MIRAGE VS. MULTICAM Operator Field Test Mirage Multicam

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MIRAGE VS. MULTICAM Operator Field Test Mirage Multicam Slide 2 THE PROBLEM In the legacy role of (Deleted) small teams of men are asked to go behind enemy lines to gather information and report on enemy situations. Lacking major firepower these men relay on their training, equipment and each other to successfully complete the mission. If in fact any one of these things should fail, it has the ability to jeopardize the safety of the team and success of the mission. Camouflage is no exception. Slide 3 Is their a solution? Mirage Camo uses a digitized pattern, which is more effective than regular camo because it mimics the dappled textures and rough boundaries found in nature. Digitized Camo is based on FRACTAL designs found in nature Having no discernable lines or shapes produces a blurring effect. It is the blurring that effect that breaks up the outline of the wearer. If the eye sees no discernable pattern, the eye tends to ignore it and associate it with the background. For digital camo to properly work it must match the colors around the wearer. This is were ACU, Multicam, Hyper Stealth or the myriad of hunting patterns fail and MIRAGE SUCCEDES. In the design of Mirage, the most common colors found in nature were utilized. The most common browns, greens, grays and even a very dark brown from bark was utilized. The browns come from tree bark and the green from various common foliage found in nature. The grays were chosen from asphalt, raw concrete and grays found on trees. This lends to its superb blending in the urban environment. The very dark brown gives the uniform the ability to Function in darker areas. If the brain cannot perceive a color (usually Dusk/Dawn, shadows or similar dark areas) it assumes the color is black or shade there of. To counter the Dark Brown, the various shades of tan make the uniform appear lighter in bright areas while the dark tones make the uniform appear darker in more subdued environments. Slide 4 TESTING THE BETTER UCP Once again to say there is one UCP is a misnomer. The strengths of one are the weakness of another and vice versa. In the case of Mirage versus Multicam, both were subjected to the same environments in a three month period. Environments ranged from (7400 feet -5500 feet) Cloth samples from Mirage, Multicam and ACU were also tested in various environments through out the United States THE FOLLOWING SLIDES INCLUDE THE RAW DATA FROM THE TESTING ENVIRONMENTS. Slide 5 CLOTH TESTING IN THE UNITED STATES ACU MULTICAM MIRAGE GA Slide 6 CLOTH TESTING IN THE UNITED STATES ACU MIRAGE MULTICAM GA Slide 7 CLOTH TESTING IN THE UNITED STATES ACU MIRAGE MULTICAM GA Slide 8 CLOTH TESTING IN THE UNITED STATES ACU MULTICAM MIRAGE GA Slide 9 OVERSEAS TESTING Slide 10 Slide 11 Slide 12 Slide 13 DUE TO WEATHER, NO OTHER PICTURES WERE ABLE TO BE TAKEN BESIDES THE PICTURE ON THE LEFT. THE PICTUR ON THE RIGHT DEMONSTRATES WHAT EACH CAMOUFLAGE MIGHT LOOK LIKE IN THE SUMMER TIME Slide 14 OVERSEAS TESTING Slide 15 Mirage Top Multicam Pants Slide 16 MIRAGE ABILITIES Excellent uniform design and features The ability to custom tailor our uniform Support after sale Exclusive sale to US Military Superior ability in Mountainous and Desert Environments. Slide 17 CONCLUSION Mirage seems to be best suited in Mountainous/ Rocky desert landscapes as fall woodland and brown environments. Mirage is able to adapt to various spectrums in multiple environments. In the desert environment mirage blended seamlessly with its surroundings. When in lighter environments of the desert country it did equally as well being able to provide proper disruption against the background colors. The construction of the uniform is excellent and the reinforced pants are extremely rugged and durable. The Combat Top is allows for maximum ventilation and is extremely comfortable. The Garrison top is has a very useful chest pockets that are accessible even when worn under body armor. With Mirage we have the ability to Custom Tailor our uniform to meet our needs, as well as having wonderful customer relations. Slide 18 PERSONAL CONCLUSION Working in a Recon Unit, Camouflage is extremely important. The safety of myself and my men depend on having the best camouflage system. Seeing the enemy first versus being seen by the enemy is the difference between life and death. I am confident after wearing Mirage across multiple peacetime environments that camouflage is one less thing I have to worry about. The construction of the uniform is by far the most rugged and durable on the market. It is a good feeling knowing that your camo and uniform are going to get you there and back. By the end of my last deployment with mirage I knew that if my uniform was broke I was probably broke with it. It is that tough Mirage Works Period!