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  • Middle English Middle English Survival of the fittestWORDS!
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  • Middle English Influences Middle English Influences William the Conqueror, the Duke of Normandy, invaded and conquered England and the Anglo-Saxons in invaded and conquered England and the Anglo-Saxons in 1066 AD 1066 AD Until this point Latin had only been a minor influence on the English language. influence on the English language. Now there is an influx of Anglo-Norman (Romance) and French Words. French Words. Old English + Latin influence + French influence= MIDDLE ENGLISH MIDDLE ENGLISH Some Basics:
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  • Middle English Vocabulary Middle English Vocabulary FRENCH loan words: Administration - authority, bailiff, baron, chamberlain, chancellor, constable, council, court, crown, duke, empire, government, liberty, majesty, messenger, minister, noble, palace, parliament, royal, servant, sir, tax, treaty, tyrant Law- accuse, adultery, advocate, arrest, arson, assault, attorney, bail, blame, crime, evidence, felon, fine, fraud, heir, jail, judge, jury, justice, perjury, prison, punishment, trespass, verdict, warrant Religion - baptism, cardinal, cathedral, charity, clergy, confess, creator, crucifix, divine, faith, heresy, homily, immortality, incense, mercy, miracle, prayer, sacrament, saint, salvation, temptation, trinity
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  • Military- ambush, army, battle, captain, combat, defend, enemy, guard, lance, lieutenant, moat, navy, peace, retreat, siege, soldier, spy Food and Drink- appetite, bacon, beef, biscuit, confection, cream, date, dinner, feast, fig, fruit, grape, gravy, gruel, jelly, lemon, lettuce, mince, mustard, olive, orange, oyster, pigeon, plate, pork, poultry, raisin, roast, salad, salmon, sardine, sausage, spice, stew, sugar, supper, taste, toast, veal, venison, vinegar Fashion - apparel, attire, boots, brooch, buckle, button, cape, chemise, cloak, collar, diamond, dress, embroidery, emerald, frock, fur, garment, gown, jewel, lace, mitten, ornament, pearl, petticoat rove, satin, wardrobe Leisure and the Arts- art, beauty, chess, colour, conversation, dance, falcon, fool, harness, image, jollity, joust, juggler, lay, leisure, literature, melody, music, noun, painting, paper, park, pavilion, pen, poet, prose, recreation, retrieve, rhyme, romance, sculpture, stallion, story, terrier, title, tragedy, trot, volume
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  • Science and Learning- alkali, anatomy, calendar, clause, copy, gender, geometry, grammar, leper, logic, medicine, metal, ointment, pain, physician, plague, poison, pulse, sphere, square, stomach, study, surgeon Home- basin, blanket, bucket, ceiling, cellar, chair, chamber, chandelier, chimney, closet, couch, counterpane, curtain, cushion, joist, lamp, lantern, latch, lattice, pantry, pillar, porch, quilt, towel Nouns- action, adventure, affection, age, air, city, coast, comfort, country, courage, courtesy, debt, deceit, dozen, envy, error, face, flower, grief, hour, joy, labour, manner, marriage, mountain, noise, number, ocean, opinion, people, person, piece, poverty, power, quality, reason, river, scandal, season, sign, sound, spirit, task, tavern, unity, vision Adjectives- active, amorous, blue, brown, calm, certain, clear, common, cruel, curious, eager, easy, final, foreign, gay, gentle, honest, horrible, large, mean, nice, original, perfect, poor, precious, probable, real, safe, second, simple, single, solid, special, strange, sudden, sure, usual
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  • Verbs- advise, allow, arrange, carry, change, close, continue, cry, deceive, delay, enjoy, enter, form, grant, inform, join, marry, move, obey, pass, pay, please, prefer, prove, push, quit, receive, refuse, remember, reply, satisfy, save, serve, suppose, travel, trip, wait, waste Phrases- by heart, come to a head, do homage, do justice to, have mercy on, hold ones peace, make complaint, on the point of, take leave, take pity on
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  • LATIN loan words that continue to be used today: Administration and Law- alias, arbitrator, client, conspiracy, conviction, custody, gratis homicide, implement, incumbent, legal, legitimate, memorandum, pauper, prosecute, proviso, summary, suppress, testify Religion- collect, diocese, immoral, incarnate, infinite, limbo, magnificat, mediator, memento, missal, pulpit, requiem, rosary, scripture, tract
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  • Science and Learning- allegory, etcetera, comet, contradiction, desk, diaphragm, discuss, dislocate, equator, essence, explicit, formal, genius, history, index, inferior, innumerable, intellect, item, library, ligament, magnify, major, mechanical, minor, neuter, notary, prosody, recipe, scribe, simile, solar General- admit, adjacent, collision, combine, conclude, conductor, contempt, depression, distract, exclude, expedition, gesture, imaginary, include, incredible, individual, infancy, interest, interrupt, lucrative, lunatic, moderate, necessary, nervous, ornate, picture, popular, private, quiet, reject, solitary, spacious, subjugate, substitute, temperate, tolerance, ulcer
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  • Survivors Survivors abhominacion- abomination chest abil- able bitter abilite- ability deep accident defense ache denounce amyable- amiable familier- familiar big fat cabinet fikel- fickle calme- calm forest candel- candle
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  • fortune peel frekel- freckle plite- plight hail querel- quarrel happy rage helpless ram kingdom recluse licour- liquor ryme- rhyme liht- light same mantel- mantle sermoun- sermon martyr slowe- slow meschief- mischief sly office smell offspring taking ontill- until tale peas- peace tente- tent
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  • SURVIVORS!! trechery- treachery unce- once unhappyuse ussher- usher vassal venymous- venemous waswaterworm yistirday- yesterday youthe- youth
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  • Those Words That Were VOTED OFF: Those Words That Were VOTED OFF: achape encorsife affrayen erme biheste faunt caitif for-spent capul gedelynge chekelew gipser baber-lipped luguler comynere lafe defless lare-fadir dinten layking edmod mamely
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  • The Tribe Has Spoken! mennisscnesse tutelen nameliche unkeuelen noye waith ondful wankel peren wose queyntise yemerness quideraueynourredlichesanderbodessellichteolung
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  • Thank you for your help ! Thank you for your help !