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Meet some students from the IEP at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette!

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Text of Meet some students from the IEP at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette!

  • Meet some students from the IEP at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette!

  • Its Not Half the Work, Its Twice the Reward: Collaborative Teaching Ideas for the ESL ClassroomKristina Dixon, M.S.Mary Klaus, M.A.

    Intensive English ProgramUniversity of LouisianaLafayette, LouisianaNovember 2007

  • What is Collaborative Teaching?Team Teaching: Teachers have equal responsibility

    Interdisciplinary Courses: ESL teacher works with content area teachers

    Parallel Teaching: Class is divided into two groups with one teacher for each group.

    Lead & Support: One teacher mentors another

    Haynes, J. 2007. Two teachers can be better than one. Essential Teacher 4 (September 2007) 3: 6-7.

  • Collaborative Teaching IS NOT:A get-out-of-class free card

    Spontaneous Requires in-depth planning & preparationRequires teacher communication & cooperation

    Chaotic Activities structured around goals and objectivesAll students are purposefully engaged

  • Benefits for Teachers:Learn from each other and provide support when trying new activities

    Improve instruction together

    Encourage negotiation; reduce territorialism (Choose the right teacher)

    Foster instructional creativity

    Provide momentum for extension activities

  • Benefits for Students:Opportunity to observe collaboration between teachers

    Shift to student-centered instruction and engaged learning

    Build self-esteem

    Motivate students to push themselves as interest in subject matter increases

  • Benefits for Students:Increase critical thinking skills and retention

    Develops a sense of community among students

    Positively effects students of various abilities and backgrounds

    Eases transition of international students into an American university

  • Activities For Collaboration




    Listening/ Speaking

  • ReadingStorytelling at PJs Coffee House

    Combine groups of students with mixed levels

    Have students from one level tell the others about the novel/story they are reading

    Allow everyone in the group to speak until the stories are finished

    Great for assessing reading comprehension & oral proficiency

  • ReadingLSAT Logic Puzzles

    Use logic puzzles to challenge studentsreading comprehensionreasoning skillsinferential thinking

    Work collectively or in smaller groups

  • WritingChain Stories

    Each student writes the first sentence of a story, then passes it to a classmate, who adds another sentence

    Students keep adding sentences until the last one ends the story

    Have the original writer read the story to the class and laugh!

  • WritingShort Story Group Picture WritingSelect a picture & study it for 5 minutesAnswer who, what, when, where, & why Start to write about the picture without thinking. Look at the picture again.Start writing again. After a few minutes, a story develops!Adapted from Short Story Group at http://www.shortstorygroup.comhttp://www.

  • GrammarApples to ApplesMatching appropriate nouns with adjectivesStudent judges choose the best associationBuilds vocabulary with adjectives & nouns

    Jeopardy!Friendly competition within a class or between differing levelsReviews & reinforces grammar concepts

  • Grammar Take a progressive walk around Cypress Lake!

  • Listening & SpeakingStudent Debates Mafia!Murder MysteryArt Criticism GamesTabooTwenty Questions

  • Student DebatesStudents suggest & vote on topics that are of interest to them.Students either choose their side or are assigned a particular view to argue.Once divided, introductions are given on both sides. All students share their ideas, with a free-for-all at the end. Great for fluency, articulation, cultural assimilation, and confidence building.

  • MafiaStudents are all members of a town - a doctor, a policeman, regular townspeople and killers!Students are assigned an identity based on a playing card.Each night as the town sleeps, a murder is committed, the doctor attempts to save a life, and the policeman does some detective work.During the day, the townspeople discuss the crime, make an accusation, arrest a suspect, and vote to jail (or execute) those they find guilty!

  • Murder MysteryStory a murder has been committed by someone playing the gameStudents are given alibis & secrets about other studentsGoals: ask questions about others whereaboutsget secret information to solve the mystery find the killer!Skills: question formation, logical reasoning, listening & speaking

  • Becoming an Art Critic ..Art critics help viewers interpret and judge artworks to construct meaning from them.

    Display sample art work representative of current museum exhibits.

    Consider the following questions before going to an art museum.

    1. Description: What do I see?2. Interpretation: What is the artwork about?3. Judgment: Is it a good artwork?

  • Kristina Dixon & Mary KlausSETESOL 2007Au revoir Kentucky!

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