Module 2: Morality and the Law

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Module 2: Morality and the Law. Definition of Morality Moral Theories Moral Codes Moral Standards Guilt and Conscience Natural Law Conventional Law Purpose of Laws Morality and the Law. Definition of Morality. A set of rules of right conduct - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Module 2: Morality and the LawDefinition of MoralityMoral TheoriesMoral CodesMoral StandardsGuilt and Conscience Natural LawConventional LawPurpose of LawsMorality and the Law</p><p>Ethical and Social Issues - J.M. Kizza</p></li><li><p>Definition of MoralityA set of rules of right conductA system used to modify and regulate our behaviorIt includes virtues like:Love for othersCompassion.Desire for justice.</p><p>Ethical and Social Issues - J.M. Kizza</p></li><li><p>Morality It builds character traits in individuals.It is group-based in the sense that it is a set of shared rules, principles and duties applicable to a group/society and independent of religion.It has no reference to social standing of individuals in the groupIt is influenced by other factors like:Timeplace</p><p>Ethical and Social Issues - J.M. Kizza</p></li><li><p>Moral TheoriesEach group/society justifies its beliefs in the system (set of rules of right conduct) using theories- Moral Theories. Moral theories seek to introduce a degree of rationality and rigor into moral deliberations. (plausibility) The rationale for our decisions is based on moral theoriesGood decisions must ensure:sound reasoning Impartiality </p><p>Ethical and Social Issues - J.M. Kizza</p></li><li><p>Moral Theories5. These must be guided through:Use of rational intuition- based on moral principlesUse of reason to achieve the highest moral goodAbility to distinguish between primary and secondary moral principles ( general to more specific)Rational calculation of consequences of action based on the decision</p><p>Ethical and Social Issues - J.M. Kizza</p></li><li><p>Moral CodesRules or norms within a group or society for what is proper behavior for the membersShared and behavioral patterns (for survival of the group/society)There are some cultural-free and timeless moral codesMoral codes exert control over actions of members of that society or groupCompliance/adherence to the groups moral code is almost involuntary</p><p>Ethical and Social Issues - J.M. Kizza</p></li><li><p>Moral StandardsA moral standard is a special moral norm that guides and enforces policyStandards consists of: Enforcement of moral codesSelf-judgment (Guilt)Moral standards lax when enforcement and self-judgment decline</p><p>Ethical and Social Issues - J.M. Kizza</p></li><li><p>Guilt and ConscienceMorality as the system that sets standards for virtuous conduct also contains judgment and enforcement mechanismsGuilt is an internal judging and enforcement mechanism that consists of:Self-judging and punishing oneself for not living up to the moral standardsSelf-forgiveness based on ones set of moral standardsConscience is the capacity and ability to self-judge based on self moral standards</p><p>Ethical and Social Issues - J.M. Kizza</p></li><li><p>Guilt and Conscience Conscience is motivated by ones:Pride Compassion Empathy LovePersonal identification Conscience initiates ones guilt feeling</p><p>Ethical and Social Issues - J.M. Kizza</p></li><li><p>LawRules of conduct or actions recognized by customs or decreed by a formal body and enforceable by some instrument. We obey two types of laws: Natural and Conventional </p><p>Ethical and Social Issues - J.M. Kizza</p></li><li><p>Natural Law</p><p> Unwritten but universal consists of rights:Self-defense (preservation)Individual propertyLibertyIt is a higher form of human law, therefore, independent of human preferences and applies to all rational creatures of natureBefore organized human societies, humans existed because of natural law. Civilization is based on it.</p><p>Ethical and Social Issues - J.M. Kizza</p></li><li><p>Conventional Law</p><p>It is a system of rules created by and for human beings through, though not always, public deliberationsIt varies from society to societyIts purpose is to:Protect human life, property and liberty.prescribe a system or punishments for unlawful acts Penal Code</p><p>Ethical and Social Issues - J.M. Kizza</p></li><li><p>Morality and the LawLaws are derived from moral codesThe differences are stated on pages 8 and 9. </p><p>Ethical and Social Issues - J.M. Kizza</p></li></ul>