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  • 7/22/2019 Mikron Writing Instruments English


    Writing Instruments

    Mikron leader inwriting instruments machinery

  • 7/22/2019 Mikron Writing Instruments English



    Cost efficient tip manufacturing equipmentfrom Mikron

    Tip manufacturingMikron Machining Technologys past is closely linkedto the history of the ball point pen. Since the earlystages of the ballpoint pen, Mikron has developed

    machinery to make writing tips and to assemble refills.As the cost of pens has been reduced over the years,Mikron has developed more and more productive

    machines.Ballpen tips, whether made from brass, nickel-silver orstainless steel are efficiently produced on the Mikron

    Multistar LX-24 and Multistar LX-12 Writing machines.Tips can be made automatically from coldformedblanks or directly from wire stock. Production output

    ranges from 80 to 300 finished tips per minute.

    Mikron Multistar machines work to the most demanding

    tolerances in the industry and are thus ideally suited toproduce not only the ordinary ballpen tips but alsoclose tolerance rollerball and jel ink tips. In fact, most

    of the leading ballpen brands use writing tips made onMikron equipment.

    Stations 1 to 12 of amachining cycle on aMultistar LX-24

    Various tips produced on Mikron Multistar transfer systems

    1 2 3

    4 5






    Unloading 12

    Loading &collet closing

  • 7/22/2019 Mikron Writing Instruments English



    Wire cutting machine Mikron TR-42 WRIThe Mikron TR-42 is a machine for the economical andstraight shearing of wire metal.

    Cold heading press Mikron RP-32As a single stroke cold header the Mikron RP-32 ismost suitable for small plain parts working directly

    from coil.

    Cold heading press Mikron RP-32: Themetal is straightened, placed in the die

    and cut to the desired length

  • 7/22/2019 Mikron Writing Instruments English


    Tip manufacturing

    Mikron RP-32/3 (or TR-42) deburring Mikron Multistar centrifuge washingmachine


    Multistar LX-24 WritingThe Multistar LX-24 with 24 work stations and up to

    44 working spindles is the guarantor for a smoothmass production. With the Multistar LX-24 machiningis possible from below and above. Other additional

    features are the 24 intermediate stations, which allowmeasuring, controlling and cleaning procedures duringthe same run.

    That way you can quadruplicate your productivityIt is unique! A run produces up to 600 simple workpiecesper minute. Separating the fields of work doubles, triples

    or quadruplicates the amount of production at thesame high processing speed.

    Factors of success at one glance Fastest rotary transfer machine worldwide High precision and repeatability

    Simultaneous machining at two sides at each station Multiple cycles for extremely high amounts Parallel production of two parts Load / unload time parallel to the machining process

    Quick and simple tool changes

  • 7/22/2019 Mikron Writing Instruments English


    Refill manufacturing

    Mikron IMPI-34 centrifuge Mikron ATW-10 balance hand handpump centrifuge


    IMPI-34The Mikron IMPI-34 refill assembly machine has provento be a highly reliable, easy to operate and extremlyproductive refill assembly machine. This machine is

    especially suited for economical capillary refills. It assemblesthe writing tip to the point, does crimping and plugassembly. Blind hot stamping is also possible.

    High precision refill tips machined onMikron Multistar LX-24 and assembledwith IMPI 34

    Multistar LX-12 Writing offers economic highvolume machining at a low investment level.The Multistar product line, with over 600 machines

    sold world wide in the writing instruments field, hasbeen completed with the model Multistar LX-12 Writing.This rotary transfer machine is particularly suitable for

    the high-speed machining of brass and NiSi tips in asingle working cycle. Compared with todays traditionalproduction methods, the Multistar LX-12 Writing will

    considerably improve the writing quality of brass andBNP tips.

    The spindles, clamping collets and cutting tools areinterchangeable with the same components used onthe Multistar LX-24, thus stock keeping of spare parts

    is reduced and running the Multistar LX-12 Writing iseconomic and easy.

  • 7/22/2019 Mikron Writing Instruments English



    Quality Control and Support Equipment

    Mikron supplies equipment which meets the specificrequirements of the writing instrument manufacturerand is renown for planning and implementing cost-

    efficient manufacturing facilities for tips and refills.

    The automatic production machines made by Mikron

    cover the complete range of tip and refill manufacturing.

    Coldforming machines TR-42 and RP-32

    Rotary transfer machine Multistar LX-24 Ink joiners and assembly machines IMPI-34 Write test machine ATW-10

    To guarantee a continuous, premium quality andoutstanding productivity, the very best quality control

    and support equipment is a must.Writing test machine ATW-10The machine tests simultaneously 10 refills in differentwriting angles between 90 and 60 under a load of80 - 120 gr (0.176 - 0.265 lbs). It assists in investigating

    flow character, affinity, lay-down and wear rate at differentwriting speeds. Starting abilities, sphericalness of balls,and other details may be checked. The registering

    mechanism allows the reading of the writing distancein meters. Adjustable paper feed and writing speedallow most efficient testing.

    Test of writing qualityon a Mikron ATW-10

  • 7/22/2019 Mikron Writing Instruments English



    MM-10 Drill Grinder

    Precision, small drill grinding machine used forregrinding and point-thinning of right and left handdrills. Incorporated microscope with magnification15 x allows rapid monitoring of grinding operation.

    Special features: Point angle adjustable 90 - 180 Cutting and clearance angle 0 - 45 Grinding range 0.2 - 6.4 mm (0.008 - 0.25) Max. drill length 160 mm (6.3)

    Precision tools

    One of the key elements when producing steel orbrass tips on Mikrons Multistar machine, are cutting

    tools. Mikron has recognized the importance of highperforming tools many years ago and has thus establi-shed its own in-house tool manufacturing facility. We

    are able to provide standard and special cutting toolsfrom small special production to large volume series allwithin the most demanding quality standards. Consult

    us for your tooling needs; our specialists are ready tohelp you.

    SM-5 Stereo MicroscopeHigh resolution stereo microscope forquality inspection. A sharp three-dimensionalimage is produced and even for prolongedperiods, accurate and efficient work without eyestrain is guaranteed.

    Special features: Magnification 30 x Eye pieces inclined 45 Vertical illumination 6V - 15W

    M-112 Measuring MicroscopeInstrument for dimensional inspection of the tip.Offers an optimum of brightness and clarity ofthe image.

    Special features: Magnification 50 x Vertical illuminator Stage with X-Y movements and reading on

    vernier 0.001 mm (.0001) Rotating goniometric head, 360 vernier with

    10 reading

    Cutting tools and aggregates suggestedby Mikron

    Hand Pump / Hand CentrifugeAuxiliary equipment to fill and centrifuge refills by hand for samplesand laboratory tests.

    AE-100 Analytical BalanceElectronic Analytical Balance used to control ink consumption.Special features: Weighing range 0-109 g (0-0.24 lbs.) Readout 0.1 mg (2 x 10 -7 lbs.)

  • 7/22/2019 Mikron Writing Instruments English



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