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MBG Metallbeschichtung Gerstungen GmbH converts waste coating powders into heat

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Page 1: MBG Metallbeschichtung Gerstungen GmbH converts waste coating powders into heat



It was concluded that the AFM-based technique of localimpedance spectroscopy oforganic coatings makes it possibleto identify and spatially localizethe points of polymer degradation.It provides more information thanthe classical impedance techniqueperformed on a global scale sinceit overcomes the shortcomings ofaveraging results over the entiresurface area under investigation.The technique offers substantialpotential where detection ofdiscrete faults in polymer coatingis needed. It is free fromelectrolyte and offers a new toolin materials engineering that hasnot been applied previously.

Article entitled “Local Impedance Spectra ofOrganic Coatings” by M Szocinski and KDarowicki of the Gdansk University ofTechnology, Poland. Original Source: PolymerDegradation and Stability, Jan 2013, 98 (1),261-265 (Website:http://www.sciencedirect.com) © Elsevier Ltd2013


Argex strengthens collaborationwith PPG

PPG Industries has become ArgexTitane’s first client. Canadiancompany Argex Titane will supplythe US giant with titanium dioxidepigment under the terms of a longterm contract. PPG will provideArgex Titane with research anddevelopment services in order tooptimize its pigments production forpaints and coatings. Thisagreement replaces a collaborativeagreement signed between the twogroups in 2012. Financial terms ofthe contract have not beendisclosed. Argex Titane is based inMontreal, PQ and is currentlydeveloping an exclusive processfor making very high purity titaniumdioxide. The group’s first factory inValleyfield, PQ is scheduled toopen at start 2015.

Original Source: Chimie Pharma Hebdo, 8 Jul2013, (640), (Website:http://www.industrie.com/chimie/) (in French)© ETAI Information 2013

Titan Paints & Chemicals offersepoxy powder paints

Titan Paints & Chemicals providesepoxy powder paints. Lakshmiepoxy powder paints haveproperties like durability, corrosionresistance, toughness, flexibility,electric insulation and giveprotection to substrates. Lakshmiepoxy powder paints are availablein a wide range of colours andcan be used in areas likeautomobile spares, steel furniture,textile machinery, kitchenware,horns etc.

Original Source: Purchase (India), May 2013,36 (5), 208 (Website:http://www.indianpurchase.com/) © Purchase2013

MBG Metallbeschichtung GerstungenGmbH converts waste coatingpowders into heat

The Institut Fraunhofer deproduction et d’automatisation(IFF), Magdebourg, Saxe-Anhalt,Germany, and MBGMetallbeschichtung GerstungenGmbH have jointly developed apilot plant to convert wastecoating and plastics powders intoheat. This is so far used to treatwaste coating powders duringoriginal coating. Natural gas usecan be cut by 25%. MBG has apatent for the process.

Original Source: Double Liaison, May 2013,(592), 35 (Website: http://www.groupe-etai.com) (in French) © Le Groupe ETAI2013

PPG delivers record 2Q 2013results

PPG Industries reported record2Q 2013 net sales of $4.1 bn, up16% versus 2Q 2012. The 2Q2013 reported net income fromcontinuing operations was $341M, or $2.35/diluted share. The 2Q2012 reported net income andearnings/diluted share fromcontinuing operations were $297M and $1.92 respectively. Therewere no nonrecurring charges in2Q 2012. PPG also announcedthat its board of directorsapproved a $102 M businessrestructuring programme.

Performance Coatings segmentsales for 2Q 2013 were $1.7 bn,up 36%, or $447 M, versus 2Q2012 due principally to sales fromacquired businesses. IndustrialCoatings segment sales for 2Q2013 were $1.2 bn, advancing13%, or $142 M, versus 2Q 2012due to higher volumes combinedwith acquisition-related gains.Architectural Coatings – EMEA(Europe, Middle East and Africa)segment sales for 2Q 2013 were$571 M, a decline of $30 M, or5%, versus 2Q 2012 due tovolume declines. The 2Q 2013Optical and Speciality Materialssegment sales were $326 M, up$12 M, or 4%, versus strong 2Q2012 led by single-digitpercentage volume gains in bothoptical products and silicas. Glasssegment sales were $269 M for2Q 2013, down $4 M year overyear. Net sales were $7,426 M for1H 2013 ($6,861 in 1H 2012).Net Income was $2,751 M in 1H2013 ($375 M in 1H 2012). Thefinancial figures for the companyare presented in tables.

Original Source: PPG Industries Inc, OnePPG Place Pittsburgh, PA 15272, USA, tel:+1 412 434 3131, website:http://www.ppg.com (18 Jul 2013) © PPGIndustries 2013

PPG heavy-duty equipment coatingsplant starts operation in Tianjin

PPG Industries (PPG) inaugurateda new manufacturing facility forthe production of heavy-dutyequipment coatings in Tianjin,China, on 22 Jul 2013. TheTianjin site also has installedequipment to help reduce VOC(volatile organic compound)emissions and preserve the localenvironment. With capacity ofabout 9000 tonnes/y, the newplant will produce industrialcoatings for China-basedmanufacturers of heavy-dutymachinery, such as agricultural,construction and miningequipment. Demand for premiumcoatings products in variousindustries and by local andmultinational companies operatingin China continues to growrapidly. Along with the Tianjin