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This chapter is for those who are ready to assess their physical fitness see how impacting mental wellness can be.

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    TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction: Its The Thought That Counts 1

    A Typical Day 2

    Mental Exercises 4

    What is Stress? 6

    Stress Reduction 7

    Did You Say Meditation? 9

    Aids To Meditation 11

    Proper Breathing 12

    Fine-Tuning Your Focus 14

    What Should I Take From This Chapter? 16

    What? A FREE GIFT?!? 17

    Super Smart BONUS REPORT 18

  • 1 Copyright 2013 Optymal Health Studios - All Rights Reserved

    Its The Thought That Counts Reader!

    If not being able to get to the gym has been holding you back from the body you deserve, these Mental Exercises will fix you up.

    You need absolutely no special equipment for them, just a little bit of time.

    The exercises in this chapter are by far some of the most powerful you will ever find. Try reading through the sections and practicing the exercises for a few days, amazing things will happen!

    Most people today are trying numerous approaches to look and feel better, but they are often just spinning their wheels. The fact that you are reading this chapter already sets you apart from the others. Sit back, relax, and allow me to explain some naturally complex subjects in a language that you can understand.

    Get started by learning the exercises below in order, and in no time you will see amazing results, sure-fire and fast!

    As the premier health & fitness expert in town I have coached tons of clients to amazing body transformations, so you know everything I am about to share is PROVEN.

    Everyone, somewhere in the course of their program, runs into a wall and has to start to implement the concepts discussed in this chapter.

    Without further ado, here's "Mentally & Physically Fit"

    - Rob Sutton Optymal Health Studios

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    A TYPICAL DAY Youve been so busy trying to maintain your social life and prepare for tomorrows workday that youve totally lost track of time. Its almost midnight and youre reconsidering your meal choices or lack thereof that day. Plus you didnt get a chance to work out, so you know youre going to feel a bit lazy tomorrow. At least you can wind down and watch some television before bed.

    After a quick trip to the bathroom you realize you cant sleep because tomorrows busy schedule is racing through your mind. The next thing you know the snooze button is calling you and you cant believe its morning already; your eyes were just ready to close.

    You head for the kitchen searching for coffee, waking the children and grabbing your cell. As you go through the motions your brain is trying to figure out how to get everything done before you leave the house. Finally youre ready to go when you realize you havent eaten anything again.

    Work is crazy as usual, and by lunch youre running to grab something nice and preserved to eat, or maybe another cup of coffee will do. You realize you wont have time to exercise today and you forgot to pay that bill again. Then someone calls you and reminds you of that social event to which you committed the other day. By five you are racing to the grocery store to try and pick up some healthy foods for dinner. Seeing as how you didnt settle for Lean Cuisine again, the result is a pile of dishes and you are exhausted! At least you have a nice vacation coming up for which to get yourself together. You can start exercising next week, once things calm down.

    Most people spend way too much time focusing totally on physical things thinking that the world around them, that they can see, is all that matters. When you do this you lack the power to

  • 3 Copyright 2013 Optymal Health Studios - All Rights Reserved

    maximize your mental capacity and you are neglecting the spiritual you. Bottom line, exercising for the wrong reason and without a positive mind set will get you nowhere!

    Remember your emotional and mental state manifests itself physically within the body, your thoughts, your posture and mostly the choices you make. Take a look at the triangle of life and consider where you may be out of balance. There are three sides that must be balanced to get results from any program; you should be in the middle somewhere.

    Begin making the mind-body connection; balance the triangle in the direction thats needed to finally get lasting results.

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    MENTAL EXERCISES Your personal success in life is directly connected to the quality and quantity of questions you ask on a daily basis. With this in mind, most of us live our lives unwilling to ask questions, either in fear of being viewed as stupid, or because of a lack of interest in new things. As we have all heard, the only stupid question is the one not asked, especially in regards to physical exercise. Asking quality questions should be the first step towards manifesting what you want in your physical life.

    Directed positive thought is the keynote to getting fitness results and each thought has an immensely powerful energy. Knowing this, you can implement concentrated mental energy to free yourself from negative thought patterns. In doing so you will enhance your self-confidence, become more grounded, and enjoy a much more productive life. At first, simply listen to your self-talk. Do you often start a sentence with I don't, I cant, or I probably wont? If you analyze the thought messages that are being conveyed with these words, youll know exactly why you never have any real fitness results. Shifting old patterns can be hard work. But dont give up; you will be rewarded!

    If you bad mouth someone that particular negative energy will come back to you--thats karma. Everyone has something unique to offer, so use your newfound insight to identify each persons good qualities. Dont be drawn into negative conversations. If a friend regularly becomes involved in disastrous situations, be sympathetic and then ask them what he or she can learn from that pattern to prevent the same thing from happening again.

    Although positive thought has many benefits; it cant be used as a solution for illness. It should never be used as a way of hiding or denying pain. If you have a problem, confront it, and then use effective affirmations to change any damaging, fixed patterns of behavior. Once you have learned to harness the power of positive thought, youll find yourself stair-stepping your life towards success. Use this extraordinary technique to improve

  • 5 Copyright 2013 Optymal Health Studios - All Rights Reserved

    every aspect of your life, to help you get a better job, to improve your talents, or to bring you radiant good health. Next time you see me ask me about how I got to be where I am today.

    Health My body is the temple of my soul and looks after me perfectly

    Courage I am one with the universe and safe at all times Employment Perfect work for perfect pay is coming my way

    Love I love the world and it loves me Success Abundance and success now come to me in

    endless ways Happiness I am balanced, joyful, happy and radiant and

    detached from any fear Prosperity The universe is an endless source which pours

    wealth upon me

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    WHAT IS STRESS? Stress is very often the root of many peoples problems, whether they realize it or not. You may feel over stressed now or you may not even realize that you are stressed because you have grown used to it day by day. Understanding what exactly stress does to the body and the different forms it comes in will help you make better decisions AND completely change your life. GUARANTEED!

    You probably think of stress as bad, but that isnt always the case. Just as bones and muscles need exercise to stay strong, we also need certain amounts of stress to stay healthy. A complete lack of stress would not be a good thing; its keeps our thinking sharp both consciously and sub- consciously.

    There are six major types of stress; each has good and bad effects. Try to identify which types are affecting you most, then try doing things differently to balance out the effects of stress..

    1. Physical Stress e.g., vigorous exercise or a labor-intensive job.

    2. Nutritional Stress e.g., eating too much, too little, or preserved


    3. Mental Stress e.g., stinking thinking, over-studying, taking on too much.

    4. Chemical Stress e.g., caffeine, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and a few fertilizers.

    5. Electronic Stress e.g., electronic devices, cell phones, computers, treadmills, TV.

    6. Thermal Stress e.g., body temperature: being too hot or too cold for too long.

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    STRESS REDUCTION Not stress reducing is the #1 thing that will sabotage ALL your health and fitness goals. The faster you realize this, the faster you will get results. Your body doesn't know the difference between good and bad stress. Whether or not you are getting married or have lost someone close to you, the physiological responses are the same to the body. When you start to take on more physical exercise, it is imperative to understand that stress reduction will play a key role in the results you want. If you can identify the difference between physical and mental stressors, you can learn to balance them and empower your results tenfold!

    Get Yoga out of your head! There are hundreds of self-help books and many concepts to reducing stress. Allow me to strongly recommend these simple methods, which are hands down the s