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  • 7/22/2019 MM3-ProxySwitch - Firefox Extension (Add-ons).pdf



    You would like to save web pages and use these offline?

    The ProxySwitch completes ideally the WebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browser.


    EditorHomepageDelete browser cacheShortcutPreference config

    Activation of a proxy configurationStandard settings

    Automation of the proxy configurationIP-Address determines proxy configurationImport of the proxy configuration from the Internet ExplorerSwitching automatically


    With a click on the symbol ProxySwitch you can change between the direct connection to the internet and a proxy configuration.

    You recognize the used connection by the symbol:

    direct Internet connection

    a proxy configuration (If you don't use symbols in the Firefox, the configuration name is then highlighted in addition.)

    Tool Tipp

    The name of the used configuration and the name after switching are displayed.The names indicate:

    Direct: Direct Internet connectionManual: Proxyconfiguration enteredin the browser manually

    You can select a proxy configuration from the popup menu.You can edit the proxy configurations with the menuEdit.

    Editor for the proxy configuration

    You can use the following keywords for the configuration:

    http, ssl, ftp, gopherand socks

    Enter the proxy for any required protocol.Note

    For the protocol socks version 4 you enter: socks4

    The protocol gopherisn't available in Firefox 4.all

    The same proxy is used for all protocols.noProxy

    For the given domains the proxy shall not be used.Several domains are separated by a comma. This corresponds to the syntax of Firefox.url

    URL to the script for the automatic proxy configuration.

    With the parameter reloadthe script is loaded newly when switching.

    Every configuration has a definite name and starts with the bracket [and ends with the bracket ].This name is displayed in the popup menu.The bracket [ and ] as well as every keyword must be in a new line.

    According to the structure in the following example.

    MM3-ProxySwitch - Firefox Extension (Add-ons) 08/12/2013

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  • 7/22/2019 MM3-ProxySwitch - Firefox Extension (Add-ons).pdf



    [MM3-WebAssistant http= ssl = ftp = noProxy= ] [localProxy all= ] [provider

    http=HTTP-Proxy of you provider ] [script1 url= ] [script2 url=reload ]

    The two following proxy settings can in addition be specified:


    Auto-detect proxy settings for this networkSystem

    Use system proxy settings


    [Auto ] [System ]


    When switching over the proxy configuration a other homepage can be displayed. To this you indicate the homepage at the respectiveproxy configuration with the keyword homepage.


    [MM3-WebAssistant http=...

    homepage= ]

    Delete browser cache

    Before you use the Offline Browser WebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browser, the cache of your browser should be deleted. With thekeyword clearthis is carried out automatically.


    [MM3-WebAssistant http=...

    clear=cache ]


    You can define short keys to switch between different proxy configurations.

    Used keywords:

    modifiersalt, control, shift, accel, meta (only for Macintosh)If you need several modifiers, then you separate these by comma.keycode

    Only be used for printable characters e.g. a-z 0-9Or special code start with VK_

    MM3-ProxySwitch - Firefox Extension (Add-ons) 08/12/2013

    chrome://mm3proxyswitch/locale/instruction.html 2 / 5
  • 7/22/2019 MM3-ProxySwitch - Firefox Extension (Add-ons).pdf




    Please, restart the program after the definition.If it shouldn't work after this, the short key is already used by another function.




    modifiers=alt,control keycode=w ]

    At the same time press the short key: The proxy configuration MM3-WebAssistantis then used.

    Preference config

    Would you like to change further preferences at switching of the proxy configuration? You set these to the keyword config:and a

    preference (name=value) at the respective proxy configuration.


    [ProxyDNS socks=...

    config:network.proxy.socks_remote_dns=true ]

    The preference name network.proxy.socks_remote_dns controls whether DNS lookups for SOCKS v5 clients happen on the client oron the proxy server. With the value true the proxy server perform DNS lookups.

    Activation of a proxy configuration

    If you select a proxy configuration, then this is immediately used per default. With the keyword directthe select configuration isentered. The direct connection to the internet is used, however.


    [MM3-WebAssistant http=...

    direct=yes ]


    This is obvious if you use the automation of the proxy configuration and you don't need a proxy at every location.

    Standard settings

    If you liked to assign a standard setting to a keyword, then you give this pre-allocation after the last closing bracket ]

    This is possible for the following keywords:http, ssl, ftp, gopher, socks, socks4, noProxy, clearand homepage


    [MM3-WebAssistant http=...

    ] clear=cache homepage=

    Automation of the proxy configuration

    MM3-ProxySwitch - Firefox Extension (Add-ons) 08/12/2013

    chrome://mm3proxyswitch/locale/instruction.html 3 / 5
  • 7/22/2019 MM3-ProxySwitch - Firefox Extension (Add-ons).pdf


    If you use different networks with your laptop computer, then the required configuration can be determined automatically. There are twopossibilities for it.

    IP-Address determines proxy configuration

    The IP address used currently determines the matching proxy configuration from several deposited entries.

    The respective IP address is the name of the proxy configuration.If you need an area of IP addresses, then you indicate only the constant part with that the IP address starts.

    Optional the configuration with the name: defaultThis configuration is used, if nones of the given IPs are found.

    You see the used syntax at the following example.


    Configurations for the IP adresses:IP address: address area: to

    One configuration for all other IPs

    Enter for this in the editor:

    [ http=... ] [10. http=... ] [default http=... ] import=IP

    The entry import=IPactivates this function so that at every restart of the Firefox the matching proxy configuration is used.Alternative: Use the ProxySwitch menu: Import IP


    If several, in the ProxySwitch registered IPs are available in your network, then the last entry is used.

    Import of the proxy configuration from the Internet Explorer

    If your Internet Explorer is already configured automatically into dependence of your network environment, then you can use thisconfiguration also in the Firefox.

    This proxy configuration gets the name in the ProxySwitch: IE

    Enter for this in the editor:


    Now every restart of the Firefox imports the active proxy configuration of the Internet Explorer.Alternative: Use the ProxySwitch menu: Import IE


    This function is only available in the Firefox (version 1.5 and higher) for Windows.

    Switching automatically

    Starting the Firefox it is checked whether an URL is available. Into dependence of this test the direct connection to the Internet or theproxy is used.


    testUrl=URL [direct|proxy|both] [name]


    URL to be checked.

    MM3-ProxySwitch - Firefox Extension (Add-ons) 08/12/2013

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  • 7/22/2019 MM3-ProxySwitch - Firefox Extension (Add-ons).pdf



    Check is executed if you activate in the Firefox: Direct connection to the Internet.proxy

    Check is only executed if a proxy configuration is activated.both

    Check is always executedIf in the test the URL is available, the proxy configuration is

    Check is only executed if the proxy configuration is activated with this name.

    If name is missing, the check is always executed.


    [MM3-WebAssistant http=...

    ] testUrl= both MM3-WebAssistant

    The availability of the WebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browseris checked here.If this proxy has started, then this is used.

    Product Homepage

    Note of thanks and development history

    Get Involved


    Creative Commons GNU GPL

    You would like to save web pages and use these offline?

    With the WebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browser you click a link and the page is shown as normal, also adds the page to an archive onyour hard disk enabling offline access, bookmarking and searching.Go to Download WebAssistant - Proxy Offline Browser

    MM3Tools, 2013WebAssistant@MM3Tools.comLegal information

    MM3-ProxySwitch - Firefox Extension (Add-ons) 08/12/2013

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