Mixing ESM with DRM v.j.khan@tue.nl 21.06.06 Javed-Vasileios Khan Panos Markopoulos, Berry Eggen, Boris de Ruyter, Wijnand IJsselsteijn

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Mixing ESM with DRM v.j.khan@tue.nl 21.06.06 Javed-Vasileios Khan Panos Markopoulos, Berry Eggen, Boris de Ruyter, Wijnand IJsselsteijn Slide 2 INDEX Background info: Goals of my PhD project, Achievements, Experience Sampling Method (ESM), Day Reconstruction Method (DRM), Application Slide 3 OVERALL GOAL How can Awareness Systems support intra-family communication? Slide 4 Awareness Systems Awareness Systems are a class of CMC systems having as a goal to help people keep in touch about their activities and whereabouts over long periods of time. Slide 5 EXAMPLES OF AWARENESS SYSTEMS (1/2) FAMILY PORTRAIT, GATECH, Mynatt, Rowan, et.al. Slide 6 EXAMPLES OF AWARENESS SYSTEMS (2/2) Daily Activities Diarist TU/e, Metaxas, Markopoulos, et.al. Slide 7 MY FOCUS Communication between busy parents Couples: Both working, Have at least one dependent child, Goal is to support their communication with Awareness Systems Slide 8 PROBLEM Communication needs of busy parents are dynamic and changing with their context, How to capture those needs? Slide 9 METHODS ALREADY USED Interview study, Online survey study, Common problem=&gt; lacking flexibility to fit into the life events of participants. Slide 10 Experience Sampling Method A quasi-naturalistic method that involves signaling questions at subjects at random times throughout the day. Slide 11 Day Reconstruction Method Subjects first revive memories of the previous day by constructing a diary consisting of a sequence of episodes, Then they answer the research questions thinking about the episodes. Assess how people experience their various activities and settings of their lives. Slide 12 BOTH METHODS HAVE SHORTCOMINGS ESM: interrupting the subject from daily activities, asking at inconvenient moments, =&gt; loose valuable data DRM: difficulty in remembering occurred events =&gt; weak accuracy, unreliable data. Slide 13 GOALS OF ESM &amp; DRM STUDY Find out what information are parents willing to automatically share among themselves, + under which context, Evaluate the combined method. Slide 14 OVERVIEW OF THE STUDY INITIAL TASK (WEBSITE): Info willing to automatically share with partner, Places and activities (during a typical working day), Link the info selected to context (place &amp; activity) 5 TYPICAL WORKING DAYS (WEBSITE &amp; PDA): Ask at random times about context (at that time) &amp; info willing to automatically share. Slide 15 FILTER INFO THAT A PARTICIPANT WOULD GENERALLY WOULD BE WILLING TO SHARE WITH PARTNER Slide 16 CONTEXT (PLACES) DURING A TYPICAL WORKING DAY Slide 17 CONTEXT (ACTIVITIES) DURING A TYPICAL WORKING DAY Slide 18 LINK INFO TO CONTEXT Slide 19 Slide 20 ANSWER QUESTIONS ON THE PDA (ESM) Slide 21 3 rd TASK: FILL OUT THE MISSING PARTS Slide 22 CURRENT &amp; FUTURE WORK EXECUTE THE STUDY WITH 20 SUBJECTS, DEVELOP AN AWARENESS SYSTEM FOR BUSY PARENTS. Slide 23 MORE INFO HTTP://WWW.AWARENESS.ID.TUE.NL V.j.khan@tue.nl </p>