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  1. 1. The Worlds Deadliest Animalthe mosquito
  2. 2. Mosquitosare insects in the family, Culicadae. They have a pairof scaled wings, a pair of halteres, a slender body, andlong legs. The females of the most mosquito speciessuck blood (hematophagy) from other animals, whichhas made them the most deadly disease vector known,killing millions of people over thousands of years andcontinuing to kill millions per year by the spread of in-fectious diseases.Length varies but is rarely greater than 16 mm(0.6 in.), and weight is up to 2.5 mg (0.04 grain). Amosquito can fly for 1 to 4 hours continuously at up to1-2 km/h travelling up to 10 km in a night. Most speciesare nocturnal or crepuscular (dawn or dusk) feeders.During the heat of the day most mosquitos rest in a coolplace and wait for the evenings. They may still bite ifdisturbed. Mosquitos are adept at infiltratrion and havebeen known to find their way into redidences via deac-tived air conditioning untis. 2
  3. 3. Types of Mosquitos There a more than 2,700 species of mosquitos in the world, and there are 13 mosquito genera (plural for genus) that live in the United States.Of these genera, most mosquitos belong to three:Aedus - These are also called floodwater mosquitos because flooding is important fortheir eggs to hatch. They have abdomens with pointed tips and they include such speciesas the yellow-fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) and the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes al-bopictus). They are strong fliers, capable of travelling great distances (up to 75 miles/121km) from their breeding sites. They persistently bite mammals (especially humans) andtheir bites are painful. Anophelus - These tend to breed in bodies of permanent fresh water. These mosquitosalso have abdomens of pointed tips. They inlcude several species, such as the commonmalaria mosquito (Anopheles quadrimaculatanus), that can spread malaria to humans. Culex - These tend to breed in quiet, standing water. They have abdomens with blunttips, including several species such as the northern house mosquito (Culex pipiens). Theyare weak fliers and tend to live for only a few weeks during the summer months. Theypersistently bite (preferring birds and humans) and their bite is painful.3
  4. 4. mosquito life cycleMale Female 0 20406080100 Average life spans of the male and female mosquito by days. 4
  5. 5. What You May Need to KnowThe disease known as Malaria, which is transmitted by the mosquitio, is reponsible for 300 to500 deaths per years. Only the female mosquito actually bites, and it feeds every 3 to 4 dayssucking its own body weight in blood each time. They are often attracted to humans who arewearing dark colored clothing.Ratio of people infected Arizona by mosquito bitediseases in the unitedstates in 2004all otherstates CaliforniaDid You Know... Mosquitoes prefer children over adults, and A mosquito cannot see well, but find their Arkansas targets by sensing their body temperature.ColoradoFloridaThey prefer blondes over brunettes.Mosquito bites are more likely to happen if you eat bananas, or if there is a full moon. 5