MICROFINANCE CONFERENCE February 22, 2011 AND ITS DUAL OBJECTIVE: Financial-Social Inclusion and Sustainable Business Development Financieros sin Fronteras

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  • MICROFINANCE CONFERENCE February 22, 2011 AND ITS DUAL OBJECTIVE: Financial-Social Inclusion and Sustainable Business Development Financieros sin Fronteras
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  • Better Institutions, Better Societies 8:30-9:00 Registration 9:00-9:15 Welcome: Guillermo de la Dehesa, Chairman of Financieros sin Fronteras. (also Chairman of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, London, Chairman of the Observatory of the European Central Bank and Chairman of the International Advisory Board of the IE Business School. Member of the Group of Thirty, Washington DC). 9:15-9:30Opening Remarks: Joaqun Garralda, Dean of Academic Affairs of IE Business School and UN Global Compacts Spanish Association Secretary. 9:30-10:15Where is Microfinance Now and Where Is It Headed To? Michael Chu, Senior Lecturer of Business Administration, Harvard Business School. 10:15-11:00 Coffee Break 11:00-13:00 Panel 1: Different Cultures and Different Business Models in Microfinance Moderator: Mr. Eloy Garca, Professor, Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. Visiting Professor at IE Business School. Asian Model Nazrul I Chowdhury, Microcredit Advisor at Fundacin ICO and Collaborator of Prof. Muhammad Yunnus. Latin American Model Mercedes de Canalda, Chairman of ADOPEM. Islamic Model Dr. Mehmet Asutay, Senior Lecturer of Islamic Political Economy and Finance, Durham University. European Model Guadalupe de la Mata, Senior Banker, European Investment Bank. CONFERENCE PROGRAM Financieros sin Fronteras
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  • Achieving Financial Inclusion 13:00-13:15 Brief presentation by Isabel Martn Castell, Managing Director of Madrid Centro Financiero. 13:15-15:00 Cocktel 15:00-17:00 Panel 2: Investing in Microfinance: Financial and Social Returns. Moderator: Iigo Colomo, Chief Investment Officer, KBL European Private Bankers. Financial sustainability: microfinances fundamental factor. Luca Torres, Co-Founder of Ambers and Co Capital Microfinanzas. Microfinance double bottom objectives: financial and social performance. Laura Muoz, Nodus Consultores. The contribution of ethical investment funds in microfinance. Marcus Fedder, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Agora Microfinance Fund. 17:00-17:40 Findings, conclusions of the conference and the role of Financieros sin Fronteras in this field. Cristina Trullols, Director of the Center of Islamic Economics and Finance, IE Business School, Secretary of Financieros sin Fronteras. Ignacio de la Torre, Academic Director of the Master in Finance Programs of IE Business School, Arcano partner and Vice Chairman of Financieros sin Fronteras. 17::40-18:00Closing Ceremony Manuel Mndez del Rio Piovich, Chairman, Fundacin Microfinanzas BBVA. CONFERENCE PROGRAM Financieros sin Fronteras
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  • Aula Magna IE Business School Mara de Molina 13-15 28006 Madrid -Spain Sponsored by: FsF Contacts: Mara Luque Calvo T: 0034 687080557 Email: Maria.Luque.Calvo@ie.edu Collaborators Financieros sin Fronteras
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  • Financieros sin Fronteras (FsF) is a non-profit organization established in 2009 as the result of a joint initiative of IE Business School students, faculty and staff in order to foster innovative financial inclusion internationally. For example, through volunteer work of students, faculty and associated experts in the field, FsF : 1.Provides pro-bono consultancy and support to microfinance institutions (MFIs) so that they can measure effectively the results of their activities and become eligible worthy receivers of financial help from different public and private international sources. 2.Is currently involved in research activities related to several aspects of microfinance, mainly through the work of students in different IE degree programs that have shown a particular interest in this field. 3.Through all of its activities, it promotes the social and ethical commitment of private sector firms in order for them to generate a valuable contribution to society. What is Financieros sin Fronteras? Financieros sin Fronteras


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