Minnesota Hydrography

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Minnesota Hydrography. Land of 10,000 Lakes (or so). Presented by:. Mark Olsen Minnesota Pollution Control Agency 520 Lafayette Road N. St. Paul, MN 55155 mark.olsen@pca.state.mn.us. A Matter of Scale. 11,842 Lakes > 10 acres Over 14,000 when including smaller lakes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Minnesota Hydrography

  • Minnesota HydrographyLand of 10,000 Lakes(or so)Mark OlsenMinnesota Pollution Control Agency520 Lafayette Road N.St. Paul, MN 55155mark.olsen@pca.state.mn.usPresented by:

  • A Matter of Scale11,842 Lakes > 10 acresOver 14,000 when including smaller lakes92,000 miles of stream/river

  • Growing Public Interest/ConcernWater quality is highest priority concernEnvironmental IssuesMalformed frogsNitrates in GroundwaterFish kills and consumption advisoriesRecreational usageHypoxiaUse of local dataAccess to data and information

  • Minnesotas Governors Council on Geographic InformationHydrography Committee

    Inventory and state coordinationDefine the MN hydrography frameworkCoordination with Federal activities

  • Inventory and State CoordinationLegacy systems25 years of historyDefacto standardsDistributed authority Relies on voluntary cooperation

  • Define MN FrameworkBasic featuresWatershedBasinWatercourseHydrologic Point of Interest

    Basic elementsDefinitionDelineationIdentificationAssociation of events

  • The Need to ShareWatershed approachEnvironmental issues ignore political boundariesShared responsibility and authority

  • St. Croix River Basin:

  • The Need to ShareWatershed approachEnvironmental issues ignore political boundariesShared responsibility and authorityExample: Lakefinder Single point of access for DNR, MPCA, and MDH data


  • Dept of Health - Fish Consumption Advisories

  • MPCA - Water Quality Data

  • MPCA - Water Clarity Data

  • DNR - Recreational Use

  • DNR - Topographic Map

  • MPCA ActivitiesHydrography dataset is framework for integrationStandardsPerch Creek: T.116, 117, 118, R.39Monitoring (STORET)Permitted dischargersAssessments (305(b), 303(d))Funding activities

  • Reach Indexing ToolWhy We Like It:No costEase of useActivities associated to real surface water features - not dependent on locational accuracy or scale

  • St. Croix River Basin - Indexed Stream Standards

  • Flow validated data needed to populate missing lake reach IDs

  • Reach Indexed 305(b) Assessment

  • Higher Resolution DataDNR Level 1 Hydro - 24K DLG with lake shorelines from NWIMPCA funded USGS to research conversion to NHDIntegration of Wisconsin dataReady now to add IDs and namesNHD delineation rulesTechnical coordination with USGS

  • This is the End.

    RKI and Kittle/CSAW - up to 25 years oldNeed to accommodate common used standards/conventions - some is referenced by statuteNo central gatekeeper - currentlyBusiness needs are too diverse to expect one size fits allCurrent reality - linework will vary between organizationsAbility to exchange data is biggest incentive