Mid Year Exam Form 2 2014

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  • 8/11/2019 Mid Year Exam Form 2 2014


    Good morning, everyone. Today, I am very pleased to speak to

    all of you about our environment. The topic of my speech is Letsreduce our carbon footprint.

    Over the last one hundred and fifty years, our environment hasbeen destroyed at an alarming rate. o you kno! that all of us areresponsible for air pollution"

    Our carbon footprint refers to ho! much carbon dio#ide our lifestyle produces to cause air pollution. $arbon dio#ide is agreenhouse gas, the main pollutant that is !arming earth.

    %e need o#ygen to breathe, but !e are also responsible for the poor air &uality. Themore electricity !e use, the more !e pollute the environment. 'urning fossil fuel is one of themain causes of air pollution. Open burning, forest fires, spraying pesticides, smoke from

    factories and motor vehicles all release harmful to#ic chemicals into the air.

    (ir pollution is killing our planet. The earth is !arming up. )olar ice caps in the *orth )oleand the +outh )ole are melting. The sea level is rising. (nimals are forced to move from their traditional habitats as the rising temperatures have affected their comfort and food sources.

    ainfall has increased, days are !armer and storms are becoming stronger. $hildren aregetting sick more often because their immune systems are !eaker than adults. They cannotcope !ith the air pollution. +ymptoms of air pollution include burning eyes and nose, itchyirritated throat and breathing problems.

    To stop global !arming, !e should travel less, recycle more and conserve energy. (ll

    these !ould reduce our carbon footprint. )lanet -arth !ill soon be unsuitable for living unless!e all reduce pollution. +o lets save our planet by reducing our carbon footprint.

    Thank you

    Section C

    [15 marks]

    [Time suggested: 25 minutes]

    Questions 21-27 are based on the speech belo !

  • 8/11/2019 Mid Year Exam Form 2 2014


    Questions 21-2": #ead the speech care$ull% and ans er the &uestions belo !

    21! 'hat is the topic o$ the speech( )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))[1 mark]

    22! 'hat does *our carbon $ootprint+ re$er to( )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))[1 mark]

    2,! ame the greenhouse gas that is the main cause o$ global arming! )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))[1 mark]2"! 'h% does air pollution a$$ect children more than adults(

    )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))[1 mark]

    Question 2: .ill in the table ith appropriate ords/phrases $rom the speech!

    0eaning 'ord/ hrase

    a) 'orr%ing pace

    b) Sa ec3 4ecrease

    [, marks]

    Question 2 : .ill in the 5 spaces belo !

    Global Warming


    SolutionsLiving Things Environment

    6urning o$ $ossil$uel

    6urning e%es andnose


    Tra el less

    a! tch%8 irritated throat ce melting e!

    b! c! d! Conser e energ%

    Spra%ing pesticides

    4eath ncreased sea le el

    [5 marks]27! n %our opinion8 hat are other solutions $or the global arming problem(

  • 8/11/2019 Mid Year Exam Form 2 2014


    i) )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) _ [1 mark]ii) ___________________________________________________ [1 mark]iii) ___________________________________________________ [1 mark]