Meat Processing Plant Yatran

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Meat Processing Plant Yatran. Made By Vdovenko Vladislav Form 9-A Taras Shevchenko himnasia. About Yatran. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Meat Processing Plant Yatran

Meat Processing Plant Yatran Made By Vdovenko Vladislav Form 9-A Taras Shevchenko himnasia

About Yatran Meat Processing Plant Yatran - a food industry that specializes in the manufacture of cooked, boiled-smoked sausages and smoked located in Kirovograd. The company manufactures products for both BS and your own original design.

System of qualityThe company is constantly introducing advanced international system of quality control and product safety .

Since 2007 passed the certification standard for Food Safety Management ISO 22000 , which includes the principles of HACCP.

HACCP system - control system in which food safety is considered in evaluation and control of biological, chemical and physical hazards in the whole chain of production of each food product .

ProductionAssortment of sausages of over 200 titles and is constantly updated according to market requirements. It should be noted that a significant portion of total occupied sausage sausages made with traditional techniques .

Among the range of products are the following names:

Financial performance in 2001 rokuVareni sausage " Doctor ," " Amateur ", " milk ", " Shynkova ", " Mortadella ", " Doctor's delicious ," " Spicy " ( top grade ), " special milk " ( first grade)Frankfurters : " With cheese ," "From turkey breast ", " milk ", " Frankfurt ", " Vienna ", " Slab bacon and cheese " ( top grade ), " Kirovograd ", " special milk ", " Student " ( first grade )Sardeli : "School " ( top grade )Summer sausage , " Salami Home ", " Brunswick ", " Moskovskaya ", " Salami Vienna ", " Salami with pepper " ( top grade ), " Salami Prague " ( first grade)

In addition, the company produced other products such as:Sausages "Picnic"Sausages "Yatranchyk"sausages without shellboiled-smoked sausagessmoked sausagesmoked fish, pateflood and blood sausagecutting, and so on.

Features of productsTM " Yatran " and " Yatranchyk " made on modern Ukrainian factory, which introduced European standards : ISO 9001 - quality management system and ISO 22000 - food safety management system , which includes the principles of HACCP ;Production greatest number of product items and higher grades in accordance with ISO standards;TM " Yatran " and " Yatranchyk " is made of selected high-grade chilled meat that has passed rigorous chemical and bacteriological test ;

StructureSociety has different infrastructure and there are : proprietary trading , transport station , construction sector , mechanical and power sites , compressor plant , boiler and economic district .

Raw materialsProcurement of raw materials in 2009, the company held by live weight of the collective farms and the population in 14 regions of Ukraine relations: from households - 91.1% of the population - 8.9%.

Finished products company has through its own branded stores, national and regional networks of super-and hypermarkets and retail stores most regions of Ukraine under direct contracts.

My mindI think, that Yatran is one of the best factories in Ukraine . It makes very tasty production and makes it good . It has modern equipment and develops in cross with science.Yatran has good future !The End