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Moshi Monsters. How to use Moshi Monsters™ and what to do. The Monsters. Click to continue. Katsuma. Diavlo. Furi. Poppet. Luvli. Zommer. Groups Moshlings. Chop-chop. Chop-Chop Status: Common Plants: 3 Dragon Fruit Group: Ninjas Number: 02. Back To Moshlings Page. Groups. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Moshi Monsters

  • Moshi MonstersHow to use Moshi Monsters and what to do.

  • The MonstersClick to continue

  • Katsuma

  • Diavlo

  • Furi

  • Poppet

  • Luvli

  • Zommer

  • Groups


  • Groups

  • SPOOKIESGroupsAll Moshlings

  • PoniesGroupsAll Moshlings

  • BirdiesGroupsAll Moshlings

  • FishiesGroupsAll Moshlings

  • KittiesGroupsAll Moshlings

  • DinosGroupsAll Moshlings

  • FoodiesGroupsAll Moshlings

  • BeastiesGroupsAll Moshlings

  • NinjasGroupsAll Moshlings

  • FluffiesGroupsAll Moshlings

  • Chop-chopChop-ChopStatus: CommonPlants: 3 Dragon FruitGroup: NinjasNumber: 02Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • Ginger SnapGinger SnapStatus: CommonPlants: Magic Beans + Love Berry + Hot Silly PepperGroup: KittiesNumbers: 03Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • Squidge SquidgeStatus: CommonPlants: Star Blossom + Hot Silly Pepper + Dragon FruitGroup: SpookiesNumber: 08Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • SnookumsSquidgeStatus: CommonPlants: 3 Star BlossomGroup: DinosNumber: 10Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • D J QuackD J QuackStatus: CommonPlants: Dragon Fruit + Moon Orchid + Star BlossomGroup: Birdies Number: 13Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • StanleyStanleyStatus: Common Plants: 2 Love Berries + 1 Dragon FruitGroup: Fishies Number: 18Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • PurdyPurdyStatus: CommonPlants: Dragon Fruit + Moon Orchid + Hot Silly PepperGroup: KittiesNumber: 20Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • Humphrey Humphrey (Members Only)Status: CommonPlants: Crazy Daisy + Magic Beans + Hot Silly PepperGroup: BeastiesNumber: 23Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • AngelAngelStatus: CommonPlants: Magic Beans + 2 Hot Silly PepperGroup: PoniesNumber: 24Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • KissyKissyStatus: UncommonPlants: Purple Star Blossom + Yellow Star Blossom + Black Magic BeansGroup: Spookies Number: 27Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • Lady Meowford Lady MeowfordStatus: UncommonPlants: Blue Moon Orchid + Pink Moon Orchid + Purple Star BlossomGroup: Kitties Number: 30Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • DipsyDipsyStatus: UncommonPlants: Red / Pink Moon Orchid + Yellow Moon Orchid + Yellow Love Berries Group: Fluffies Number: 34Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • ShelbyShelbyStatus: UncommonPlants: Blue Dragon Fruit + Black Dragon Fruit + Black Magic BeansGroup: Ninjas Number: 39Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • DorisDorisStatus: UncommonPlants: 3 Moon OrchidsGroup: DinosNumber: 40Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • BlurpBlurpStatus: UncommonPlants: Purple Moon Orchid + Pink Love Berry + Black Love Berry OR Blue Moon OrchidGroup: Fishies Number: 43Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • Sooki-YakiSooki-YakiStatus: UncommonPlants: Purple Hot Silly Pepper + Red Magic Beans + Yellow Magic Beans Group: Ninjas Number: 47Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • Priscilla Sooki-YakiStatus: UncommonPlants: Purple Hot Silly Pepper + Red Magic Beans + Yellow Magic Beans Group: Ponies Number: 48Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • PookyPookyStatus: RarePlants: Red Moon Orchid + Purple Magic Beans + Red magic Beans Group: DinosNumber: 50Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • Coolio Coolio (Members Only)Status: RarePlants: Pink Snap Apple + Yellow Star Blossom + Black Love Berry Group: FoodiesNumber: 52Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • FumbleFumbleStatus: RarePlants: Red Star Blossom + Yellow Love Berry + Red Star Blossom / Magic Beans. Group: FishiesNumber: 53Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • FlumpyFlumpyStatus: RarePlants: Black Moon Orchid + Red Magic Beans + Red Star Blossom. Group: Fluffies Number: 54Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • Mr. SnoodleMr. SnoodleStatus: RarePlants: Red Hot Silly Pepper + Purple Magic Beans + Blue Hot Silly Pepper. Group: PoniesNumber: 56Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • HoneyHoney (Members Only)Status: RarePlants: Red/Blue Magic + Yellow Love + Blue Apple Group: Fluffies Number: 57Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • HanselHansel Status: RarePlants: Blue/Purple Dragon + Black Magic + Black Moon. Group: Foodies Number: 59Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • EctoEctoStatus: RarePlants: Red Love + Black Love + Pink/Yellow Pepper. Group: Spookies Number: 60Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • TikiTikiStatus: RarePlants: Red/Purple Star + Pink Love + Red Love. Group: Birdies Number: 65Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • PeppyPeppyStatus: RarePlants: Blue/Red/Black Moon + Purple Moon + Yellow Magic. Group: BirdiesNumber: 71Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • CaliCaliStatus: RarePlants: Blue Moon + Pink Magic + Yellow Moon. Group: Fishies Number: 72Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • JeepersJeepers (Members Only)Status: RarePlants: Pink Love + Red Daisy +Blue Apple Group: Beasties Number: 73Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • Professor Purplex FlumpyStatus: RarePlants: Red/Blue Dragon + Pink Love + Yellow moon. Group: BirdiesNumber: 74Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • WaldoWaldoStatus: Ultra RarePlants: Pink Love + Purple/Black Dragon + Red Star. Group: KittiesNumber: 77Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • BurnieBurnieStatus: Ultra RarePlants: Red apple + Red apple + Blue daisy Group: BeastiesNumber: 78Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • Gigi Gigi Status: Ultra RarePlants: Blue Pepper + Red Moon + Yellow Pepper. Group: PoniesNumber: 79Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • BonkersBonkersStatus: Ultra RarePlants: Black Daisy + Pink Moon + Black Dragon Group: >>??
  • General Fuzuki General FuzukiStatus: Ultra RarePlants: Yellow Love + Purple Star + Red Pepper. Group: NinjasNumber: 82Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • GurgleGurgleStatus: Ultra RarePlants: Red Dragon + Yellow Magic + Purple Love. Group: DinosNumber: 83Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • ShiShi ShiShi Status: Ultra RarePlants: Black daisy + Yellow pepper + Red dragon. Group: Beasties Number: 87Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • OddieOddieStatus: Ultra RarePlants: Yellow Star + Black Star + Purple Star. Group: FoodiesNumber: 88Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • Big Bad BillBig Bad BillStatus: Ultra RarePlants: Yellow Love + Black Star + Blue Star.Group: SpookiesNumber: 89Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • Cutie PieCutie PieStatus: Ultra RarePlants: Yellow Love + Black Star + Blue Star. Group: FoodiesNumber: 91Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • IGGYIGGYStatus: Ultra RarePlants: Purple Daisy (Might be 3 I dont know sorry)Group: FluffiesNumber: 100Back To Moshlings PageGroups

  • QuestionsIf you have any questions e-mail me And I Will See If I Can Answer Them


  • CreditsPictures: InternetMoshlings: InternetPut Together By: Alex KennedyHelped A Bit By: Zahra Kennedy