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Machining Technology Mikron Maching Technology presents new solutions to increase productivity

Mikron Machining General (ENG)

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Mikron Machining general brochure, overview about the mikron transfer machines, for high precision and high production volumes.

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  • Machining Technology

    Mikron Maching Technologypresents new solutions to increase productivity

  • 2Mikron offers machining solutions for precision parts according to your specific requirement.

    Mikron Machining Technology designs and builds automatic machining systems and special cutting tools to producesmall and medium size parts which require high precision and output. In addition, with Mikron Service Solutions, Mikron supports the customer with a tailored service concept.


    The fastest transfer machine on the market

    Workpiece size: diameter from 0.4 up to 30 mm and max. length of 60 mm

    Machine with 12 or 24 stations Compact construction Mechanically controlled to assure reliable accurate process Available in single or double cycle to adapt to required

    volumes and lot sizes In single cycles output up to 150 parts/minute Quick and simple tool change CNC-units possible

    Mikron NRG-50: The concept of the futureThe new generation of transfer machines

    The modular construction of Mikron NRG-50 combinesin an ideal way productivity and flexibility and allows to invest gradually according to the increasing need of production output.

    Workpiece dimension: up to 50 x 50 x 50 mm and 35 x 70 mm

    Compact and modular construction with 12 stations, anytimeadaptable to individual production needs

    ATS (Advanced Thermal Stabilization): the temperature ofall elements is stable

    Up to 3 machining units per station Up to 30 machining units work simultaneously Up to 22 automatic tool changers (ATC) on board Up to 96 cutting tools on board Machining on 6 faces in one clamping Both end turning on one station Milling or drilling on one station with three units

    simultaneously Per spindle interpolation with up to four CNC-axis Fifth axis for inclinable unit (C-axis)

  • Mikron NRG 50


    MultistepTM XT-200Great flexibility in a machining system

    Workpiece up to 200 x 200 x 200 mm Linear transfer machining system Modular, expandable construction Chip-to-chip time approximately 1 second Machining on 5 1/2 faces in one clamping Simultaneous 5-axis machining 10-minute changeover time Ideal for changing lot sizes Automatic part loading pallet exchanger Workpiece change-over in less than 5.5 seconds


    The classic performer

    Workpiece size up to 100 x 100 x 100 mm Machine with 12 or 15 working stations Standard clamping system for every need Cost-effective production for 300'000

    components and more per year Machining from wire, rod or casting Very versatile and robust machine with high

    degree of modularity

  • 4Ideo 2:A new concept of machining, a good idea!

    Ideo 2More flexible than a machining center

    For workpieces up to 250 x 250 x 250 mm Suitable for batch sizes starting from 100 pieces Machining on 6 faces without unclamping the part Unique flexibility: possibility to machine one piece in

    one mudule while simultaneously doing a change-over of another work piece in the second module.

  • Mikron NRG 50


    Namco Systems:Productive and flexible

    The company Namco SA, since july 2007 part of the Division Machining Technology, offers transfer systems for parts machining invarious industries such as: watches, eyeglasses, locks, medical components, gas fittings and many others.

    NAD-2, NAD-4The most flexible transfer systems

    Workpieces dimensions up to 40 x 40 x 80 mm machining from wire, bar or blank

    Modular construction easily adaptable to individualproduction needs

    Very flexible machining system ideal for batch sizes starting at 100 parts and chaotic machining

    Machining system configuration with 2 linear stations or 4 rotary stations

    4-axis pre-machining of wire or bar before clamping

    NAM-6, NAM-8, NAM-10Four unbeatable cost per part

    Workpieces size up to 40 x 40 x 80 mm, machining from wire, bar or blank

    Machine with 6, 8 and 10 workstations Pre-machining of wire prior to clamping Full CNC flexibility Up to 36 live tools in operation simultaneously

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    Service CenterNorth and South AmericaTel. +1 203 261 31 [email protected] Hours: 7.30 am - 5 pm EST

    Mikron Service SolutionsFlexible, modular, customer oriented

    4 Servicelevels

    Level 1: For a dependable supply of spare partsWith this service level we guarantee continuous spare part support.

    Level 2: To minimize downtimeWith Xchange Service Mikron offers modules forimmediate delivery.

    Level 3: For the optimum maintenance of yourequipment. With service options from Product Support you maintain your Mikron System in top condition.

    Level 4: To guarantee continuous use of yourinvestment. Business Support offers, beyond Product Support,service options to improve your efficiency and investment.

    Select service options from each level and create yourspecific service solution. We will be pleased to advise you.

    Service CenterGermanyTel. +49 741 53 80 [email protected] Hours: 08.00 - 17.30

    Service CenterSwitzerlandTel. +41 91 610 61 [email protected] Hours: 08.00 - 17.30

    Mikron Service Centerwww.mikron.com

    24h Global Serviceline +41 91 610 63 26Outside office hours. Problem notification 24h, 7 days a week.

    Global Support Ready for you.

    Mikron Service Concept:

    Professional and efficient assistance! We guarantee quick, competent and uncomplicatedService and Support. Mikron Service Solutions offers with 4 levels a mix of reactive,preventive and predictive service plans.

    Together with you we design a Service Solution profile, tailored to your individualneeds. Thus each customer is assured to receive exactly the service and support, bestsuited for his system and individual requirements.

    Spare Part Service

    Xchange Service

    Product Support

    Business Support

  • Mikron NRG 50


    Mikron ToolA Strong Team

    Profile milling cutters are all designed and produced forcustomers special applications. Their strength is their highprecision with tolerances of 0.01 mm. Tools with a constant profile guarantee an optimum cost-efficiencyeven for high volume production.

    Two competences one partner

    The customer has in Mikron (transfer machines) andMikron Tool (cutting tools) an extremely competent part-ner at his side which will support him from the productdevelopment stage with metal removal tests and in thecontinuing process optimization for his high volume production.

    Precision tools from Mikron Tool a success factor

    Tools are important performers in the metal removal process. Among experts, Mikron Tool SA Agno has an excellentreputation as a manufacturer of small and medium sizecutting tools. The offer is including: Multifunctional speci-al tools, the CrazyDrill line, the MiquDrill line and profilemilling cutters.

    Special tools are more than ever in the focus of customerspecific applications. The advantage of higher processingreliability as well as the reduced testing effort by far nega-tes higher costs for special tools.

    CrazyDrill is synonym of maximum drill performance.They have been developed especially for the high volumeproduction of precision parts on transfer systems.Different executions in the diameter range 0.4 to 6 mmare available from stock, as well as special sizes on demand.

    MiquDrill offer the proven Mikron quality when machi-ning small and medium sizes batch quantities and a richvariety of work pieces. The offer in the diameter rangefrom 0.1 to 3 mm includes: MiquDrill Centro for chamfe-ring and centering; the short MiquDrill 200 for pilot holesof up to 2-3 x d; as well as MiquDrill 210 which guaran-tees precise follow-up drilling.

  • www.mikron.com

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    Mikron Machining TechnologyYour contacts

    HeadquarterMikron SA AgnoVia Ginnasio 17CH-6982 AgnoTel. +41 91 610 61 11Fax +41 91 610 66 [email protected]

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