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Media Evaluation

Media EvaluationSteven PendletonIn what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media productsThe genre of the music is mainly rap music. The clothing worn by rap artists is very easy to recognise as it normally includes hoodies or loose fitting clothingWe have tried to make our artist look like a rap artist by putting him in clothes associated with rap musicRepresentation of the artist

The track changes from quite a slow pace to a more fast pace. This links to the visual as this is when more action starts to take placeThe artist is shown pointing down the camera and saying you dont want to die in a street fight as the track says it. We did this to make it appear like the artist is addressing the audienceLinks between visual and track

In the video we had two main areas A car park It looks like it is not well maintained. This gives the audience a feeling that it is set in a rough urban areaSixth form By using black and white it made parts of the filming look like a hotel area. This gave the narrative more meaninglocationThe artist wore hooded tops and dark coloured trousers throughout the filming. This gave consistency to the video. We also chose this colour scheme as many artists we looked at such as the rap artist snoop dogg also used this style. This allowed us to relate with stereotypes of rap artists clothingCostume/Props

When showing the artist performing we used red and white lights to make that part of the video stand out. We also did this as many rap videos used flashing lights or images. This again follows stereotypes of rap music videos

The people chasing the artist wore lighter clothing. This helped identify who is chasing the artist. This subverted the stereotype of people in lighter clothing being good

The camerawork used in our video were mainly voyeuristic as the artist doesnt seem to know he was being watched. Mainly long shots and tracking shots were used. This highlighted the voyeurism as it gave the impression that the audience was watching the artist without him knowing. This can mainly be seen during the CCTV scene and the scene where the artist is walking through some treescamerawork

Point of view camera angle was used to make the audience feel like they were looking through the artists eyes. It also made the audience think what is going to happen as they could see what was ahead of the artist

A close up was mainly used during the live performance. This allowed the audience to be able to see clearly the artist rapping. Also from our research into rap videos we found a close up was used to show the artist rapping. Also from our feedback we found our audience also enjoyed this

The title of the song is called street fight. On the track the artist repeats You dont want to die in a street fight. This fits into the narrative as the artist is running away from people who want to fight him. This shows that the artist doesnt want to fight and potentially get hurt or dieHow narrative is indicated genre rock/rap links to rap as scenes of violence are used. Violence is associated with rap musicClothing is more associated with rap as the artist is seen in hooded loose clothingThe flashing sequence could be associated with both rock and rap as the rhythm that associated with theses style of music fits to the sequenceMusic genre and how the video suggests itBlack and white camera effect- changes the look of the location (makes it look somewhere else) and making the lift scene look like a cctv cmaeraAddding text on top of the film- made the cctv camera look more realistic

Special effects

We mainly used short takes this gave a sense of pace and complemented the rhythm of the musicWe used cross cutting. This helped us make transitions between different scenes. During the cross cutting we edited live performance into the video. This also helped with the transition of the scenes EditingDigi pack and magazine advertOn the magazine advert a close up shot. This gives a sense of the importance of this band member in comparison to the other members The clothing worn is stereotypical of rap musicThe black and red colour scheme relates to the rock side of the hybrid. These colours are stereotypical of the rock genre. This colour scheme is used by rock bands such as the logo for ACDCRepresentation of artist

We had the band members in a hooded top and other loose fitted clothing. The clothing is similar to the clothing worn in the video and the digipackCostumes and props

For the digipack we put the band members in hooded, loose fitted clothing. This continued the theme in each different formatWe also included a microphone in the digipack this made the link to music

Throughout the digi pack and magazine advert we kept the main font the same. This gave continuity for each piece and allowed them to link togetherUse of font and style

We tried to minimise the amount of written contentTo do this we only included key parts such as the date the album would be released in the magazine advertWe gave the artist an award. From our research we found that many adverts used this to make it look the album which is being promoted is from a successful artistWe mentioned the website at the very bottom of the advert. Our target audience is one that should be very confident in using the internet so by mentioning the website it helps show we had our target audience in mindWritten Content

For the magazine advert text was placed around the main imageThis allowed the centre of the picture being the main focus of the advertWe placed the image in a circle, to make it look like a spotlight. This related to the music video as the live performance included a flashing spotlight.The image also shows only one member of the band. We did this to highlight the importance of this member in comparison to the other memberslayout

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stagesWe started the planning by deciding on a target audience. This would help us when deciding on the narrative for the music video, digipack and magazine advertWe each created our own storyboard before combining together to create a final storyboard. This storyboard incorporated ideas from each of our storyboardsFor the digipack and magazine advert we started by drawing rough sketches for each before starting to place these plans on photoshopPlanningThe main source of research was done through internet research using websites like bbc introducing to find an unsigned artistWe used youtube to apply goodwins theory to existing music videosWe also produced a video pitch that the target audience viewed and gave feedback on itWe uploaded the music video onto youtube and facebook to receive feedbackResearchPremier elements was used to produce the video as it was a higher quality than movie makerPhotoshop was used for the digipack and magazine advert We used a video camera to capture the footage of our music videoWe used a stills camera to take images for our digipack and magazine advertA tripod was used for both the video camera and stills camera. This allowed us to stabilise the cameras.Construction