MMW Who We Are is Who Are We

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  • 8/7/2019 MMW Who We Are is Who Are We


    Who we are is who are we

    How often do we think that we know all about ourselves, only to find that there areany number of us? The us, that we know is invariably in a minority of one. Almostanyone who knows us can almost involuntarily point to a largely different version tothat which we would prefer.

    This is a condition common to all people of the world. It is not a deliberatedeception, even self deception, we are born blindsided. Not only that, but perceptionis a very relational and even situational thing, even seasonal thing. The day we areborn we are our parents most beautiful child . However by the time we reach theage of say two we enter stage commonly called the Terrible Twos and most parentswill try to deny it but we become almost the spawn of the devil, figuratively. While yetten years later we are on the verge of entering the great adventure called theteenage years and our loving parents will refer to us as that child, privately.

    Oh, in case you have forgotten, or are yet to arrive there after another ten or soyears you will invariably discover the know-nothing parents who fed you throughyour teenager years will suddenly start to become the fount of all knowledge.

    Just in case you think this is about a generational c onflict, it is much more than that,the hero big brother of childhood will become the sisters interfering brother when heturns up on a date. People change , just as we do, and the perception of you in onesituation will be different , depending upon who is looking and how we respond.

    There is one perception that will never change. In the creation narrative mankind isGods special creation, not called into existence, as were the animals, but crafted byHis Hands and then breathed into life. God says that He knows us from before weare conceived (Psalm 139) and Nicodemus is told that God so loved us he sent HisSon to redeem us.

    While claiming that His attitude will not change toward us that is not to say that

    everything is now right between us and God. Man and Woman were created to livein relationship with God, mankind made a disobedient decision and as a result of thatwere excluded from the relationship they were intended to occupy by theconsequence of their disobedience.

    That wasnt the end of the story however. The reason that Christ Jesus, Gods sonhas central place in history is that He is central to Gods History. He came to liveamongst us as God with us and as Saviour the direct translation of His names torestore the relationship between God and you and I. He didnt come to provide acop out clause for all mankind but that individually we could consider our particulardisobedience and return with an apology acceptance of what God did for us torestore us to that original relationsh ip. We, you and I, have blown it and we are theones who must change to enjoy Gods presence in our life.

    We also bear a responsibility which is to spread the word. It doesnt matter howgood we have been, each of us have been disobedient to God and wh en we arecome into relationship with Jesus then we have friends acquaintances and familywho may still need to be introduced. We may know about someone without knowingthe person who is that someone, so it is with God the Father asn Jesus Son of God.

    Might I suggest that there may be some reading this for whom this may be a lifechanging day. I pray so.