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    Module Information

    Module Business Law Program/Track Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance

    Academic Year 2014-2015

    Contact Hours 42 hours / module (Full-time) 36 hours / module (Part-time)

    Total Study Hours 150-200 / module

    Credits 7.5 ECTS/15 CATS

    Learning Objectives On successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:

    Understand and appreciate the fundamentals of business law as applied in Singapore

    Know the context of Contract Law, Law of Sale of Goods, and Company Law relating to business organization, and the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance.

    Know the context of the Employment Law, Law of Agency, and Intellectual Property law

    Critically analyse and evaluate simple legal arguments.

    Course Description This module will provide students with the general knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of business law in Singapore. It covers major topics discussed in business law courses providing clear examples and simplified cases. The module contains many practical points and common clauses when drafting a contract.

    Teaching Method Lectures, case studies and exercises, class discussion

    Assessment Coursework 50%; Examination: 50 %

    Textbook Ravi Chandran; (2010); Introduction to Business Law in Singapore; 4th Edn; McGraw Hill

    Bibliography Walter Woon; (1997); Company Law; 2nd Edn; Thomson

    Companies Act Cap 50

    Companies (Amendments) Act 2003

    Companies (Amendments) Act 2004

    Code of Corporate Governance

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    Syllabus Business Law

    Contents Description Weighting

    Part 1 Introduction to Law 10%

    The Essence of Law; legal Jargon; Law of Singapore and the sources; Civil and Criminal Law; Resolving Civil Disputes; Enforcing Civil Judgements; Obtaining Legal Advice

    Part 2 Contract Law: Essentials of a Contract 10%

    Offer and Acceptance; Consideration; Intention to Create Legal Relations; Writing; Variation of Contract; Parties to the Contract

    Part 3 Contract Law: II 10%

    Terms of Contract and vitiating factors Terminating a contract and breach of contract

    Part 4 Arbitration and Mediation 10%

    Role of Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation; Differences; Processes; International Arbitration; Neutrality and Enforceability; International Commercial Arbitration; the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC)

    Part 5 Law of Sale of Goods 10%

    Scope of Sale of Goods Act; Implied Terms; Excluding Liability Imposed by Sale of Goods Act; Liability of the Manufacturers and Others; Passing of Property; Risk; Delivery; Sale by Persons who is not the owner; Sellers and Buyers remedies; Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act; International Sales

    Part 6 Employment Law 10%

    Contract of employment; Duties of the Employee and Employer; Termination of Contract of Employment; Discrimination

    Part 7 Law of Agency 10%

    The essence of Agency; Agent Principal Relationship Principal Third Party Relationship; Agent Third Party Relationship

    Part 8- Law Relating to Business Organizations 10%

    Sole Proprietorship; Partnership; Companies; Limited Liability Partnership; Joint Ventures

    Part 9 Company Law 10%

    Company formation; Members; Company Secretary and Auditor; Directors; Winding up; Receivership; Judicial Management

    Part 10-Intellectual Property Law 10%

    Trade Marks; Patents; Registered Designs; Copyrights

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    Lesson Plan Business Law

    Week/ Lecture Modules Chapter

    1 & 2

    Introduction to Law



    Contract Law: Essentials of a Contract



    Contract Law: II



    Arbitration and Mediation



    Law of Sale of Goods



    Employment Law



    Law of Agency



    Law Relating to Business Organizations



    Company Law



    Intellectual Property Law



    Case study / Presentation / Class tests





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    Assessments Business Law

    A: Assessment Outline

    Assignment/Class test 50%

    Final Exam 50%

    Total: 100%

    B: Assessments Profile

    i. Assignment/Class test: (50%)

    - Appointed lecturer to submit assignment/class test as per PM process to be approved by Exam Board

    - Students to be communicated on assignment and assessment outlines/parameters before course and unit commencement.

    - Students are tasked to submit the assignment/sit class test.

    ii. Final Examination (50%) 3 hours

    - Appointed lecturer to submit final exam papers as per PM process to be approved by Exam Board

    - Students to be communicated on the final exam and assessment outlines/parameters before course and unit commencement.

    - Lecturer will go through with the students and highlight the importance of relevant topics during the final revision class.

    - Students are required to sit for the final exam.