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  1. 1. Digi pack analysisAlbum coversA2 MediaBy Luke Wilkinson
  2. 2. Drake take care The paintinglikes in withdrake as he isseen as anartist. also couldrepresent classand wealth, itcould also beshowing us thatdrake is creativewith his music.By the candle lit thisrepresents life, alsogiving us theimpression thatDrake is a spiritualguy.The gold candle stand alsorepresents wealth,as its an ordinary object tosee in gold.The artist looksup set ordisappointed,eye contactlooking down atthe table.The bird couldrepresent freedom andalso, could mean thatthe artist is spiritual.The gold watchand the other golditems representwealth and power,Name of the albumthe name couldrepresent kindness.
  3. 3. Chris brownF.A.M.EDirect mode ofaddress withthe audience.This relates withthe artist as he isfamous.the artist looks veryseries, this is to showus that he takes hisworkthe multi-colourcoat blends withthe rest of thealbum cover.Showing theartist past,different picturesof his face. thiswill relate withthe fans, as he isusing a variety ofdifferent pasttracts.
  4. 4. ASAP Rocky GoldieStraight away from the album cover we get the sense of wealth.The gold skin linksin with the name ofthe tract Goldie. Thename alsorepresents weatherand power.Having goldteeth is also anordinary futureas the artist istrying to promotehim self and bedifferent fromother Artists. thisalso isrepresentingwealth andpower.The direct mode ofaddress with theaudience.Even the clothingthat the rapper arewaring have alsobeen done in goldThe artist haseven had hisname written ingold, to blend inwith the cover.The song containsbag language, thatmight not besuitable for youngerchildren. or just anoverall waring thatthe tract containsbad language.
  5. 5. Michael jacksonHe was seenas the king ofpop, so thecrown links inwith that fact.Direct mode ofaddress with theaudience.Showing us all ofthe artist mostfamous tracks onthis album cover.This will attractthe audience asits all of MichaelJackson'sgreatest hits.The nameof the artistThe camerarelates to the artistbeing famous.
  6. 6. DrakeIn thebackground theare black whiteand direct mode ofaddress. the artist lookslike he is acknowledginghis success.this indicates thatthe artist iswealthy, as he issmoking the cigar.let the audience knowthat the songcontains languagenot suitable for youngchildren.Name of the artistShowing that the artisthas money, as he iswearing a solid goldchain.The font is bigger toadd importance to thename of the album.The producer of thealbum.