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  • Mobile Phone - Policy

    Document Number: OPS A003.01

    Approval Authority: Operations Manager

    Last Approval Date: 22 April 2014

    Review date: 22 April 2017

    Audience: All employees

    1. Purpose and Objectives The purpose of this policy is to make employees aware of what constitutes reasonable and appropriate use of mobile phones in the workplace. The objective of this policy is to ensure:

    Compliance with privacy legislation; and

    The best possible customer experience.

    2. Definitions For the purposes of this Policy, the definitions listed below apply. Personal Mobile Phone means: A mobile phone supplied by the employee. Business Mobile Phone means: A mobile phone supplied by UQSL primarily for work purposes.

    Exceptional Circumstances means: A unique situation or emergency.

    3. Policy Scope/Coverage This policy applies to all UQSL employees, contractors, trainees, and people engaged in an unpaid capacity.

    4. Policy Statement It is the expectation that UQSL employees protect the privacy of customers and the organisation whilst ensuring a high level of customer service is provided at all times. UQSL commits itself to educating employees as to the appropriate use of personal and business mobile phones whilst undertaking duties for UQSL.

    4.1. Business Mobile Phones Business mobile phones are provided to employees primarily to allow contact with the employee by other employees or customers. It is understood that all business mobile phones are used primarily for work purposes to enable the employee to do their job as per the Fringe Benefits Tax Assessment Act.

  • All assessments as to who will be provided with a business mobile phone will be conducted by the CEO and will take into consideration such factors as:

    The reason or reasons why a business mobile phone is required

    The type of work performed by the employee

    How a business mobile phone relates to the employees employment duties Employees who have been provided with a business mobile phone with email and internet access must comply with all UQSL policies dealing with email, internet access, and privacy where relevant. All business mobile phone numbers remain the property of UQSL.

    4.2. Customer Facing Personal mobile phones are not permitted to be switched on and/or in use in all customer facing environments. Personal mobile phones may be switched on before work, during breaks and after work. In exceptional circumstances personal mobile phones may be permitted to be switched on as per prior mutual agreement with a supervisor or manager. Personal mobile phones may be in the possession of the employee during a shift time but are not to be visible. Employees are responsible for the security of personal possessions whilst in the workplace.

    4.3. Customer Data Under no circumstance may a personal mobile phone be switched on and/or in use in an environment where customer data is exposed or easily accessible.

    4.4. Meetings All mobile phones must be switched off or on silent before entering any meeting. UQSL understands that exceptional circumstances may exist that require an employee to leave their mobile phone switched on. In these circumstances it is the employees responsibility to inform the meeting chairperson and/or other attendees prior to commencement.

    4.5. Occupational Health and Safety Employees must not use a mobile phone while operating a motor vehicle. Employees must not use a mobile phone in environments that are deemed unsafe to do so by a supervisor and/or manager. Supervisors and managers are authorised to issue general notices of warning to staff regarding the use of mobile phones if they perceive a real or potential occupational health and safety risk. Employees must comply with all notices.

    5. Breach of Policy Breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.


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