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    NUMBER DESCRIPTION DESCRIPTIONMC15-CVR Cover Sheet 000 MiscMC15-000 General Arrangement-Three Views 100 WingsMC15-100 Wing Assembly-Spar Webs and Caps 200 FuselageMC15-101/104 (101)RH Wing Spar Inbd Portion/(104) LH Wing Spar Inbd Portion 300 Tail ComponentsMC15-102/103 (102)RH&LH Wing Spars-Root Ends/(103)RH Wing Spar-Outbd Portion 400 Main GearMC15-105/106 (105)RH Wing Mounting/(106)Ribs and Attachment Fittings-Details 500 Power PlantMC15-107/108 (107)Flaps-Assembly and Details/(108)Flap Brackets-Wing Tip Fairings 600 ControlsMC15-109 Riveting Plan-Spar and RH Wing Assembly 700 Instrument PanelMC15-200 Fuselage-General 800 Nose/Cockpit ItemsMC15-201 Fuselage Skins DimensionsMC15-202 Frame 4-DetailsMC15-203 Frame 4-Rear FaceMC15-204 Frame 4-Front FaceMC15-205 Fuselage-Aft Portion-Riveting-StringersMC15-206 Stiffeners-Aft Portion of FuselageMC15-207 Frames 11,12 and 13-DetailsMC15-208 Fuselage-Aft Portion-AssemblyMC15-209 Fuselage-Forward Portion Riveting-StringersMC15-210 Fuselage-Forward Portion-AssemblyMC15-211 Frames 1 and 1BMC15-212 Frame 7MC15-213 Frame 6-Longitudinal Beam F4-F6MC15-214 Frame 3MC15-215 Frame 5MC15-216 Frame 2-Forward StiffenersMC15-217 Canopy FramingMC15-218 CanopyMC15-300/301 (300)Fin-General/(301)Fin SparMC15-302 Vertical Tail-DetailsMC15-303/304 (303)Fin-Upper Portion/(304)Fin-Lower PortionMC15-305/306 (305)Fin to Fuselage Attachment/(306)RudderMC15-307 Horizontal Tail-Assembly and DetailsMC15-400 Main GearMC15-401 Nose Gear-Brakes-Wheel FairingMC15-500 Power Plant Group-AssemblyMC15-501 Power Plant Group-DetailsMC15-600 Elevator Control System-Assembly-DetailsMC15-601 Elevator and Aileron Control-DetailsMC15-602 Flap and Aileron Control SystemMC15-603 Rudder controlsMC15-700 Instrument Panel-Airspeed-SeatMC15-800 Nose-Ventilation-Fuel Tank-Engine ControlsMC15-TRLR Vehicle Trailer


  • Cover SheetMC15 Drawing ListGeneral Arrangement-Three ViewsWing Assembly-Spar Webs and Caps(101)RH Wing Spar Inbd Portion/(104) LH Wing Spar Inbd Portion(102)RH&LH Wing Spars-Root Ends/(103)RH Wing Spar-Outbd Portion(105)RH Wing Mounting/(106)Ribs and Attachment Fittings-Details(107)Flaps-Assembly and Details/(108)Flap Brackets-Wing Tip FairingsRiveting Plan-Spar and RH Wing AssemblyFuselage-GeneralFuselage Skins DimensionsFrame 4-DetailsFrame 4-Rear FaceFrame 4-Front FaceFuselage-Aft Portion-Riveting-StringersStiffeners-Aft Portion of FuselageFrames 11,12 and 13-DetailsFuselage-Aft Portion-AssemblyFuselage-Forward Portion Riveting-StringersFuselage-Forward Portion-AssemblyFrames 1 and 1BFrame 7Frame 6-Longitudinal Beam F4-F6Frame 3Frame 5Frame 2-Forward StiffenersCanopy FramingCanopy(300)Fin-General/(301)Fin SparVertical Tail-Details(303)Fin-Upper Portion/(304)Fin-Lower Portion(305)Fin to Fuselage Attachment/(306)RudderHorizontal Tail-Assembly and DetailsMain GearNose Gear-Brakes-Wheel FairingPower Plant Group-AssemblyPower Plant Group-DetailsElevator Control System-Assembly-DetailsElevator and Aileron Control-DetailsFlap and Aileron Control SystemRudder controlsInstrument Panel-Airspeed-SeatNose-Ventilation-Fuel Tank-Engine ControlsVehicle Trailer