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North Sea fish soup with rouille and croutons 16.50

Fine sliced Serrano ham (cured 18 months) with toast and tapenade 22.50

Home-made grey shrimps croquettes, fried parsley 16.50

Salad with hand-peeled grey shrimps, farm egg and fresh mayonnaise 22.00

Gamba la plancha with lemongrass and chili 22.50

Canadian Lobsters Fresh from our lobster tank

Half lobster en belle vue 26.50

Half lobster on the grill, mild herb butter 26.50

Our Oysters

Deep Oysters Gillardeau (Oleron Island) 18.00 (6 pieces) / 26.00 (9 pieces)

Fish Dishes

Tomato filled with hand-peeled grey shrimps, cabbage lettuce, egg and fresh fries 25.00

Zeebrugge solettes (Dover Sole) fried in farm butter, Belgian fries 28.00

Bouillabaisse Cafedraal 29.50

Gamba la plancha with lemongrass and chilli, served with white rice 28.50


Lobster en belle vue 49.50

Grilled lobster, mild herb butter 49.50

Pasta Dishes

Tagliatelle with fresh tomatoes, zucchini and mushrooms, pesto 15.00

Tagliatelle with fresh tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms, Serrano ham and Parmesan cheese 18.50

Tagliatelle with shrimps, Thai Curry and coconut milk 21.50

Meat Dishes

Filet mignon tartare and Belgian fries 22.00

Grilled cte los with salad, barnaise and Belgian fries(2 persons) 53.00

Beef tenderloin with fresh salad, Belgian fries and barnaise or pepper sauce 28.50

Oven-baked rack of lamb, jus nature with rosemary, seasonal vegetables, gratin potatoes 28.00


Crme brule 8.00

Chocolate mousse 8.50

Colonel (lemonsorbet, vodka en lemon) 9.00

Dame Blanche (vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce) 9.00

Lemon sorbet with Limoncello and forest fruit 9.00

Baba with rhum with rhum-raisins ice-cream 9.00

Brussels waffle with hot chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream 9.00

Trio of sorbet 8.50

Irish, French, Italian, Flemish coffee 11.00


Tomato with mozzarella di bufala, croutons, crispy bacon and parmesan cheese 17.00

Artichoke with mustard vinaigrette and Zeebrugge hand-peeled grey shrimps 22.50

Carpaccio of beef filet mignon, rucola salad, arbequina olive oil and Parmesan cheese 17.00

Caesar salad(grilles chicken, romaine lettuce, bread croutons and Parmesan cheese) 18.50

Zeeland mussels marinire with fresh Belgian fries 27.00

Codfish in a bouillon with fresh herbs, summer vegetables and new potatoes 27.50

Sardines la plancha, basil oil, fennel seed and garlic 24.50 Grilled beef filet mignon, barnaise or pepper sauce, salad and fries 26.00

Brussels waffle with Belgian strawberries, vanilla ice cream 9.50

Chocolate moelleux with raspberry sorbet 8.50