Module title: Business Environment

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  • Module title: Business Environment

    Module code: BE NQF level: Level 4

    Credit value: 15 credits Study duration: 9 weeks

    Module description

    The study of the Business Environment is a relatively new academic discipline, having evolved over the last two or three decades. Its growth in popularity is due to the increasingly significant impact that the environment has on the day to day operation and success of business organisations.

    Aims Identify the key elements of the internal environment of organizations and the interaction with the external environment;

    Identify how a market economy functions and the role of government within it;

    Examine the economic environment within which businesses operate in the United Kingdom;

    Explain why countries benefit from trade with each other; and

    Make students aware of the growing impact of the European Union on British business.

    Learning outcomes

    On completion of this module students will be able to:

    Evaluate the broad approaches to organisation and management Understand the economic environment of business Examine the nature of economic activity in the business market Identify and understand the main reasons why countries benefit from engaging in international trade with each other Recognise the importance of the European single market for British business


    1) The Economic Context

    2) The nature of organisations

    3) The nature of the economic problem and identification of the different types of economic systems.

    4) Mixed and market economic systems and the move towards more market orientation of business.

    5) Deregulation and the implications for British Business of changes in business organisations.

    6) Changes in UK economic structure. The causes and consequences of structural change.

    7) Macro-economic objectives of Government economic policy. Analysis of key macro economic problems, theories, policies and solutions.

    8) The International Context

    Learning and teaching methods

    The module will be delivered by reading materials available on the learning platform supported by discussion forums and online lectures using the Adobe Connect synchronous communication and application sharing facility. Students will be encouraged to take part in web-based field trips and to identify and share relevant web-based resources. Live lectures will focus on case studies drawn from the reading materials and the results of the web-based field trips. Self-managed learning will supplement lectures and students are given weekly direction on required readings.


    Description of unit of assessment Length / Duration Submission Date Weighting

    2 Assessed Discussion Activities Two weeks Weeks 1 and 5 20%

    Mid-module Assignment 1,500-2,000 words Mid Module 30%

    Journal Entries 300-500 Bi-weekly submission 20%

    End of Module Project 1,500-2,000 words End of Module 30%


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