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  • ! Canons Page 2 Computer At Her Reach ! Page 3 ADVANCED TV Dramas Capture Viewers & Ad $ ! Page 4 SOCIAL NOW Western Europe Social Users Page 5 DIGITAL NOW

    Personalized Ads More Engaging Page 6 CINEMA NOW Big Flick Coming Do You Want To Reach Them? Page 7 MOBILE NOW Dunkin’ Donuts Use Mobile & Sports !!

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    ! Media Notes Vol #718 ! Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: From an article in Nielsen Newswire 052914 and thoughts by Lance !

    Today, traditional TV still accounts for the lion’s share of video viewing, and will likely continue to do so for a good while, but online and mobile are where the growth is. From fourth quarter 2012 to fourth- quarter 2013, the hours consumers spent watching online video grew 30 percent. When managed together, TV and digital hold the potential to drive real impact for advertisers— enabling them to maximize the customers they reach and/or reinforce key messaging across screens. Not surprisingly, advertisers believe the integration of campaigns across screens is important and will become even more so, but the effectiveness of these campaigns in maximizing results has been mixed. Specifically, a

    recent analysis of 45 campaigns measured by Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings found that the vast majority of advertisers’ “integrated” TV and online campaigns did not achieve better results than if the TV and online advertising had been planned separately. On average, these integrated campaigns reached only 7.6 percent of the intended audience via both TV and online. That result is little different than the completely random duplication (7.0 percent) that advertisers could expect if they had planned their campaign for each screen independently. This highlights a true missed opportunity. Nielsen research shows that, with careful

    planning and execution based on more precise identification of their desired TV and online audiences, marketers can generate an average of 8 percent greater reach, or achieve significantly higher frequency, without spending more money or altering their mix of spend. Return on investment is every marketer’s top priority for ad spending, and companies should be moving quickly to master the ability to claim the full synergies available between media. Those who crack the cross-platform advertising code the soonest will build an experience base that provides a significant edge over their competitors while also earning the greatest possible return on their advertising dollar.


    Media Notes Canonical ipsissima verba! INTEGRATEDMARKETING the advancement of new media continues read MNC Briefs blog @


    Millions of people are walking the earth with the power of a small computer just resting in our hand, or in our pocket or in our purse. The technological revolution of smartphones has been one thing that has embraced much of the world, creating one of the world’s largest communication networks ever conceived. In 2013, 968 million smartphones were sold worldwide, accounting for 53.6% of all mobile phones sold. ! That was in 2013. In 2014, the numbers are jumping up even further. Smartphone sales are expect to hit 1.2 billion this year alone which would be a 23.1% increase from last year. This number is expected to grow exorbitantly over the next four years, reaching 1.8 billion by 2018. ! Why such growth? The price of a smartphone in 2013 was $335 on average. In 2014, it will be $314 on average. By 2018, the price will be $267 on average.!! !!

    “To be persuasive we must be believable; to be believable we must be credible; to be credible we must be truthful.” Edward R. Murrow ! ! For marketers, this allows a great opportunity to reach the target audience and engage with her. She is on the move and we now have the capability of reaching her where ever she may be. ! Years ago, the Predicta television set made a revolutionary discovery. Many people were watching some of their favorite television shows while sitting in the dining room or at kitchen table. Not wanting to miss out on reaching their advertiser’s target, they invented the umbilical cord so the screen could be placed up to 18’ away from the set itself. It was the first ‘semi portable’ TV set. ! Point being, technology has always been invented to reach the audience. Now, we can reach her more than ever before. We not have the wireless TV + texting machine + email device + library right in the palm of her hand. That is why we say, your integrated marketing strategy begins with MOBILENow.

    Bits & Pieces Week of 051914 Weekly Average Ratings ! BROADCAST MORNING NEWS SHOWS ABC: ‘GMA‘ 5.65 million+ 0.13! NBC: ‘Today‘ 4.97 million+ 0.08 CBS: ‘This Morning‘ 3.10 million- 0.11 BROADCAST LATE-NIGHT SHOWS NBC: ‘Tonight‘ 4.54 million+ 0.20 CBS: ‘Late Show‘ 2.76 million + 0.20 ABC: ‘Kimmel‘ 2.74 million+ 0.10 ! Week of 052614! BROADCAST EVENING NEWS +/- last! NBC: ‘Brian Williams 8.11 million+ 0.26 ABC: ‘Diane Sawyer 7.30 million- 0.08 CBS: ‘Scott Pelley 6.01 million+0.01 ! Sunday 051814! BROADCAST SUNDAY AM NEWS ! CBS: ‘Sunday Morning‘ 5.09 million! CBS: ‘Face The Nation’ 2.87 million- 0.19 ABC: ‘This Week‘ 2.74 million- 0.01! NBC: ‘Meet The Press‘ 2.48 million+ 0.00 FOX: ‘News Sunday‘ 1.09 million- 0.15 UNI: ‘Al Punto‘ 0.71 million+ 0.04! ! !! “Why would you wait for anything to come to you.”! Herman Globbops famed master of thought and wisdom !

    ! ! ! !! !! !!

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    Media Notes Canonical Vol #718 ! Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: From an article in ! along with thoughts & observations

    of Lance.

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  • DRAMAS CAPTURE THE VIEWERS & AD DOLLARS sports #2. drama=2/3rds of time shifted viewing.

    MONDAY 05.26.13 FOX ’24:Live Another Day’ 5.73 million viewers 3.9/7HH !

    TUESDAY 05.27.13 NBC ’America’s Got Talent’ 11.91 million viewers 6.9/11HH !

    WEDNESDAY 05.28.14 CBS ‘Criminal Minds’ 7.15million viewers 4.8/8HH !

    THURSDAY 05.29.14 CBS ‘Big Bang Theory’ 8.72 million viewers 5.5/10 HH !

    FRIDAY 05.30.14 NBC ’Dateline’ 7.01 million viewers 4.8/9 HH 
 SATURDAY 05.31.14 CBS ’48 Hours’ 5.02 million viewers 3.5/7HH !

    SUNDAY 06.01.14 CBS ’60 Minutes’ 8.00 million viewers 5.4/11HH NOTE: Season average ratings are “Most Current” measurements which are Live+7 day DVR viewing when available (2+ weeks after airdate), combined with Live, Same Day DVR viewing for the most recent 2 weeks. Source: The Nielsen Company. !


    American viewers love to watch the drama unfold on their TVs. According to Nielsen’s latest Advertising and Audiences report, there are more drama