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  • 1. Agro-information @ the farm gateSharbendu Banerjee CABI Centenary Celebration Workshop, NewDelhi, India November 29 th2010

2. 3. Losing food to pests and diseases

    • 40% of the food we grow is lost to pests and diseases
    • India may lose 3.9 million tonnes of wheat yield due to climate change by 2020
    • Rice blast disease results in losses up to 30% every year
    • For every 1% reduction in losses we could feed 25 million more people


  • An investment in knowledge pays the best interest
  • Benjamin Franklin

Information is needed @ the farm gate 5. Information delivery models @ the farm gate

  • Portal web-sites
    • accessed through village kiosks
    • internet access required
    • information and Q&A services
    • operated by social workers or kiosk entrepreneurs
    • SMS and voice messages services (directory)
  • Call centers (Farmers Helpline)
    • accessed through mobiles or telephone land lines
    • Information & Q&Aservices
    • SMSs or voice messages
    • operated through employed operators
  • Mobile applications
    • Q&Aserviced and market information
    • data exchange and transactions (key based)
    • IVR technology (voice and data)
    • operated by users themselves
    • iconic voice messages
    • Value Added Services

6. Can mobile revolutionise Indian Agriculture? 7. the possibilities are unlimited! 8. IFFCO CABI experience

    • Over 5.5 million farmers in 18 states of India have subscribed to date
    • Each farmer daily gets 5 local language voice messages on crop protection, agronomy, animal husbandry etc
    • So far delivered 100,000 Voice Messages and answered 110,000 farmers queries
    • What CABI is doing
    • Providing scientific backstopping service to the local experts
    • Content development & Knowledge Management
    • Information Quality Assurance
    • Developing Special Tools like Crop Health Diagnosis Kit

9. And this is what we have learnt Study of 3000 users by TNS Consultant 2010 10. Our vision: Single-window information solutions for Farmers 11. By 2015, we must ensure food for her Thank you