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  • Lucy AtkinsonEurope RepresentativeWashington State Department of CommerceT: +44 1544 327061M: +44 7899

    Paul SinclairEurope RepresentativeWashington State Department of CommerceT: +44 1544 327209M: +44 7736

    Wistar KayInformation & Communication Technology Business Development ManagerWashington State Department of CommerceT: +1 206 256 6141M: +1 206 409

    Your Partner in MobileWashington State maintains a network of foreign offices to provide no-cost international business development assistance and attract foreign investment. Our team of business experts stands at the ready to help you do business in and with Washington State. As a mobile company youll find that the state is ideally suited to your business goals, whether youre a one person start-up bent on reinventing mobile entertainment or a large firm overseas that wants to expand operations into the US.


  • Washington State. We build business legends.A lot has happened over the last 40 years. Perhaps no technology has changed the world as profoundly as mobile communications and computing, and Washington State is proud of our legacy as the birthplace of mobile services in the United States. Today, the state continues to lead the way, offering businesses a vibrant and diverse information and communication technology sector that is home to some of the most well-known and innovative companies in the world.

    Washington is second only to California in the number of apps economy jobs in the US, clocking in at 49,800 in 2012. All told, the state employs more than 267,500 people in the ICT sector, which generates $25 billion in revenue annually. The major players in mobile and ICT are drawn to the state by our highly-skilled engineering, software and mobile development workforce, our culture of innovation and our pro-business environment where new ideas are quickly brought to market.

    Washington State offers a vibrant urban lifestyle and exceptional natural beauty.


  • 300+ game design and development companies are located in Washington, the biggest concentration in the country.

    2nd only to London in contributions to the world- wide mobile eco-system. 94%of Washingtonians have access to broadband internet.

    DECADES of growing strong core technology companies. From Microsoft and Aldus in the 1980s to Amazon and others today our technology stars go on to grow generations of great ideas.

    $2Bfrom apps development annually generated by Washington tech economy.MORE THAN


    Best State To Start A Business

    U.S. News & World Report


    In BroadbandConnectivity

    - TechNet


  • Apptentive

    Apptentive is the easiest way for any company with a mobile app to talk and engage with their mobile customers. Over the past two years, weve been helping companies engage their customers, get better data-driven feedback and provide better support than ever before. We help mobile businesses become stronger in the following ways:



    Easilydeploytargetedsurveysbasedonspecificcustomersegmentsand/or triggers

    Drivemorefive-starratingsandinterceptnegativefeedbackbeforeitreaches the app stores


    Were a Google Ventures backed company and some of our more well-known customers include Real Networks/GameHouse, DoubleDown, Urbanspoon, InterContinental Hotels Group and INRIX. We make it quick and simple to get you up and running so that you can spend more time and resources focusing on product development and support, while we ensure your customers have a great experience.

    KEY CONTACTRobi Ganguly, CEO+1 415 939



    CRM Systems


    Mobile Advertising and Marketing

    Mobile Enterprise Solutions and Services



    Cloud Services

    Data Analysis

    Application Development General

    Consumer Electronics

    Mobile Enterprise Solutions and Services

    Powering the global evolution of connected devices. provides the infrastructure, backend and data management for applications on any connected device, regardless of the hardware type, operating system or platform. Buddy supports global data sovereignty, enables complete sandboxing of data and content, and in many cases empowers developers to build cloud-connected apps without writing any server-side code. Buddy customers have access to rich data and analytics on the usage of their apps and the demographics of their users. While Buddy can physically host this data in specific countries to meet regional privacy policies, this data is owned by the customer and can be completely isolated to preserve user privacy.

    At Buddy, we believe that software powering connected devices - whether mobile, web or the internet of things (IoT) will become consumers primary interaction with the Internet. How consumers interact with these devices will prescribe the daily habits of billions of people. That data will inform how every company on earth engages with their customers and that data is provided by Buddy.

    Buddy is trusted by developers, agencies and brands from mobile handset carriers to US television networks, European automotive OEMs, airlines, retail giants and Hollywood studios. Buddy is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA and is backed by investors including Microsoft Ventures, A2 Partners and Transmedia Capital.

    KEY CONTACTDavid McLauchlan, CEO+1 425 445



  • Etelu

    Etelu is a full service mobile app development company specializing in indoor wayfindng solutions for healthcare, corporate campuses and retail. Our products include our MediLocator, CampuLocator and RetailLocator apps which are modular in format and fully customizable. Our apps incorporate the ability to provide real time navigational instructions while getting you from one room to another room inside of a building. We can also help you find a product or any item inside a building as well as track real time analytics as to the users inside of the building. Our apps have been nominated for several awards being recognized as best in class.

    KEY CONTACT Rosemarie FrancisCEO +1 360 969



    Indoor Wayfinding



  • Flowroute

    One of the fastest growing companies in America, Flowroute is a VoIP-focused CLEC pioneering a truly unique SIP trunking experience for next-generation companies. With a custom-built platform, Flowroute has achieved unmatched audio quality, service automation, call efficiency, system flexibility and architecture scalability. Flowroute offers phone numbers and origination, A-Z termination, CNAM, E911, T.38 faxing and SMS. Flowroute wishes to engage in conversations with companies that are interested in purchasing SIP trunking services for their applications or services.

    KEY CONTACTSean HsiehCMO & Founder+1 206 641


    PRODUCT CATEGORYTelecommunications Authorities / Associations

    VoIP Systems

    Fraud Management and Solutions


    Network Operator


  • General UI

    Since 2009, General UI has built a reputation as a best-of-breed app developer and software development firm. We collaborate with innovative brands, startups and domain-expert entrepreneurs to bring ideas to life as delightful mobile products.

    KEY CONTACTJared CheshierEntrepreneur In Residence+1 206 512 8020



    Mobile Application Design and


    Software Development

    Consulting Services



    Mobile entertainment

    Mobile advertising and marketing

    Guppy Games | Media

    Guppy Media is the premium online and mobile performance and affiliate network for advertisers, publishers and networks. With a constant commitment to results marketing, we deliver on quality, volume, advertiser ROI and publisher yield. All aspects are always results driven.

    Our latest mobile app distribution platform, Appdango, allows users to earn rewards by installing apps. Appdango provides mobile advertisers with a Pay Per Engagement (PPE) business model which guarantees the users value to advertisers.

    KEY CONTACTAlex Choe CEO M: +1 206 200 0444 T: +1 425 450



  • Hipcricket

    Hipcricket is a full service mobile advertising and marketing company that helps brands and agencies drive awareness, sales and loyalty through its holistic view of the mobile ecosystem. We leverage our 250,000 campaigns across mobile web, mobile applications, SMS, local, social and our mobile intelligence engine to make advertising campaigns successful. Hipcricket captures and mines data to understand behaviors to offer world class targeting to our clients. Our goal is to achieve your KPIs and drive maximum ROI.

    KEY CONTACTAt MW Congress:Ivan BraikerPresident/Chief Executive Officer+1 206 679

    At the office