Monday December 1 st A-day Tuesday December 2 nd B-day Warm Up Vocab Sentences Vocab 11-15 Formative Intro of Cause and Effect Essay Integrating Quotes

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Monday December 1st A-day Tuesday December 2nd B-day

Monday December 1st A-dayTuesday December 2nd B-dayWarm Up Vocab SentencesVocab 11-15 FormativeIntro of Cause and Effect EssayIntegrating QuotesWarm UpYOU DO NOT NEED YOUR JOURNALCome in and write sentences for the remaining 5 vocabulary words that we covered last class

Once you have finished silently review the words (11-15) that will be on the formativeYour summative will be next classCause and Effect EssayThis will be a ONE paragraph essay discussing the causes and effects of an assigned topicYou will be provided with a packet of reading material to useThere will also be a graphic organizer to help you to organize your thoughtsSkills we will be practicing are:Quote integrationCorrectly citing in text using MLA formatCreating a work cited page using MLA formatCause and EffectShows how facts, events, concepts happen because of other facts, events concepts. An action and its results are explained. Lists one or more causes and the resulting effect (s)

Students did not learnthe material. They performed poorly on the test.CauseEffectCause and Effect Signal Words- So-Because of-Thus -Unless-Therefore-Since-In order to-Ifthen

-As a result of-This led to-Then-Reasons for-Consequently-Thus-Accordingly-NeverthelessIntegrating Quotes In your paper you will be asked to use both direct quotes and paraphrases to help to support your pointsThis means that you are putting quotes into your writing that are directly from another sourceYou do this very similiarily to the way that you included dialogue in your memoirYou must use in text citations for both paraphrases AND direct quotesWhat is the difference?Direct quotation: A copy of the exact words an author or speaker uses. If you are writing an essay about a book, and you copy into your essay a phrase or sentence from the book, that is a direct quotation. Quotation marks must ALWAYS surround a direct quote.

Ex: Lauren Tarshis writes that, your tonuge is pretty lost without your nose (18).Notice how the period goes OUTSIDE of the quotationWhat is the difference continuedParaphrase: is to put something written or spoken in someone else words into your own. A paraphrase is NOT surrounded by quotation marks because it is not a direct quote. But it MUST still be cited because while you may have reworded the information you did NOT think of it.Ex: Lauren Tarshis explains that our sense of taste is very dependent on our sense of smell (18).We will read over the sheet togetherThings to note:The period ALWAYS goes after the citationThe authors name must be included at some point whether in the text or in the citationMUST have page numbers