Mobile Learning, Bremen 2011

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  • 1. Mobile Learning: Crossing boundaries in convergent environments Conference (March 21st to 22nd, 2011 in Bremen)Observations of Una Laptop por Nio OLPC Peru Antje BreitkopfNowadays mobile devices are no longer exclusively found in highly technologized countries butcan also be stumbled upon in schools that are far off the beaten track, for example in thecountryside of Peru, where since 2008 laptops are being given to children as part of the worldwideone-laptop-per-child initiative. In 2010 Antje Breitkopf conducted a field research in Peru togather material for her MA-thesis in Pedagogy, Cultural Anthropology and Political science (Univ.Hamburg) and ePedagogy Design (AALTO Univ. Helsinki). She visited 12 primary schools in twoneighboring, but geographically and culturally very distinct regions, interviewed teachers andvarious other people involved in the project, and got a close insight into the organization anddevelopment of OLPC Peru over a period of more than 6 months.After briefly introducing the OLPC project, she will present a short overview of her experiences andthen concentrate on the question of where and when mobile learning can and does happen in thatparticular environment and with that particular technology. Here she will propose different ways toconceptualize mobile learning, meaning for example the mobilization of contents and thediversification of locations, but also enabling children to exchange and collaborate, and to have onedevice for many different tasks and activities. Those possible definitions of mobile learning shall bediscussed and their applicability for this project shall be deliberated. Furthermore there will begiven an insight into classroom observations, of how and when the laptops were actually beingused, what progress was made and what problems were faced. Finally Ms. Breitkopf will give anoutlook on potential capabilities and identify general conditions necessary to enable and realizemobile learning with view on the local context.