, Foreword: Dr. Heri Budianto M.Si (The Chair of International Conference Committee) MEDIA, COMMUNICATION. and SOCIETY EMPOWERMENT Edited by: Didik Haryadi Santoso I Agustinus Hary Setyaw an I Elysa Hartati I Noor Aeni Suppor ted by: II) UUIVEllSln ~ lHM ~~YSIA AS P I,KClI M MEReu BUANA YOGY/\KARTA

MEDIA, COMMUNICATION. and SOCIETY …pustaka.unpad.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Abstrak...Foreword: Dr. Heri Budianto M.Si (The Chair of International Conference Committee) MEDIA,

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Page 1: MEDIA, COMMUNICATION. and SOCIETY …pustaka.unpad.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Abstrak...Foreword: Dr. Heri Budianto M.Si (The Chair of International Conference Committee) MEDIA,


Foreword:Dr. Heri Budianto M.Si

(The Chair of International Conference Committee)


Edited by:Didik Haryadi Santoso IAgustinus Hary Setyaw an IElysa Hartati INoor Aeni

Suppor ted by:



Page 2: MEDIA, COMMUNICATION. and SOCIETY …pustaka.unpad.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Abstrak...Foreword: Dr. Heri Budianto M.Si (The Chair of International Conference Committee) MEDIA,



COPYII.</III "'1~1<:11 Buana University of Yogyakarra, Universiu Sains "'Ialaysla, ASPIKOM

Autho r :Slk.1 NIII 11I(1.lh.1ie,llI1<l Agusun, Dadang Rahmat Hrdayat, l{ell:Jld Anisa. I :en Budianro,

Ellen M"1,1I1L' Yasak, Muhamad Sulhan. Muhammad Nastam, Anom Erman.Ibrahrm Faridah,fl I. D, I . Drdrk Haryadi SanlOSO. R.llll D" I Lestan, Dran M~I haem K. MubiliOk. Zulhefi,

Ruslan Hurasan, Veranus Sidharta, Yoki Yusanto, Dian Wardiana Suchro, Heri Ruslan.Bac hua: Wahab.Jrmawanti, Rachmaniar; Ikhsan Fuady, Meria Octaviarui. Dena Rahmawan.

Sl.nnet Mulyana, Rd. Funny. Rizky Imania. Dahniarny Maulina Bahar; Muhammad ArifSyuhada.S,IIIIIlI~ Malik. Aurelius Telurna. Muhammad Annas Triwihowo. Atwar Baiari,

Rully Kh;II'lIl Anwar; Evi Novianti. Moch. Dulkiah. M. Taufiq Rahman, Yuli Seryowati.Wld,,,I,, Mukuyo. Mahendra Wijaya. Sarah Rurnltandayani. Sit.i Kornslah. Eli [arnilah,

1)""1 11.111""""llSlh. Lusmery RM Girsaug Agus Seriaman. Dadang Sugiana. Betty Tresnawaty,S""l'II1II,llullloan Novan, Robertus Romrome. Rahrrnin, Pir Owners, Dltha Prasanti,

J.:""11y"I' 1-:1K.,non;lh. Elysa Hartati, lskak lsmuwldarto, Mohammad Ibnur khalid. Idin Saidin

Foreword:Dr. Heri Budianto M.Si

The Chair of international Conference Comnuttee

Edited by:lJ,ri,k 11.11Y..ld, 5.1111050. Agustinus lIary Setyawan. Elysa Hartati. Noor Aeni

Design Cover & Layout:Ibnu Teguh W

Published by:Buku Litera Yogyakarta

Minggiran MJ 11/1378, nr 63/17Suryodiningratan. Mantrrjeron, Yogyakarta

Tclp. 0274-388895. [email protected]

Supported by:Mereu Buana University of Yogyakaria

Universili Sains MalaysiaASPIKOM

Special Copies. November 2016Printed on Malapadi Yogyakarta

viii+ 408 page; 155 x 215 mmISBN: 978-602-6751-39-3


Alliamdulillalurobil 'alaIII iin, we are the committee would like toexpress our gratitude for finishing this book. The articles within this bookare the collection of panellists' scientific papers joining communicationinternational conference held in Yogyakarta, November 1 - 3, 2016.

This book is the works of the practitioners and academics from 21universities taking part in the communication international conferencehosted by Mereu Buana University of Yogyakarta in order to weJc?m'e its30th Anniversary. This conference is successfully held in cooperation withthe Centre for Study of Communication and Literacy of Mereu BuanaUniversity of Yogyakarta and the Communication Higher EducationAssociation.

Those works are the results of research and literature review,particularly related to Communication and Global SOCiety Empowermentfrom diverse perspectives. We hope that this book can be an additionalreference for communication science in particular, and other sciences ingeneral. We realize that there are some shortcomings and weaknesses incomposing this book. We thank to those who have assisted in finishingthis book. In the end, we hope this book can be beneficial for us.

Yogyakarta, October 27,2016

Dr. Heri Budianto M.Si

The Chair of International Conference Committee

Page 3: MEDIA, COMMUNICATION. and SOCIETY …pustaka.unpad.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Abstrak...Foreword: Dr. Heri Budianto M.Si (The Chair of International Conference Committee) MEDIA,


Communication and Global Society Empowerment is a major themein the 2nd communication international conference hosted by MereuBuana University of Yogyakarta. The theme is relevant with the currentglobal situation in which the issues concerning society empowermentbecome \ eq crucial considering the society aspect becomes the core of theeffort in developing a civilized and sustained society. This empowermentprocess call run linear but it also can run as like a circle cycle.The approachis also varied, top down and bottom up.

III the ultra-modern era. the societies are faced in two dimensions atonce. Fit st , they take a role actively as the actors in building civilization;second. they arc trapped in the circle of exploitation. monopoly, andcommodification. Besides. in the global society or cross-regional,communication is one of the keys in the society either in the level ofcountry, ulInpany. community. media industry and so on. In this position,it becomes 11l1L' uf vcr)' strategic perspectives and studies.

'I his book IS issued and presented for the readers to share ideas fromvarious perspectives. TIle results of study, thought, idea. and concept withinthis book are expected to be able to inspire and contribute in realizing thesustained civilization development across regional and global. Have a nicereading!

Yogyakarta, October 27. 2016

Didik Haryadi Santoso M.A


-------- --------------




Media Industry and Ethics of Journalism

Sika Nur lndah

The Challenge of Mass Media Industry and JournalismEducation in IndonesiaA Multiple Case Study About The Challenge in EvaluatingJournalist Competency Standard in Rural AreasHerlina Agustin, Dadang Rahmat Hidayat, Renata Anisa

Perception of Young Voters on Information of LocalGovernment Election (Pilkada) 2015 Through The Mass

MediaHeri Budianto, Ellen Meian zi Yasak

The Self Image of Indonesian President's Candidateon Media (Analysis of Media Representation of Self [okoWidodo & Prabowo Subianto as Indonesian President'sCandidate 2014-2019)Muhamnd Su/han

Transgender Representation in Mass MediaMuhammad Nastain

The Value of Media Freedom: Indonesia-MalaysiaAnom Erman, Ibrahim Faridah, Rosada Dede .









Page 4: MEDIA, COMMUNICATION. and SOCIETY …pustaka.unpad.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Abstrak...Foreword: Dr. Heri Budianto M.Si (The Chair of International Conference Committee) MEDIA,

Stringer Pr-actices in National Teti\rlsiohlndustry:Stringer Practice Case Study in National Television Mediaof Yogyakarta Period 2014-2016Didik Haryadi Santoso, Rani Dwi Lestari

Altitude and Response to Capitalism Parents ChildrenDisplay Advert ising on Television in Prepari ng The PreciousChaructcron Child EducationDi{/II Allllltnelll K, Mubnro):

Media and Cultural Industries ProductionZulhef), Ruslan Hurasan, Vernnus Sidharto

Ethnographic Newsroom Television StationsOf Corruption News Editorial Metro TVYoki YUiaII to, Dian vvordiana Suchro


Urgcncy of Social Media Literacy in the Age of New MediaHeri RW/(/Il. Bachtiar H1ahnb. lrmawanti

Cyberspace in Indonesia:Descriptive Study About Cyberspace in IndonesiaRachinaniar, lkhsau Fuady

Online Prostitution Business in Social MediaMeritt Octuvianti, Detta Rahmawan, Slamet Mulyana,Rd. FIIIIII)' M.E., Rizky lmania

A Convergence of Social Media Usage (An Indonesian UserPhenomenon in Facing The 2017 Election in PKI)Dahniarny Mall/ina BahQ1~ Muhammad ArijSyuhada, SaputraMalik

Social Media, Political Communication Patternsand Power Rclations in The Flores Tribal Society(A Critical Study on Discourse and Conversation Structuresof the Online Political Discussion within Facebook Group"Wacana Pembcntukan Provinsi Flores")Aurelius Teluma











Building Customer Loyalty Through Mural Arts in MarketingCommunications Strategy (A Case Study on MarketingCommunication Strategy at PT. Telkomsel Indonesia).\1l1hatnl1lad Annas Triwibowo, Atwar Bajari

Communication and Society Empowerment Through Zakat

ManagementRully Khairul Anwar; Evi Novianti, Moch. DlIlkiah.

M. Taufiq Rahman, fTh "K P "Participation Dynamics 0 e ampung .reman

Society in The Empowerment Process(Case Study in BadranKampung Yogyakarta)Yuli Setyowafi, Widodo Muktiyo, Mahendra Wijaya.

Sarah RumHal1dayaniInterest of People and Government Support: Opportunitiesfor Marketing Communications Strategy of The Private HigherEducation Institution Through E Learning Program in The

Rural Area of IndonesiaSiti Komsiah, E/i [amilah, Dian Harmaningsih

The Analysis of Public Service Announcement Exposure(Verse: "Tidak Bayar Pajak, Apa Kala Dunia?") by UsingEpic Model and It's Influence Towards Public Awareness

in Paying TaxLasmery RM Girsang

:P,ubl.i,c·,Pe!c!p'tion on.The New~ :~~~~n~t }3~twe!riIKPK and Piilri in Relation With Public 'f.!!!S! XQ_W.~ d'Sm~~dodo~)1iiuf Kalla Governmerit in Exterminating

CorruptionAgusSetiaman, Dadang'Sugiana, Betty Tresnawaty

'The Influence of Effectiveness of InterpersonalCommunication Relationship Against The Resolutionof The Conflict in A Golkar Political OrganizationSamson Halomoan Novan, Robertus Romrome, Rahimin








Page 5: MEDIA, COMMUNICATION. and SOCIETY …pustaka.unpad.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Abstrak...Foreword: Dr. Heri Budianto M.Si (The Chair of International Conference Committee) MEDIA,

A Qualitative Study of Perceptions of Local Tourist 351Regarding Taman Wisata AJam Angke Kapuk (TWAAK)as all Ecotourism Destination BrandPir Owners

Health Communication in Using Traditional Medicine 367in The Digital Age: Qualitative Descriptive Study of HealthCo mmu nicat ion in Use Traditional medicine as a healingMedia in the Digital AgeOil/1II Pnisanti, Kisrniyati El Karimah

Appraisal System Used to Express Ideologies in The Jakarta 381Pas/Article: Women Opposing Gender Equnlit y (A CriticalDiscourse Analysis On Social Emancipation)Elysa Hart at i

Communication and Social Interaction for Social Harmony: ,393Case Study of Bagongan and Walikan as Variants ofJavaneseLanguage in Yogyakartalskak lsniuwidarto, Mohammad Ibnur kh alid, Idin Saidin



1 _


Page 6: MEDIA, COMMUNICATION. and SOCIETY …pustaka.unpad.ac.id/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Abstrak...Foreword: Dr. Heri Budianto M.Si (The Chair of International Conference Committee) MEDIA,


J20 • Media. Communication & Society Empowerment


Public Perception on The News AboutThe Conflict Between KPK and POLRI in Relation

With PubliC:Trust Towards Joko Widodo-Jusuf KallaG.....-- nment in Exterminating Corruption

Agus Setiaman

Oadang Sugi-anaBetty Tresnawaty

The Faculty of Communication ScienceDoctoral Program in Communication of Padjadjajan University

Bandung -Indonesia


Mass media becomes a source of daily information for manycommunities. Various people from various castes receive a variety ofinformation disseminated by the mass media. Mass communication,referring tothe opinion of Tan and Wright, is a form of communicationusing a channel (media) in connecting communicators and communicantsin bulk, in large numbers, residing far (scattered), highly heterogeneousand specific effects' (Ardianto 2004 : 3).

So, asit is considered as a kind of mass media, television has transformedinto a primary media for citizens to obtain information and entertainment. Thegreatness of television has now been able to match with the routine of humanactivities, like tooth brushing and showering. Categorized as a technologicaladvance, television and-the watchingactivity has become a part of life and dailyroutine, which most of us agree with the statement.

No doubt that television is the most popular leisure activity inthe world, In this world there are 3.5 billion hours spent for watchingtelevision (Kubeyn&Csikzentmihalyi).

Media. Communication & Society Empowerment. 321