil in water emulsion) prepared from vegetable oil(s)(highly stable), acidifying ingredients, egg-yolkcontaining ingredients, and spices.

    Should contain up to 80 percent fat . Mayonnaise is different from salad dressing ( doesn't

    contain egg yolks and sweeter than mayonaise). Rapeseed, soyabean, maize and sunflower oils can be

    used in commercial mayonnaise. Involved hydrogenation and winterization process.

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    Typical formulation for mayonnaise (weight%) Egg yolk 6% Water 12% Acetic acid 0.20 % Sugar 1.55%

    Salt 0.25 % Oil 80%

    (soy bean oil)

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    Composition of Regular Mayonnaise(Soybean oil)

    Saturated fatty acid composition: 0.1% Myristic (C14) 10.6% Palmitic (C16) 0.1% Margaric (C17)

    4.0% Stearic (C18) 0.3% Arachidic (C20 0.3% Behenic (C22)

    Unsaturated fatty acids composition: 0.1% Palmitoleic (C16:1) 23.2% Oleic (C18:1) 53.7% Linoleic (C18:2) 7.6% (C18:3)

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    Physical Properties

    Characteristic Specification

    Odour and flavour Bland

    Appearance Clear and Bright

    Droplet size (oil) 2.64 micrometer

    Texture Very thick and viscousColour White or yellowish-white

    Solid at room temperature.

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    Chemical properties

    Characteristic Specification

    Density 910 kg/cm3

    Peroxide value m Eq/kg 0.5

    Specific gravity 0.91

    PH 3.8 - 4.6

    It does not have specific melting point and smoke pointbecause it depends on the type of veg.oil use.

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    Nutritional Properties One tbsp (13gm) contains:Total calories : 57 kcal, Fat calories: 66 kcal

    Nutritional value Amount

    Total fat 6g

    Saturated fat 838mgTrans fat 25mg

    Cholesterol 3mg

    Sodium 76mg

    Total carbohydrate 1g

    Dietary fiber 32mg

    Sugar 527mg

    Protein 154mg

    Vitamin E 856ug

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    Nutritional Value Mayonnaise contains Vitamin E , which may protect

    postmenopausal women against strokes ( American Journal of Clinical Nutrition .) A study published by The New England Journal of

    Medicine also found a significant reduction in risk of heart disease among women who ate the mostVitamin E-rich foods , such as mayonnaise.

    Mayonnaise is naturally free of trans fats and is madewith heart-healthy oils.

    And some mayonnaise is made with omega-3 fatty

    acids , which have been shown to reduce sudden deathfrom heart attacks It have also been linked to the positive treatment of

    depression, arthritis and colon inflammation.

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  • 8/3/2019 Mayonnaise Power Point



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    Quality characterization of cholesterol free mayonnaisetype spread containing rice bran oil.By: Karen Melissa Garcia,B.S. Chemical Engineering, Louisiana StateUniversity, August 2006Websites:

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