Mobile language learning in Japan

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Mobile language learning in Japan. Experiences integrating mobile learning in language classrooms around the globe EFL-IS InterSection @ TESOL 2014 Paul Daniels Kochi University of Technology. Mobile learning trends in Japan. mobile labs game-based activities - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


PowerPoint Presentation

Mobile language learningin JapanExperiences integrating mobile learning in language classrooms around the globeEFL-IS InterSection @ TESOL 2014

Paul DanielsKochi University of Technology

Mobile learning trends in Japanmobile labsgame-based activitiesself-study & self-paced learningmobile content management

Mobile iPod lab

Mobile iPad lab

Why mobile labs?AccessFlexibilityStandardized platformLocalize apps & contentEase of maintenance

Packaging tools

Learning contentWebsitesAppsMedia capture

Capturing languageImage, audio & video captureSlideShowVideoBoardVoiceShadowPoodLL

Presentations &group discussion

Oral practiceFeedbackAssessmentPortfoliosBeyond the classroom walls

Online assistantsIncreased speaking opportunities

Game-based learning

Futaba classroom gamesQuisr Pro

MCM Group Quiz

MCM OrderingSelf-study & self-paced learning

Course management systemsMobile themesActivity & content supportContent developmentApps & CMS

Mobile Course Manager (MCM)

MCM appsFlashcardMultiple choiceReading & listeningClozeDrag & drop matchingOrdering gameGroup quiz

MCM Vocabulary

FlashcardsQuizInsert text, image & audioMCM Reading & Listening

Insert text, image & audioSlideshow style MCM Multiple Choice

Insert text, image & audioChoicesMCM Drag & Drop

Text / audioDrag & drop objects to matchMCM Cloze

Text, image & audioEnter textMCM Ordering

Select words in correct order as they dropText / audio promptMCM Group Quiz

Player 2Player 1Player 3MCM Admin Console

Template-based content developmentWeb-based adminWeb apps Native appsAccess to audio, image, & video captureDevelop apps using HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Apache Cordova