MeccPhD Colloquia Doctoralia 2015 - Politecnico di COLLOQUIA DOCTORALIA 2015 MeccPhD Colloquia Doctoralia

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  • 16- 23 JanuaryMeccPhD COLLOQUIA DOCTORALIA 2015

    MeccPhD Colloquia Doctoralia 2015January Session

    Prof. LEONARDO DE CHIFFRE Technical University of Denmark

    Prof. TIRTHANKAR DASGUPTA Harvard University

    Dr. NATHAN CRILLY University of Cambridge

    Prof. GEORGES M. FADELClemson University

    Prof. DAVID EWINSUniversity of Bristol

    Prof. DARIO VANGI Universit degli Studi di Firenze

    Prof. MAURO VELARDOCCHIAPolitecnico di Torino

    Prof. GUNNAR HRKEGRD Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU

    Prof. NICOLA PAONE Universit Politecnica delle Marche

    Dr. VITOMIR RACICThe University of Sheffield

    Prof. PAUL REYNOLDS University of Exeter

    Info and contact:

    Politecnico di Milano Department of Mechanical Engineering Via La Masa 1, 20156, Milan


    Our 2015 MeccPhD Colloquia Doctoralia will be organized in two different sessions; the second one will take place in March 2015.

    Technical Discussion: all Candidates present their PhD thesis to selected Opponents (internationally recognized experts in the field). During the discussion, Candidates outline the technical contributions of the thesis and answer the Opponent's questions.

    The second step consists in the Final Defense session. Doctoral Candidates briefly present their work to the Examination Board, disclosing the wider significance of the research. All sessions end with a public proclamation of Candidates' final grades.

    We are honoured to welcome our Opponents:

    Prof. ALESSANDRO VIGLIANI Politecnico di Torino

    Within the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Doctoral Final Defenses comprise two major phases:

  • 16-23 JanuaryMeccPhD COLLOQUIA DOCTORALIA 2015

    JANUARY 22nd14:00 Sala TA1Doctoral Defense of Federico Maria Ballo Optimal structural design for improving safety of road vehiclesOpponent: prof. Georges M. Fadel, Clemson University

    JANUARY 22nd

    14:00 Sala ComunicanteDoctoral Defense of Anna Maria Chiara Cappellini An innovative approach to evaluate people's effect on the dynamic behavior of structures Opponent: prof. David Ewins, University of Bristol

    JANUARY 22nd

    14:00 Sala Riunioni P1 BertoliniDoctoral Defense of Marco CitroThe hedgehog shape memory alloys based shock absorberOpponent: prof. Dario Vangi, Universit degli Studi di Firenze

    JANUARY 22nd

    14:00 Sala AcquarioDoctoral Defense of Stefano SolbiatiHuman body response to multi-axial dynamical vibrationsOpponent: prof. Nicola Paone, Universit Politecnica delle Marche

    Politecnico di Milano Department of Mechanical Engineering Via La Masa 1, 20156, Milan

    Info and contact:

    JANUARY 23rdEXAMINATION BOARD A8:30 Sala Consiglio Sesini

    PhD DefendantsFederico Maria BalloAnna Maria Chiara Cappellini Marco CitroMarco Luigi Giuseppe Grasso Francesco PucilloSilvio RabboliniMatteo Scaccabarozzi Stefano SolbiatiWahyudin P. Syam

    BoardProf. Alfredo Cigada (Chair) Politecnico di MilanoProf. Gaetano Cascini Politecnico di MilanoDr. Nathan CrillyProf. Tirthankar Dasgupta Prof. Leonardo De Chiffre Prof. David EwinsProf. Georges M. Fadel Prof. Gunnar Hrkegrd, Prof. Nicola PaoneDr. Vitomir RacicProf. Paul ReynoldsProf. Dario Vangi

    PhD Defendant Erfan AfrasiabiFriction laws for high performance tire rubber compounds

    BoardProf. Francesco Braghin (Chair) Politecnico di Milano Prof. Mauro Velardocchia Prof. Alessandro Vigliani

    JANUARY 23rdEXAMINATION BOARD B10:30 Sala Acquario

    JANUARY 16th15:30 Sala AcquarioDoctoral Defense of Marco Luigi Giuseppe Grasso Profile monitoring of multi-stream sensor data Opponent: prof. Tirthankar Dasgupta, Harvard University

    JANUARY 19th10:00 Sala Comunicante Doctoral Defense of Wahyudin P. Syam Uncertainty evaluation and performance verification of a 3D geometric focus-variation measurementOpponent: prof. Leonardo De Chiffre, Technical University of Denmark

    JANUARY 22nd10:00 Sala AcquarioDoctoral Defense of Francesco Pucillo A methodology for affording UX Opponent: dr. Nathan Crilly,University of Cambridge

    JANUARY 22nd10:00 Sala Consiglio-European Doctorate Doctoral Defense of Matteo Scaccabarozzi Innovative technique to assess tensile axial load in tie-rods by means of dynamic measurements Opponents: prof. Paul Reynolds, University of Exeter, dr. Vitomir Racic, The University of Sheffield

    JANUARY 22nd11:30 Sala Ovale BertoliniDoctoral Defense of Silvio Rabbolini Methods for LCF life predictions in presence of defects Opponent: prof. Gunnar Hrkegrd, NTNU



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