Montgomery College PROJECT ACCESS Introduction / Background

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  • Montgomery College PROJECT ACCESS Introduction / Background
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  • A chieving C ollege C ompletion E mployment S tudent S uccess
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  • Web-based student advising system
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  • Campus Star Web Site H Calendar of events and important dates H Link to student services across the campus H E-mail function to contact faculty, staff and other students H Direct link to college web-site H Access personal academic information H Personalized messages addressing students particular needs and interests H Individualized Learning Plan
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  • Individual Learning Plan H A roadmap for the student laying out an academic plan H A tool students can use to make decisions regarding their academic and career goals H A student friendly report assessing academic progress
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  • Benefits of ILP H Students can independently monitor their own academic progress H Students will be able to view their roadmap and see that their goals are within reach H Students will gain a sense of ownership and control over their academic progress
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  • Conclusion H The web-site will keep students connected to the campus H The Individual Learning Plan will help keep a student focused and motivated
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  • Montgomery College PROJECT ACCESS Technical Information
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  • Objectives of Project n Provide a diversity of new services to students of Montgomery College through the website of Campus Star. n Offer new communication channels between students and administrators, and/or faculty members n Enhance the capacity of adopting the state- of-the art technology in the campus environment.
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  • Implementation Plan n The implementation plan consists of seven phases. n In addition to substantial support from personnel of several divisions, every phase except phase I, requires programming by Montgomery College IT Staff.
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  • Phases of Plan n Phase I: Establish Architecture n Phase II: Creation of Application n Phase III: Complete Function Tree
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  • Phases of Plan (cont.) n Phase IV: Create Databases n Phase V: Import & Formalize Data n Phase VI: Debugging n Phase VII: Refinement from Feedback
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  • Technical Chart
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  • Application Programs n Colleague - Generate text file n Visual Basic / C++ - Format text file n Tango 2000 - All forms for web pages n Dreamweaver - Indexing n Filemaker Pro - Databases n Webten - Server Application
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  • Hardware Database ServerWeb Server (2) Power Mac G4 Servers
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  • Funding n Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board n Carl D. Perkins Grant n Montgomery College
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  • Project Access Team n Dr. Earl Campa (Dean of Student Development & Services) n Mr. George Crossland (Dean of Planning and Technology) n Mr. Steve Scheffler (Director of College Relations) n Mr. Butch Juelg (Senior Systems Analyst) n Mr. Matthew Heck (Programmer - Database) n Ms. Julie Ning (Programmer - Web) n Ms. Kara Zimmerman (Student Advisor) n Ms. Veronica Hernandez-Mena (Data Entry Specialist) n Ms. Judy Ronnander (Student Advisor)
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  • URL & Login Info n Login: jstudent Password: jstudent